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Help for Overseas Visitors traveling New Zealand

Oct 6th 2010

And I’m guessing they are all wanting to see as much of NZ, and the Nelson region as their schedule permits.

If you have an Android phone you’ll be pleased to know there are a couple of apps that can really help.

Nest Finder NZ

This great little apps purpose is to find Dept of Conservation (“DOC”) huts / camp sites and their availability.

Angelus Hut & scenery

It will also show you visitor centres and BBH hostels……all of this based on your current location courtesy of your smartphones GPS capabilities.

Check current availablilty

You can also check out vacancies and book online through the app.

I sure was surprised at how many huts there are in our region alone!

Get it here.


Sort of self explanatory if you watch this video actually.

In addition to New Zealand campsites, Campermate will also show toilets, supermarkets, fuel stops, refuse, and many more.

Above is a quick shot of the general vicinity of Stoke showing the relevant points of interest.

Get it here for Android. Go here for iPhone.


Walking in New Zealand

This one’s for walks in New Zealand. Visit here on the market.



This ones an iPhone app, not currently available on Android, but you could always visit their www site on yr phone)

And if you are freedom camping around New Zealand please leave only footprints behind.


New Zealand Topo Maps – http://www.nztopomaps.com/

Rough It NZ – http://www.isthegameon.co.nz/roughitnz/rough-it-nz.html

New Zealand Walks – http://nzwalksinfo.co.nz

Welcome to Maori Maps

August 18th, 2011

Another great educational use of the internet came to my attention this week.

With Rugby World Cup 2011 just around the corner, I’m also cognizant that one of the other major attractions to the many extra visitors to our fair land, will be our culture.

Celebrating the 5 years of work to establish the venture, attract support and research around the North, Te Potiki National Trust has officially launched the new interactive Māori Maps website.

With so many of the RWC matches, & therefore volume of tourists, in the Big Smoke, guess it’s only fitting that the first stage of the new website only features Auckland and north of.

Community Net Aoteroa tells us;

This is the first stage of a long-term project to revitalise links between marae, descendants and visitors. Website visitors can easily navigate the site via an interactive map or quick searches, easily locate a marae, get directions, see photos from the gateway and access other key information.

Spasifikmag.com report;

Paul Tapsell (now professor of Māori Studies at the University of Otago ) and Rereata Makiha founded Te Potiki National Trust in 2006 with the aim of reconnecting young urban Māori – the ‘potiki’ generation – to their home communities and elders.

Marae are the beneficiaries of work by the Māori Maps team.

“Our marae are places where issues have been resolved for generations. They are central to our identity, which is grounded in ancestral landscapes”

The website itself, here…..states it aim to be the portal to the marae of Aotearoa, and informs that;

The site will offer not only map location and directions to the gateway of every tribal marae in Aotearoa, but also a digital gateway by which visitors can access sites or service run by marae.

For me I was really surprised at just how many marae there were, and quite impressed with the depth of information that browsers can find. Further good news is on the horizon with the plan for iPhone and iPad versions too.

I see important parallels with employment and anything inbound tourist related that actions that. Sites like this can only encourage that. And where there is extra employment, many times real estate is a beneficiary.


Māori Maps recommends that anyone who wishes to go beyond kūwaha — to walk onto marae, be formally hosted or obtain deeper marae knowledge  — and should engage directly with the marae community and its elders.

Thanks to the good folks over at googlemapsmaina blogspot for the headsup.

Fanatical UK Rugby Cyclists pass half way on RWC2011 pilgrimage

March 7th, 2011

Having just emerged from 3 months cyber blackout of China, a couple of young pommie rugby fanatics have just passed the halfway mark of their epic 28000km journey cycling half way around the world from Twickenham to Eden Park in NZ,  for the RWC2011 Final.

In doing so, Tom Hudson & Jodie Burton are raising money for two children’s charities along the way – one UK based and the other international.

Since leaving London on 1 May 2010, they have been on the road 10 months and have already passed the halfway mark arriving in Ha Noi on 2 March 2011.

Tom & Jodie

On Monday, 7 March, they leave Hanoi to cycle 5000km down through Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia to Singapore.

Taking a ferry across to Jakarta they will cycle across Indonesia to East Timor before getting to Darwin late May.

Then they will cycle 1000km east across Australia’s north then 3500km south down east coast through Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra to Melbourne.


Next, after flying across the Tasman Sea to Dunedin, they will cycle 1200km north through RWC NZ’s ‘Stadium of 4m”, timing their ride to attend as many local rugby clubs and RWC games on the way plus attending the 20 September Re-Enactment of the first 1870 rugby game in Nelson, the 24-26 September Charles Monro Reunion and Re-Opening of the NZ Rugby Museum (ED: some new thing called “smartlinks” is attempting to hijack this link – its the NZ Rugby Museum I am talking about in Palmy) weekend in Palmerston North, before they leisurely cycle up the North Island to arrive in Auckland, to deliver their official Gilbert RWC2011 rugby ball and a ‘World in Union’ Scroll to Eden Park for the RWC Final on 23 October 2011.

Google Map detailing progress (CLICK TO VIEW)

All the way from London they are touching as many rugby communities, organisations, players and fans in each of the 28 countries (16 so far) they cycle through collecting rugby memorabilia and signatures of key rugby people for their World in Union Scroll, to be gifted by them to the new NZ Rugby Museum at its re-opening in late September 2011.

Having cycled 28000km from Twickenham to Eden Park, via the South Island and Nelson, they then very much hope to enjoy standing, jumping, shouting, anything but sitting to watch England beat Namibia in the RWC Final on 23 October 2011.

