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Can pink sheep sell a property?

Every country it seems to have something in abundance.

Here in New Zealand, one of those abundant things is sheep.

After all there are 40,000,000 of them living here down under on this side of the Tasman….

…..and even those amongst us, sometimes tire of looking out in the paddocks at just the plain white variety.

So to liven it up a bit,  in an event that has captured world wide attention,

…..and as you can see here, Sheepworld NZ have decided to dye (eco & animal friendly vege dye that is) some of their flock, pink.


but to use them, (as I did mention a few months back)

pink sheep that is,

to help sell real estate,

well look at these photos,

and you tell me?

I think the story with the photos must have originally been some landlords way of attracting attention to their rental property.

However that idea seems to have passed….

and now the property is being actively marketed by two different agencies,

and both are utilizing these same photos with our little “pink” friend in there.

Click on the photos above to be taken to the listings (at least while they are still active) and you’ll see all the photos.

It certainly may bring attention, it doesn’t appear to have made the landlord land a tenant, but a sale?

UPDATE – the cute “ooh aa” photo is here  ….. and yes folks that really is the Rugby World Cup that you see there.

Fanatical UK Rugby Cyclists pass half way on RWC2011 pilgrimage

March 7th, 2011

Having just emerged from 3 months cyber blackout of China, a couple of young pommie rugby fanatics have just passed the halfway mark of their epic 28000km journey cycling half way around the world from Twickenham to Eden Park in NZ,  for the RWC2011 Final.

In doing so, Tom Hudson & Jodie Burton are raising money for two children’s charities along the way – one UK based and the other international.

Since leaving London on 1 May 2010, they have been on the road 10 months and have already passed the halfway mark arriving in Ha Noi on 2 March 2011.

Tom & Jodie

On Monday, 7 March, they leave Hanoi to cycle 5000km down through Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia to Singapore.

Taking a ferry across to Jakarta they will cycle across Indonesia to East Timor before getting to Darwin late May.

Then they will cycle 1000km east across Australia’s north then 3500km south down east coast through Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra to Melbourne.


Next, after flying across the Tasman Sea to Dunedin, they will cycle 1200km north through RWC NZ’s ‘Stadium of 4m”, timing their ride to attend as many local rugby clubs and RWC games on the way plus attending the 20 September Re-Enactment of the first 1870 rugby game in Nelson, the 24-26 September Charles Monro Reunion and Re-Opening of the NZ Rugby Museum (ED: some new thing called “smartlinks” is attempting to hijack this link – its the NZ Rugby Museum I am talking about in Palmy) weekend in Palmerston North, before they leisurely cycle up the North Island to arrive in Auckland, to deliver their official Gilbert RWC2011 rugby ball and a ‘World in Union’ Scroll to Eden Park for the RWC Final on 23 October 2011.

Google Map detailing progress (CLICK TO VIEW)

All the way from London they are touching as many rugby communities, organisations, players and fans in each of the 28 countries (16 so far) they cycle through collecting rugby memorabilia and signatures of key rugby people for their World in Union Scroll, to be gifted by them to the new NZ Rugby Museum at its re-opening in late September 2011.

Having cycled 28000km from Twickenham to Eden Park, via the South Island and Nelson, they then very much hope to enjoy standing, jumping, shouting, anything but sitting to watch England beat Namibia in the RWC Final on 23 October 2011.

However, in the event that either NZ or Australia win the RWC2011, they will then seek ‘rugby asylum’ in the winning country and stay on until RWC2015 in London, when they may well lead RWC2015 tour groups back to London…but definitely not on bikes but perhaps on a solar-powered plane or fast yacht!

Related links;

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Brits show true grit on World Cup ride (NZ Herald article Feb 2011)

Rugby World Cup?.. On your bike! (IRB – International Rugby Board news article)

Rugby Times news article

further media coverage is detailed here

Follow Tom and Jodie’s ride on: www.cyclingtotherugbyworldcup.com
Contact them by email : jodieandtom@googlemail.com or Twitter or Facebook via links on their website above.

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late March, and they have reached Laos – and her’es Tom & Jodies latest filed report direct from their website.

Irish readying to leave the home shores again

December 3rd, 2010

The Irish Effect on New Zealand Real Estate.

Hard to escape the news this year regarding the once bustling “Celtic Tiger.”

