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Tahunanui Beach, Nelson very high and low tides this weekend

Saturday, April 7th 2012

Around about this time of year each year, very close to the full moon,

the place in New Zealand with the highest tides, also sees some of NZ’s lowest tides.


There is no better place to see and experience that for yourself than down at our “world famous in NZ” beach, Tahunanui. one of New Zealands favourite family beaches,

and not far away from NZ’s and the Southern Hemispheres largest motor camp, the Tahuna Beach holiday camp. Whether it was kids building sandcastles,

or young girlfriends getting some snaps for their future modelling portfolios, everyone was smiling.

Yesterday afternoon, my lovely wife & I decide to go for a stroll.

However whence one noted no parking for 100’s of metres, it turned out I wasn’t the only one that was thinking this way on a glorious, typically sunny Nelson afternoon.

No, it turned out to be us, and about 5 ~ 600 others had exactly the same idea, Good Fridays version of an “Indian Summer” ……

….had everyone out enjoying it. With such a low tide, I just had to see how far you could walk out….

and if you check my Panoramio page here, you’ll see exactly what I mean, a fair distance to put it midly.

So don’t forget, today around 4pm and tomorrow Sunday about 4:45pm, there are very low tides late each afternoon, head on down and experience it for yourself. Even saw some folk swimming, must be from Invercargill I reckon? 🙂

Many more NELSON PHOTOs over at my www.Pan0ramio.com page

Water, Fish, Life…Nelson

No one doubts that there are some real necessities to life, four at last count I think.

1. Air

2. Shelter

3. Water

4. Food

And the usual computations of such…..reproduction (so the species wont die off), heat, love, clothing, companionship, but it would seem the top 4 classify themselves crucially as necessities overall. These are a humans basic needs. Everything else is a luxury.

And as far as number 4 goes, time to supplement this article, & roll out a couple of my “usual” factoids.

( you’ll see the definite “real estate perspective” of this post in its conclusion)

So first up….just spend 60 seconds to watch this…and see if you’re not moved?

Part 1: The Background

Obviously past readers already know, but for the benefit of new readers, I’ll share with you tonight that Nelson just happens to be, not just NZeds, but also the whole of Australasia’s largest fishing port.

New Zealand has one of the largest marine areas in the world, covering more than 1% of the Earth’s surface.

True. That’s not of the oceans land (or should that be sea?) mass, that’s of the whole of Planet Earths surface!

Read more here - http://blog.forestandbird.org.nz/good-fish-bad-fish/

Many of our marine species are found nowhere else in the world. Fact.

Scientists estimate that more than 80% of New Zealand’s biodiversity is found in our oceans, and much more is still yet to be discovered. About 15,000 marine species are known, while it is estimated that another 50,000 species are yet to be discovered – new species are being found all the time. Say What?

From a Kiwis perspective, our marine environment not only provides for our $1.5 billion fishing industry but it also almost “does everything else” to highlight / assist and mitigate our $20 billion tourism industry too. (Just try to imagine a NZ without marine life!)

Very importantly, it’s central to our day to day way of life, what Fish & Bird term our “national identity”, most New Zealanders live near the ocean (just in case you are curious, Nelsonians live the closest in all of NZ, to the sea!) and have a close relationship with the marine environment.

We collect kaimoana (“kai”) or seafood, swim, dive, snorkel and sail, and are truly appreciative of the bounty & variety of our marine life.

Just too important to ignore......

So if River Cottages’ Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall & now Jamie Oliver want a follower, they have one here in Nelson, and I’m sure hundreds, if not thousands more, all over New Zealand.

Part 2…3 / 4, etc

Really there doesn’t have to be any other parts because Part One is so fundamentally important, and dare I say, crucial to the survival of a place like Nelson that if you get the “gist of” Part 1, then you’ve either “got with the program” or not………and frankly nothing at all further needs to be said. Forest & Bird have definitely got with the campaign…going so far in NZ to establish a completely separate website called http://www.bestfishguide.org.nz/, you really should check it out.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that even in the “old dart”, Hugh & co have managed to enlist some impressive “ears listeners to their cause.”


You could get your name up in lights too half way around the world. (hmmm…amazingly enough I did that once too)

I really do suggest you sign up at #FISHFIGHT (and on Twitter) , I have, and can see absolutely no reason why this petition of followers is sitting on the pity figure of under 1m supporting followers!

