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Calling Realtor Speilberg’s, Cameron’s and Jackson’s

September 27th, 2010

Want to be the next Spielberg or Jackson, but a Realtor version?

Today I have seen the future, and that future is well and truly mobile.

What am I talking about?

Multi-Cam Director

Picture this……

At the last sales conference you found out about HD Video, and how enticing and exciting it could make a watchable Real Estate Virtual Tour.

No, no, not those “throw 15 photos into a slideshow and add music type’s”, I’m talking about the full on Steven Speilberg / Peter Jackson production type variety.

But that costs megabucks?

Not anymore.

What if you could control 2 or 3 other mobile phone cameras in your own directors suite, on your own mobile phone! Yes you read that right.

Some things are best explained visually – so time to cue the obligatory Youtube video.

Now after watching that, your brain should be racing with ideas?

I can imagine at the Agents caravan, each agent picking out something they love or first noticed about the home, meanwhile you’re also at the property directing all of this and mixing it together on your mobile phone.

Then that video gets immediately sent out to your list of “hot buyers”….well maybe theirs too?

Just think of the possibilities for Real Estate?

At this stage there’s just one catch, best explained …….

Samsung Canada is wanting to develop an android app for the OS and its galaxy phone line. Our development team suggested an idea, the Multi-Cam Director App. The more votes/comments/likes the app gets, the greater chance it has to be funded and made.

So head on over to the Android Forums page here and vote for it.

I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface, perhaps at a first open home for inspection, or at an auction, 2 or 3 other Galaxys providing live feeds into the phone with the mixing director app would make for a fabulous agent / company testimonial, or even immediate upload to Youtube of todays just held lunchtime auction.

At this stage each Realtor would need to have a Samsung Galaxy S Phone. However as its running the Android 2.1 Operating System, its not inconceivable that this system could in the future be licensed to work with other phones.

SOURCE – http://multicamdirector.com/

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Nelson Online Webcam links – UPDATED

6th November 2009

Thanks to the guys at Takebreak you can now check out 4 different webcams around the Nelson area, directly from the links in the left column at the top of this page.

The four are located at;

1] Waterfront cafe – here – hi-res imagery available.

2] Princes Drive – here.

3] Bishopdale – here.

4] Kaiteriteri Beach – here – hi-res imagery available.

The “here” links above will re-direct to the EarthURL site I talked about a few posts back. You need to ensure that the Google Earth plug-in is installed for it to correctly work. Keep in mind the locations are approximate only and as no exact destination icon appears, its just to give you a general idea.

If you’d like to get your own HD webcam and a setup that uploads a high resolution image to the internet, then contact them here, or view their just launched new site here.

Example – if you are marketing that million dollar home with seaviews and fabulous sunsets / sunrises why not show all the world what possible views are there?

You’ll be pleased to know its now easier than ever to have an up to date image of Nelson as your windows background, and a high resolution one at that.

Just need to follow a couple of extra steps to do so……

Step one is obviously to click on the picture which will take you to Takebreaks Webcam page.

Then click on the spot arrowed above – “Enlarge Nelson Webcam image.”

Step two – after clicking that “enlarge” above you will indeed be directed to an enlarged image.

On that enlarged image you’ll notice in the bottom left hand side corner if you look closely, the words indicated above, click them. That way you will now get a monster 1600 x 1200 res image suitable for saving and using as your windows desktop. Depending on your hardware combination, be aware in some cases you may have to click the image again to have it display at its full maximum resolution.

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Time Lapse view of Nelson

Nelson City Council, in combination with Takeabreak have a webcam high atop Princes Drive in Nelson.

A neat feature, perhaps that should be called featurette is showing here.

It appears to be a time lapse of the current day so far (well for example on Monday am it was only 8 minutes old when I checked.)

And just in case you aren’t to sure what you are looking at, hope this helps.

Thought I might just include a Google Earth snapshot here too so you can see the area.

Large Higher Res shot of above snapshot here.