If what the BBC suggest, things are looking a tad different now;

The Celtic Tiger is in intensive care and young people are rushing for the exits.

They go on;

With a third of under-25s out of work it is the young who are most likely to leave, with Australia, New Zealand and Canada ahead of the UK as destinations according to last year’s figures

Not without precedent though, Irish have been leaving their shores for a long time.

The International Business Times suggests it “what the Irish do”;

After enjoying nearly two decades of an unprecedented economic prosperity at home, many Irish are now seeking to leave for greener pastures elsewhere as the nation finds itself on the brink of an economic collapse.

They go on;

Indeed, statistics from the Australian Immigration Department indicate that Irish arrivals Down Under have increased by 50 percent over the past two years.

I’ve written previously, the Irish are the only ones who “pip” NZ when it comes to the percentage of their home countries population that are “ex-pat” at any one time.

Take the recent opening of Dublins brand spanking new  €1.2B Terminal 2. (“T2”)

CREDIT  - The Irish Times Nov 2010

CREDIT - The Irish Times Nov 2010

Serial “media headline attention acquirer” and Irelands’ equivalent to Richard Branson, Rynairs top man Mike O’Leary, dressed as an undertaker, taking the opportunity to display a hearse with a coffin onboard painted up in the Irish national colours. Later he was seen with a wreath that said;  Irish Tourism – R.I.P.

Mind you, if you check out some reviews of his airline, then you would see why he’s unhappy already. Perhaps for an example, he should check out what this airline right here, is doing right!

The future…

Too early to call yet, but wonder what effect this may have on real estate down-under. Like before, once things start to pick up, perhaps the NZ real estate market could indeed see the Irish inject some extra activity down-under?

Interesting Aside



Back in 2001, Warehouse founder Sir Steven Tindal set up KEA (Kiwi Expat Association).

Yesterday KEAjobs issued a Press Release……and the theme of that release…….

Believing that attracting expats back home is key to the growth of New Zealand’s economy, KEA has launched a new online tool to allow NZ employers greater access to the highly skilled Kiwi expat population (KEA claims 30,000 members overall)

They too, also comment about the high percentage of Kiwi’s still residing offshore……

New Zealand has the most globally dispersed population in the OECD with a staggering 25% of our highly skilled population living off shore.

Read more on Keajobs here.


Will these Irish migrants be different from the past? BBC News Magazine Article, Nov 23th 2010 here.

UPDATE 5th Dec

Gold Coast Paper headline from this last few days

Gold Coast Paper headline from this last few days

– it is also starting to look more likely, if the above headline is anything to go by, that even some in the antipodes may feel the effect of whats happening back up north.



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Nelson Tasman Marlborough Lifestyle Properties Update Oct 2010

November 17th, 2010

Yesterday morning the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand ( REINZ ) released its monthly report for October 2010 on Farms and Lifestyle Properties, otherwise known combined as the “Rural Figures.”

Up til now I have only highlighted the Residential Sales side of things in my monthly Nelson Real Estate Sales reports.

However the impetus to comment on the Nelson / Tasman Lifestyle Property situation comes about because lately I have been receiving as many email queries regarding Lifestyle properties as I do on Residential ones.

And I guess there are a couple of main reasons why;

CLICK to read article Brightwater or Britwater?

1] by way of background reading, one of my first posts here, way back in October 2008 was under the heading Brightwater or Britwater? It spoke of the fact that Brightwater just 10-15 minutes from Stoke, was being called by some “Britwater” in recognition for the amount of new UK emigrants. In fact it topped the polls in NZ at that time for the most amount, as a percentage, of new UK immigrants to any NZ suburb/town as a % of the population in that area. Then the figure measured was 10% of Brightwaters population.

2] the price of Nelson / Tasman lifestyle properties is right at the top of the tree for NZ prices paid.

Lifestyle Property Median Prices - NZ October 2010 update - REINZ

Lifestyle Property Median Prices - NZ October 2010 update - REINZ

In terms of highest median pricing, Auckland still leads the way, but then its a bit of a derby between Nelson and the Bay of Plenty. Like I have said before Supply & Demand.

Which brings us to October 2010s update.

Here’s a breakdown of the top end of the chart.

CLICK TO ENLARGE ( source data - REINZ)

CLICK TO ENLARGE ( source data - REINZ)

As you can see above both the Bay of Plenty and Nelson/Tasman started out in one place and then two years later are just about in the same area.