There’s just no justifiable reason on the planet why any Justin “whats his name” singer, some Ms Gaga, or some Kim “hey, let’s get married this week” personalities ….. should have more followers.

NOTE: did you notice what no. 3 was on my list at the top…interesting huh?

Nelson, and in general Nelsonians, ….courtesy of having both no.3 & no. 4 of that top list in abundance, are justifiably acutely aware of the incredible importance these items factor in the local economy.

Most everyone in the town has like 1 or for a few 2, at a maximum, degrees of separation between them and someone locally who has something to do with / an industry benefiting from / a service that relies on / ….you get the picture….

fishing is just a fundamental part of of life here.

So yes the sea / or the whole ocean really is incredibly important to us here in the Top of the South, and don’t we know it?

Oh yeah…that real estate perspective…

The real estate perspective that I promised when I started this post, yes its about lifestyle…but actually its even a bit more than that…its also about our livelihood / substance.

When so many incomes relate to actual “on the water” fishing,

…the dockside / spawning / research transfer/transport operations, the factory processing/storage, the sales/marketing, the many associated land based support industries / suppliers….let alone many who move here because their partner found a very fruitful income “from the sea” in one of these industries, we are talking hundreds, if not thousands of incomes related to our region, and from all of  that, well it leads me on to one big thing……

And that is…..they all need NUMBER 2 on that above list………..shelter….and yes that is where it relates 100% to real estate! Be it either a rental situation because there’s just not enough in the bank yet for a deposit on a home, or be it a full blown outright property purchase…the bounty of the sea does not stop at the shoreline.

Although the above bestfishguide had stated in last weekends papers that their smartphone app would be out two days ago on Wednesday, time has transpired since then and we are non the wiser, however it will be any day now I’m sure, and I will heartily recommend you download it to see if you as an individual, just through a few changes to your diet….could make a big difference to the sustainability of our fisheries……..again….if not for Nelsons sake, then for the sake of humanity.

Article Data / Info / Research

Thanks to the fabulous www.bestfishguide.org.nz (Forest & Bird too) site, it’s a treasure trove of info guys. But bring on the app soon please.


Just a tad of relevance here consider where this campaign originated. That relevance, well I’ll let Wikipedia explain….”Nelson has…..the highest proportion of residents from the United Kingdom and Ireland in New Zealand”…so they probably know who Hugh & Jamie are even more than us!

Final Footnote & Graph – just for a perspective take on the whole issue from a Nelsonians perspective


Hmmm...now I see what you mean.....

Here’s the chart that Statistics NZ put out showing who, or rather what percentage of your town / cities residency live within 5km of the sea.

But is it important in the future…well again I think I will let Statistics NZ tell you what they found…..

Sixty-five percent of New Zealanders lived within five kilometres of the coast in 2006, compared with 61 percent in 1981. The proportion living within 10 kilometres of the coast also increased, from 72 percent to 75 percent.


A tale of two opposites…

Jan 11th, 2012

Living at the bottom of the world, helps define a New Zealanders individual character.

In the same week that a small country in the vast Southern Pacific Ocean is recognised for its impact,  albeit an aviation themed one, comes other items to remind us that we’re “down under.”

Boeings’ Paine Field is counting down the days until Air New Zealands absolute latest -300 ER airframe departs one of their extra long runways, and breaks yet another world record.

I hear on the TV News (which I tend to watch about once or twice a fortnight due to its incredibly positive effect on me) that Air NZ’s most recent delivery will take place next week.

Back in Black I think the saying is.

That world record is for the biggest aircraft in the world that’s been painted “black”…..and why is that so cool you ask? Let’s just say ……an almost completely black 777, it definitely qualifies as up there as a real  “big thing.”

Flightline Uk report;

By far the largest paint job being undertaken will be for a new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft due to be delivered in January 2012. The Boeing is the longest plane in the Air NZ fleet and it is believed the All Blacks-branded version will be the largest all-black painted aircraft in the world.


CREDIT - www.airlinereporter.com

…see here…. “hail” those “All-Blacks” because that’s exactly the no. 1 reason why this 777 is painted so. If that photo above isn’t clear enough for you – please click here for the full version. (tell me if you’re honest with yourself, isn’t that just great!) More Airline Reporter photos here.

I thought it was initialed scheduled for a Feb 2012 delivery….but hey am happy to be corrected.

Hopefully someone from Air NZ will read this and update me…..because it was only “perchance” that I happened to spot the last “black A320” pre RWC2011 arrive, via a timely online feed.