However, in the event that either NZ or Australia win the RWC2011, they will then seek ‘rugby asylum’ in the winning country and stay on until RWC2015 in London, when they may well lead RWC2015 tour groups back to London…but definitely not on bikes but perhaps on a solar-powered plane or fast yacht!

Related links;

The Journey Starts….(NZ Tourism article)

Brits show true grit on World Cup ride (NZ Herald article Feb 2011)

Rugby World Cup?.. On your bike! (IRB – International Rugby Board news article)

Rugby Times news article

further media coverage is detailed here

Follow Tom and Jodie’s ride on: www.cyclingtotherugbyworldcup.com
Contact them by email : jodieandtom@googlemail.com or Twitter or Facebook via links on their website above.

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late March, and they have reached Laos – and her’es Tom & Jodies latest filed report direct from their website.

South Pacifics Top 10 Bargain Hotels & guess what?

Jan 21st 2010

…………..what location could possibly bag 20% of them?

Yes I mean 20% out of the whole South Pacific….and that includes our friendly neighbour (the “big island”) across the ditch….plus the “exotics” like Fiji.

Well in case you asked this image here……….

and then this ‘ere image should give you an idea.

And why am I telling you about this rather than about Nelson Real Estate matters.

Well one reason really….and its quite a simple one.

I am writing here on the premise or suspicion that when you come to one of New Zealands favourite holiday spots to investigate homes for sale in Nelson….that you may not always have friends or family to rely on for accommodation purposes.

So its on that preamble that I am offering up to you…..not just something I have known….something that dozens or maybe, even hundreds (the logo above would indicate just a tad more than that…..but lets be conservative) of like minded travellers before you…..have already experienced.

So when you next plan your scouting trip to Nelson to see what real estate we have……you could do worse than stay at one of these fine establishments.

And ……..

In case you were wondering if this might be a 1 off……(you already know my answer don’t you)…….but if you are a new reader to my posts here, then this will be enlightening.

TripAdvisior.com.au do also have another Top 10…………….

January of each year it seems everyone seems to have one ( note to self; now theres an idea ) ….

This one here above…….

and……the envelope please…….

shows what their many readers thought…..not just that but thought about it enough and were impressed likewise to take the time to vote.

Seems that that isn’t a typical response today.

However far be it for me to be the one to tell you….but if you cast your eyes over that table above it may “pop up” that their is only one place listed in New Zealand….and no….its not in last place.

In fact “Adrift in Golden Bay” located in the “Top of the South”, in the Nelson Bays region dropped into the list at number 6….no small achievement amongst such illustrious & latitudinally advantaged company.

Credit where credit is due - family run really means just that......

Well done guys….over the Takaka Hill…..you must be really doing something right.

DISCLAIMER – to be PC I should mention that I do not know who owns these ….but if you click on a Google add on the side that talks about a hotel/motel then I might get 1 or 2 cents.

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What do the Tribu, Kokomo and Suri have in common?

Jan 2nd, 2011

If your first guess was “tribal names” off an episode of Survivor, then sorry……but you’re wrong.

They are in fact names of superyachts and a superyacht shadow support or escort vessel………a what?

Yup, apparently there is such a thing?

Maybe its just that they “don’t build them like they used to” as it seems there’s only so much space on your typical superyacht these days. Although she looks at first to be of an older design, she was only “built in 2007” (although that could have been a conversion from what looks like an Offshore Supply Vessel commonly used in the Offshore Oil industry).

MV Suri has been positioned (see map graphic below) down at the Marlborough Sounds (her small rental of USD$225k a week helping to offset the remoteness of the location I’m sure)

Eurocopter Squirrel preparing

Eurocopter Squirrel preparing

When dropping my mother down at the airport this morning I noticed that Suri’s chopper was still parked down there.

You too can have one on standby at your next port of call for…..give or take a few cents…..NZD$290,000 per week.

So what do you need the extra space for?

According to Charterworld.com, a ship like Suri has these “extras” onboard for starters;

Eurocopter Helicopter
4-person Hover craft
35′ Stancraft mahogany speedster
28′ aluminum landing craft dune buggy
37′ Intrepid
Numerous jet skis, rowing shells, sailboats, kayaks, dive gear, ski equipment

Now I understand. Bit like any new build home really, the main superyacht may have the formal lounge, but………..where to lounge around with family in a “more casual” atmosphere…….ah-ha…… the shadow support vessel of course.

Superyacht’s in Nelson

MY Kokomo arrived the other day, into Nelson Haven on a typically Nelson sunny day.

Click to enlarge (Kokomo at top left, Siru in waiting at top right)

Click to enlarge (Kokomo at top left, Siru in waiting at top right)

Kokomo has now left Port Nelson, and has motored over (well don’t know actually she may have sailed?) to New Zealands smallest National Park, Abel Tasman. One suspects she will be on her way to join Suri soon.

MV Tribu at Port Nelson

MV Tribu at Port Nelson (DATA/PHOTO CREDIT - marinetraffic.com)

However just to make it interesting the Italian built 50m MY Tribu is also at Port Nelson ( Italys Rugby team will be playing two matches here in Nelson for this years 2011 RWC) having just recently completed a refit in Auckland. She was built in 2007 according to information here…….and according to Charterworld, Tribu is available to charter for NZD$318,492 per week.

Maybe its her that is headed down the Marlborough Sounds to join Suri…..then again as 37south.co.nz reports;

Tribu is scheduled to relaunch on the 20th of December 2010, to continue her owners’ cruise of the South Island before heading to Tasmania and Australia’s east coast.

…….maybe not.

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