For Nelson/Marlborough, REINZ report;

54 lifestyle blocks sold in October, down slightly on 56 sold in September 2010 (October 2009: 72). The median price fell to $491,000 (September 2010: $500,000; October 2009: $507,500).

New Zealand wide , the report says;

Sales of lifestyle properties increased slightly from 1039 for the three months to September 2010, to 1053 for the three months to October 2010. But at $425,000, the median selling price has continued to slip back from $427,500 at the end of September and $436,750 for the three months to the end of August and $445,000 for the three months to the end of October 2009.

NOTE: the data for Nelson is actually the combined data for Nelson (which includes Tasman) and Marlborough – they don’t break it down any further than that, but its safe to say that the figures are for the “TOP OF THE SOUTH”

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New Real Estate Species Demographic named Down-Under?

October 25th, 2010

Today I start this post with a question ……….do you remember E7?

E7 is & deserves to be……. world famous.

He’s the busy little fellow who made the world record books with his incredible feat of endurance, losing half his body weight during the experience, being…the trip to NZ [Jenny Craig, eat your heart out.]

A feat that science seems to think such that no human could …..ever ever ever match, not even Lance Armstrong**. [see end of article]

Why do E7 and his friends come to the Nelson Bays region  in a direct non-stop flightline of over 10,000kms away……well?

E7 - youre the man!

E7 - you're the man!

Apparently, part of it is to visit the longest bar in the world…..but that’s definitely another story.

Don’t forget, above it all its obvious that hes a 100% family man….after all…….all this is in the name of food, friends and family!

Now the term “Godwit” has been coined or perhaps more appropriately “borrowed” when referring to its new incantation, a human.

New Species Identified in residence, Nelson, New Zealand

I am aware of more than just a few local home owners who live this type of existence.

However it still came as a surprise to this Tasman Bay man to be confronted by the name that local magazine “Mudcakes & Roses” has dediced they would dub them, “human godwits.”

Photo below depicts some local “Godwits” highlighted in their recent article from Issue 62, October 2010 [page 10]

Must admit - Tahunanui Beach below doesnt make a bad backdrop.....

Must admit - Tahunanui Beach behind, and some 100's of feet below doesn't make a bad backdrop.....

Frankly, an apt description if there ever was one.

Why “Godwits?”

The term has been coined to describe local home owners who typically have decided to reside in NZ’s sunshine capital, but then… once the cooler days approach, head north for the Northern Hemisphere summer……mirroring the distances traveled by my mate E7 and his buddies.

Stefan Swanepoel take note, could there be another demographic that perhaps drives property buyers to the Antipodes? A trend?

TDC Publishes this magazine free every 2 months

TDC Publishes this magazine free every 2 months

Mudcakes and Roses

Locally, be reassured that there is definitely a concerted effort to ensure that people of all ages enjoy the lifestyle that present living locals have become accustomed, very accustomed to in fact.

Why should Sixty Five years of age not be celebrated like its the new 45!

Unless something seriously happens I still want to be out there on the Jetski at 80kp/h…..basically because you can and then……..well we’re spoilt that we have the space in our safe Tasman Bay to do so….that’s why!

If you’d like to be kept up to date with current and past editions of this interesting publication (brought to you with thanks to these major sponsors, Tasman District Council, Nelson City Council, Age Concern, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board and Sport Tasman) called Mudcakes & Roses – then just head on over there now.

Be the 1st to admit it, was curious to see what I may look like to others when I am 20 years older than I am now –

then I guess you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is already a site for that too……and here above is what  I will appear like if I bump into you 20 years hence…..in 2030!

If you dare……… head over here to the site where you can upload your own photo, then…..while making sure no one else is in the room….view their predictions.

PS – as an end note it wouldn’t be fair of me not to mention the above request from the local editorial staff of Mudcakes & Roses as scanned above.

In fact it would be interesting to hear feedback re relevance to other provinces in this great land.


** – the claim is that the birds would have gobbled up energy at some eight times their resting basic metabolic rate (BMR) during their week-long exertion, he said. Professional cyclists can only manage about five times BMR for a few hours. “Lance Armstrong would be no competition for these birds,” he said.

BROADBAND USERS – this is exactly the chap I am talking about.

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