And here’s the one from a perspective look. In both cases the yellow shaded polygon approximates the outlook from the Princes Drive Webcam.

Large Higher Res shot of above snapshot here.

DISCLAIMER – Boundary lines are as approximately accurate as I can make them.

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Nelson Webcams Update

Many of you have commented how great it is to be able to see Nelson semi-live, even though you are on the other side of the planet.

Takeabreaks blog just updated the angle/location of Nelson2, a cam sponsored by the Nelson City Council.

Whereas it was pointing in a north north westerly direction with a vista over Tahunanui Beach (top photo) with Tasman Bay behind that, it is now pointing in a more westerly direction.

The new vista now takes in the Nelson Golf course, adjacent in a northerly direction to our Nelson Airport. In fact if you look closer at the above photo you’ll notice just to the left and down a bit from centre of shot you’ll see a plane (one of the 23 x Bombardier Q300 that Air Nelson operate if you must know) that has just taken off.

That’s Blind Channel about centre of top photo (and also centre of my above photo to – taken from home) with the tide low, then behind that is Rabbit Island, one of Nelson’s favourite summer swimming spots because of its very safe beach. Blind Channel is one of only two seawater entrances to the Waimea Inlet, the largest estuary in the South Island of NZ.

PHOTO – Panorama showing Nelson Airport and then the Waimea Inlet on a Full Tide (Higher Res Vers here)

Beyond that the Mapua hinterland and behind that on the horizon, one of our local treasures,  Kahurangi National Park with Mt. Arthur and other well known accessible local peaks.

The other photo I just dropped in above is literally the next shot the top webcam would take if it were to pan around to the south more.

From this one just above you can see the whole layout better, Nelson Airport centre left, then Nelson Golf Club centre with Rabbit Island just beyond that. High Res version here.

They’ve been busy these folks at Takeabreaknz too, they now have a Youtube location where they upload time lapse versions of their webcam images. The Nelson one above is from yesterday – check it out here.

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Want to view Nelson live?

Ok not quite live, but usually only a 10 minute delay at the most during daylight hours.

Recently our office in Stoke sold a property to a couple from Sydney.

The local Nelson Mail reported;

They were at Saltwater Cafe on the Nelson waterfront on New Year’s Day, enjoying the opportunity to see for real what had been a virtual sight for so long.

Most days from their home in Sydney, they view the activities on Nelson harbour from a webcam sited at the restaurant.

“There’s a certain vibe here, but Tahunanui Beach and the Nelson people are the top reasons we want to come here,” Mrs Chambers said.

The Chambers have been back and forth a few times in recent months to look at houses.

“I cry on the plane the whole way back to Australia. It scares the cabin crew,” Mrs Chambers said.

She will be bringing her Aussie-based, New Zealand-born parents Karen and Graham Haywood to live with them in the house they have just bought in Tahunanui, having recently sold their Sydney home.

“Mum’s been there 28 years but wants to come home now.”

“I feel we’re the beginning of a new wave of returnees to New Zealand. Many want to come back,” Mrs Chambers said.

The Nelson webcam is provided by www.takeabreak.co.nz and you can check out the actual webcam here. It would appear to be mounted above the Saltwater Cafe & Bar, and this camera is generally pointing in the direction of south south west, Haulashore Island to your right, Tahuna Beach middle of picture where the land meets the sea, with a local landmark, Fifeshire Rock about centre of photo.

Takeabreak.co.nz also provide a a webcam overlooking one of New Zealand most famous & popular beaches, Kaiteriteri Beach with the camera generally oriented in a south easterly direction.

And they also provide coverage from another webcam in Bishopdale, with a view looking North towards the hospital [large multi-storey bldg centre of photo] and The Boulder Bank.

the Saltwater Cafe has closed and it looks like with it, the waterfront webcam. Its been replaced with another one though overlooking Tahunanui Beach, and it would appear that you will just be re-directed there when you click on the old Saltwater Cafe links.