But…….the down side to my tale tonight……

Here I was today…..for a break at lunch deciding to pop down to the wharf to see if I could somehow / somewhere get a pic of the Russian ship that pulled in a few days ago for repairs.

...happy to be in Nelson I'm sure.....

You’d have to have been sleeping under a rock in the last 2~3 wks if you weren’t aware of its plight (at that time) of the mariners on this ship as she was totally trapped in the Ross Sea with a gash in her hull….something to do with meeting an iceberg in a less than “dinner party” type of way.

Accountability uppermost in the authorities mindset, we set forth to rescue these poor folk. With some NZAF drops on the ice-flow adjacent their location for good measure.

The “mass” that is the Great Southern Ocean below NZ & Australia, she’s a big, cold, windy, wet, ….very inhospitable place to be.

Discovery Channels “Deadliest Catch” folks in Alaska can be 300 – 400kms away from a Port? These guys…2500 -3000+ km away.

A thing called the “timeframe” has just a bit more importance when this distance is taken into account.

Unfortunately again – today it’s been brought home yet again with the Jung Woo 2, but when you’re, as the Washington Post reports tonight,  370 miles (595 kilometers) north of the U.S. McMurdo Station Antarctic base….well….you’re a long way away. My thoughts go to those brave mariners & their families who are really only there to help me and you enjoy the oceans bounty.

Quoting a source…..

Their ship continued to burn Wednesday and appeared to be sinking, said Mike Roberts, the senior search and rescue officer with the Rescue Coordination Centre of New Zealand.

On this occasion, it really was one where “time” really was of an incredibly crucial importance….& that importance I am talking about is of mariners succumbing to “burns.”

Sadly with 3 missing already out of 40 crew in this “survival suit required” environment…….this working Korean fishing trawler is experiencing all that they “don’t want too.”

The folks that go to the aid of mariners needing aid down here….and many Kiwis & Aussies do so….many times they themselves risk their own safety too.

So about now, I hear you’re asking the relevance of this to Real Estate?

Ok………here’s a brief “synopsis” of it.

Nelson is the biggest fishing port in Australasia, and you really don’t have to go far to bump into someone, as a local just walking down the main street anytime of the day, to find an associated or effected person, be it school friends of mine from 30 yrs ago who find themselves months apart from their partners bringing up  a family……to others that have simply moved here from other parts of the world to “make some money”….fishing is not far from the mind of 90 percent of the minds of males in Nelson.

UPDATE 12-01-2012

And here she is arriving home…..

to Auckland International Airport on Thursday NZ time.


Worlds clearest freshwater discovered, yet again, in Nelson

December 19th, 2011

Ironic that I’m talking about water this week in Nelson isn’t it?

Looks like another world record is about to be broken, and it appears at first that Nelson, New Zealand is the loser. But Nelson, New Zealand is also the winner.

Confused, let me explain.

I’ve previously reported here, that Te Waikoropupu Springs (“Pupu Springs”) in Golden Bay, holds at 63m, the current world record for underwater visibility. In other words the clearest water in the world.


Well it looks like the Nelson region is about to lose its world record title to another part of the globe with a press release from NIWA today 18th December 2011.

This new discovery, as reported by NIWA today says;

Nelson-based NIWA hydrologist Rob Merrilees first recognised that Blue Lake might be optically outstanding, having observed on tramping trips that this water body appeared broadly similar to Te Waikoropupu, in which a visibility of 63 metres has been reported. He mentioned his suspicions to NIWA aquatic optics specialist, Dr Rob Davies-Colley, who had led the original work on Te Waikoropupu Springs. On a preliminary tramping visit to Blue Lake in March 2009, the two Robs were surprised to find that the visibility of Blue Lake exceeded that of Te Waikoropupu.

They subsequently organised a scientific study of the lake with involvement of NIWA scientist Mark Gall, an expert in ocean optics instrumentation. Several visits by helicopter (six in all) established that the horizontal visibility in the lake typically ranges from 70–80 metres.

That’s right, didn’t just beat 63m, they really trumped it!

“The theoretical visibility in distilled water is about 80 metres, as estimated from the best available instrumental measurements in the laboratory,” says Dr Davies-Colley. “So Blue Lake is a close approach to optically pure water”.

Where, well it just so happens that its at Nelson’s Blue Lake, up at the Nelson Lakes National Park so although we lose one title, we just picked up another.

