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The Future of Real Estate Aerial Photography

I have seen something today that makes me wonder about the future of aerial photography for Real Estate use, and guess what it doesn’t involve planes or choppers. It involves our old friend, Google again.

Just released is their plug-in for Google Earth, the plug-in goes by the name of Building Maker – news release here.

(LINK to above video)

In short It gives a user the ability to build a 3D version of a building selection. You can then save that 3D creation, which will submit it to Google. After they have checked it over and are happy with it, your building will turn up on Google Earth for the millions of users worldwide to see.

much HIGH RES snap here

To try it out, I picked Dublin, (at this stage there is a limited set of cities, but knowing Google I’m sure that will expand) and zoomed into what looked like a residential area. I then proceeded to build a home following their instructions. (as above)

Lets put it this way, if there was one subject at school that I near failed it was art / drawing so that probably explains why mine version of someone’s lovely duplex (arrowed in bright red  above) doesn’t look a bit like a house.

Quite obviously I aren’t a draughts person either because as you can see the house looks a bit dis-jointed, especially my version of the roof. You really do need to click here for the much higher res shot to see exactly what I’m talking about – notice the clarity of the church on the left?

It doesn’t take much in the way of imagination that this format could easily evolve into specific real estate franchise overlays, maybe even with adds thrown in…perhaps from afar you could view some investment properties for your next scouting trip, and while you’re looking at the Google Earth view showing these properties you notice that just 75m away there is an Indian Restaurant that is flashing red. No its not because the curry is that hot, its flashing red to alert you to “Specials” they are offering this week. Same could be for a motel on screen….I am pretty sure this is just the start.

However the ability of the program to do what it has so far, and for what took me all of about 7 minutes is outstanding.

In the future I see a buyer who doesn’t know an area that well, request this of agents, very suitable for overseas buyers. Alternatively if it is a tech savvy / forward looking agent, then they would go to Google Earth and build the home there as part of their normal listing process, and show a .kml link on their www.realestate.co.nz listing.

I found it was simply stunning that there were so many different side angle shots that I was able to use to build the home. Whether Google has just amassed gazillions of side angle aerial shots or they have some complex algorithm working behind the scenes…all I can say is its great.

In light of recent moves by the search giant to increase its exposure in the Real Estate search field I can only but see this as an addition or rather a consolidation item to that equation.

Re running a business that relies heavily on aerial photography, yes there is no doubt that clear high resolution of the type that displays a very clear photo at current is a much better experience for the average buyer. However you can’t help but not the photo realistic imagery that is being used here too.

In the large resolution shot above you’ll also see a second red arrow (dull not as bright as the one in the middle) pointing to a property/backyard. If you were on the other side of the world this would be the only way currently that you could pick an address (admittedly limited to these 50 cities currently) and practically view its outside extremities in their entirely. Certainly for the local surroundings, railway lines, rivers, roads, schools or just the neighbourhood I suggest that presently there isn’t any better way.

Certainly would assist with any “Walkscore” viewings too.

I can think of many uses for this technology for use by savvy commercial real estate brokers too, in fact they will probably be first cab off the rank on this because it is so much more relevant for them to show an 4 story building’s downtown layout in relation to its surroundings.

So head on over here to test it out.

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How more people get to NZ….

If there’s a couple of things I’m as passionate about as Real Estate, then its photography & planes. And for the later they don’t come any bigger than the latest new plane flying  from Airbus. You guessed it, I’m talking about the A380.

And just yesterday, 2nd Feb 2009, [public holiday here in Nelson actually] the largest number of passengers on any single flight ever, arrived into Auckland International Airport. They were kind of expecting it though, considering they’d spent $50,000,000 preparing for it. Runway strengthening, new gates, etc.

New Zealand can now count itself amongst a select few destinations in the whole world that currently host a scheduled flight that one of the present fleet of 13 delivered aircraft fly to.

A near to capacity of 500 passengers on the Emirates flight left Kingsford Smith just after 9:30am, and arrived in Auckland just after 2pm local time on its inaugural scheduled journey. Although back in October last year a 380 in Qantas livery was seen over Auckland city, it wasn’t a regular scheduled service flight.

Great news was that at the controls was a Kiwi pilot taught in downtown Rotorua. Yet another Kiwi was tending to 1st class passengers on the upper deck.

The NZ Herald reports…….Mr Whittle, 29 and a five-year Emirates veteran who keeps books of cocktail recipes at the ready, had flown previously on the airline’s 777s and A345-500s [ I think he means a A340 long range variant cause I ain’t too sure what a 345 is, but I’m sure its in the same family].  But he said it was a step up to the A380.

Emirates’ A380 will fly out of Auckland three times a week before daily departures from May. “It will be a success,” said Mr Vaughan, Emirates Senior Vice-President Commercial Operations.

In the back of my mind is the not so small fact that we are about as far away from anywhere on the globe as you possibly can be, from the rest of the populous world.

Considering the expense, not inconsequential, the traffic issues, volume unpredictably in the current Oceania zone, etc, this is a real vote of massive confidence for NZ on the tourism world stage I’d say.

SIDEBAR – oh dear, problems at LAX, and why not, if you look at my snap of the LAX webcam here skippy’s tail does look quite a lot bigger than the rest, but hey, isn’t this the country where they love everything bigger…or is that just in Texas?


Specifically – full article & photo here

The REAL WORLD in a Cartogram – WorldMapper

Cartograms are designed to challenge the way we view the world.

World Housing PricesHousing prices -The size of each territory shows the total value of all housing, adjusted for local purchasing power.

Western Europe contains the most expensive housing, while Africa and South Asia has the cheapest, even after allowing for the fact that money goes further here.

I think the standouts are Japan, the UK, Germany and parts of Europe. No wonder they have 100 / 150 Year mortgages in Japan.

Would be interesting to view a late 2008 model?

From Worldmapper …..

This map shows the price of the housing stock of a territory, in purchasing power parity. This means that prices shown take into account the variation in what can be bought for US$1 in different territories. The most expensive housing per person in the world is in Europe, where a home is now usually no longer just somewhere to live, but is also an investment.The cheapest housing stock is found in the African regions and Southern Asia, despite taking into account that money goes further in these territories.

Even with the higher costs of housing in richer territories, the average household is smaller in these places.

The one above hails from a few years back. High Res version here. It looks like this is an updated one here from a new 2008 book. There are other housing related cartograms here.

I think the standouts are Japan, the UK, Germany and parts of Europe. No wonder they have 100 / 150 Year mortgages in Japan.

Would be interesting to view a late 2008 model?

(The Atlas of the Real World: Mapping the Way We Live by Daniel Dorling, Mark Newman and Anna Barford)