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Free Sunshine Data for any NZ Property…..

May 9th, 2014

Yes you read that right!

free info

Anyone with internet access can now obtain weather, temperature and sunshine data for any address in New Zealand.


But as they say….wait … there’s more.

as well as the sunrise and sunset times throughout the year you can see the average minimum and maximum temperatures, average rainfall, and average wind speed.

How do I access this?free info II

Just head on over to Quotable Values sub-site right here and type your desired address in. Then, just like the graphic above, make sure you click the “FREE LOCAL INFO” tab.


SOURCE – Blog Article here – over at www.qv.co.nz

Is Pinterest of value to a Real Estate agent?

August 20th, 2013

I tend to believe the use of this product in real estate is of more benefit to out of town buyers than locals.

If someone is unfamiliar with an area, 10-15 listing photos are required to capture just enough of the home and grounds alone, there isn’t really any space to detail / illustrate with photos the area the home is in.

I have just finished a folder on Pinterest for Nelsons little seaside secret suburb, Monaco.

Google Maps Monaco-Nelson

This here above, is the general layout re Google Maps.

pinterest monaco  (Small)

And if you are interested to find out more about Stokes little seaside secret suburb, Monaco…..just click here.

Amazing storm last night…

Jan 7th 2013

Rainbow + Lightning from Sunday Night

Sure reminded me of living in Brisbane back in the early eighties. Wow.

From tonights TV1 News

And double wow….although this was a screenshot from tonights TV news.

If you’re at all interested…..plenty more photos over here at nelsonians life.

A Flood Proof House – is it really possible?

April 20th, 2012

I have talked about waterfront homes previously, about 3 years ago……..its still one of my posts that has regularly attracted the most Top 10 interest and hits…….

Sea Views - there for the taking matey....

First spotted, I immediately thought who is knicking off with a Kiwi icon, one of NZs first buildings from Kerikeri…..but no, at a 2nd glance, this did look different.

Certainly looks like the act of moving from one location to another could be just a tad easier this way though, certainly when compared with what goes for “the norm” in a typical terrestrial based abode relocation?

But alas, like all good things….there is another tale to tell about these photos. It seems this “floating home” was part of an exhibition, albeit a river based one stretching many many kms.

This photographer bloke, Christophe Dedieu, has previously taken photos of some interesting things. And me, being a photography passionate person, his efforts didn’t escape me.

In Nelson, you typically just can’t take pics like this, this, this & this beauty?

Although “The World” ** did visit Nelson once!

If you like photography of a maritime nature, click here to go to his landing page for many other maritime type photos he has taken.  And the floating home above, turns out there is a story to go with it……see bottom of this page, although I haven’t investigated further the sad story comment #2 alludes to.

CREDIT PHOTOGRAPHER  –  Christophe Dedieu

** October 2006





One of NZs most popular family destinations is…

Monday 9th April 2012

The NZ Property Report covering March 2012 was interesting reading last week. One thing it did highlight was that Queenstown / Central Otago Lakes still has NZ’s highest seasonally adjusted asking price for a residential property.

They were closely followed by…..no guesses here….. Auckland.

However sitting back, in so called bronze place was another town in NZ, with way less than even 10% of the population of Auckland, and that part of  NZ was, my home.

Yes, the Nelson region it was.

March 2012 - NZ Asking Prices (CREDIT - www.realestate.co.nz)

As the chart above depicts, it sure does re-enforce the popularity of the region, and yet again confirms why this issue of Nelson region property pricing dominates local “headlines”, as depicted here in the media earlier this year?

Just to reassure, can there be other reasons?

Well possibly….

1] Are we a growing region?

2] With all this up/down motion, is there any stability in Nelson home prices?

3] Population wise, not being a capital city or so, what about the future for house prices in Nelson?

4] David, could there be any other reason to explain why Nelson is so popular?

5] Our main beach, Tahunanui Beach, is one of NZs most popular.

6] On the whole, Nelsonian residents live closer to the sea, than any other place in New Zealand!

You can view the complete NZ Property Report for the whole country online – HERE.