That now means that here in little ole Nelson, the “Top of the South” of the South Island, of New Zealand (“Middle Earth” to many) now holds the Gold, and Silver when it comes to the clearest water in the world.

You can visit this area yourself, and stay overnight in the region, something that NIWA & DOC (NZ’s Department of Conservation) have stated;

  • Blue Lake is a side trip off the popular Travers Sabine Circuit multi day tramp.
  • The Blue Lake Hut receives in excess of 700 trampers a year, mainly through the summer months.
  • Numbers will be monitored to see if visitation increases.
  • The clarity of the lake will remain monitored to establish if there are any changes in the next year or two.
  • The waters of Blue Lake/ Rangimairewhenua are sacred to Ngāti Apa ki te Rā Tō iwi. The significance to them was acknowledged in their Treaty of Waitangi settlement signed in 2010.
  • The Department of Conservation would ask that the waters are respected and that people don’t wash themselves or their clothes or dishes in the lake.

Courtesy of it being the clearest, it could also be the cleanest water in the world?

Maybe not at present as NIWA mention in their press release today that;

“Because of the heavy rain in the Nelson region over the last few days, the lake is likely to be murky right now, but may be expected to clear within a few days.”

They also mention another couple of factoids that may greatly assist this body to have the clearest water on the planet.

The spring-fed source of the water, and its altitude above sea level (1200m), just below the tree line of stunted mountain beech, ensures that Blue Lake is always cold, ranging between 5 and 8°C.

SOURCE:  NIWA Press Release – Nelson’s Blue Lake – The clearest freshwater ever reported


Worlds Clearest Water Site is Regional Treasure

What’s a “Karst Aquafier”?

Where is the clearest water in the World?

 20th Dec 2011 UPDATE

NZ Media website www.stuff.co.nz picks up the story, but I believe, goes one better in releasing an outstanding photo (again from NIWA) which hints at illustrating the cleanest water on the globe at present. Just breath takingly beautiful I suggest.


Although at first the Nelson Mail didn’t quite see the gravity of the situation…


…. The Press did recognize the significance of the occasion.

Where is the clearest water in the World?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the clearest water in the world is in our region, the Top of the South.

You’ll find it at Te Waikoropupu Springs, also known as Pupu Springs in Golden Bay.

Pupu Springs

The springs are the largest freshwater ones in NZ and the clearest in the world.

They are estimated to pump out a combined 14,000 litres of water a second, or 1,200,000m³ per day, yup that’s right! (How much is that in plain english? – 1.2billion x 1 litre milk containers a day that’s all – or for those of you Imperially inclined according to onlineconversions.com = 2,536,051,702.6 pints a day [US, liquid] )


According to Wikipedia that’s enough, or it was in an older TV documentary to provide all the water to Boston for 24 hours.


Clear, well the world record is at 63m for visibility in fresh water and this is where that record was set.

In fact so clear that, with optical instruments, scientists have said it approaches the theoretical maximum for optically pure water. If you are interested in the full terminology for “average black-body visibility” then I believe the above link will satisfy your craving.

And its world famous for diving, although that has practically ceased lately.

The clearest seawater, by comparison, is under the Antarctic ice cap, perhaps not the easiest to view even with a long range tank on your back.


Part of the reasoning for this is the unique topography of the region, for example the large cave system, part of which is Nettlebed Cave. Nettlebed Cave is NZ’s deepest cave system, 889 metres below the surface. It spans 24 kms through the Mount Arthur region of the Top of the South.

From a caving website comes this information too…

…the extreme optical purity, which is uncommon for karst water, is interpreted as a result of the long residence time between aquifer recharge and re-emergence in the springs. According to Williams (1992) the water stays underground roughly three to eight years.


And while we are on the topic of water, another famous export from the area and concerned our clear water is 26000 Vodka, with the claim that the vodka is made from 26,000 year old, ice age water – water entirely untouched by humans and contaminants and sourced from a bore in a secret location.

In related news from the Pupu Springs, check out the underwater clarity of this absolutely “spellbinding” photo here.

UPDATE Dec 2011

Worlds clearest freshwater discovered, yet again, in Nelson



1] NZ Gazettes Worlds Clearest Water Site as a Regional Treasure just check out the photo in this article!

2] of what significance is a Karst Aquafier to the Springs? Check out “that photo” half way down the page for proof!)

3] three more photo’s of the springs here

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