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Public Transport in Nelson * UPDATED *

May 8th 2012

Back in Feb/Mar 2012, the new NBUS service was introduced to Nelson.

The NBus operation is operated by SBL Group on behalf of Nelson City Council.

This new initiative saw a fleet of brand new 13.5-metre-long 50-seater low floor wheelchair friendly buses introduced to Nelsonians, and travelers alike, and quickly gained good support.

New services were introduced and along with increased frequency during busy times, the hours of operation also were extended.

Here’s a brief video on the new service;

The video also talks about the new “hail & ride” service ( offered on selected local neighbourhood routes ) serviced by smaller buses, and also about the much anticipated user operated “bike carriers” that are mounted on the front of the new units.

More details here;


Zones & Fares (with downloadable map)

Interactive Map showing actual route bus-stop locations

A Flood Proof House – is it really possible?

April 20th, 2012

I have talked about waterfront homes previously, about 3 years ago……..its still one of my posts that has regularly attracted the most Top 10 interest and hits…….

Sea Views - there for the taking matey....

First spotted, I immediately thought who is knicking off with a Kiwi icon, one of NZs first buildings from Kerikeri…..but no, at a 2nd glance, this did look different.

Certainly looks like the act of moving from one location to another could be just a tad easier this way though, certainly when compared with what goes for “the norm” in a typical terrestrial based abode relocation?

But alas, like all good things….there is another tale to tell about these photos. It seems this “floating home” was part of an exhibition, albeit a river based one stretching many many kms.

This photographer bloke, Christophe Dedieu, has previously taken photos of some interesting things. And me, being a photography passionate person, his efforts didn’t escape me.

In Nelson, you typically just can’t take pics like this, this, this & this beauty?

Although “The World” ** did visit Nelson once!

If you like photography of a maritime nature, click here to go to his landing page for many other maritime type photos he has taken.  And the floating home above, turns out there is a story to go with it……see bottom of this page, although I haven’t investigated further the sad story comment #2 alludes to.

CREDIT PHOTOGRAPHER  –  Christophe Dedieu

** October 2006





Air New Zealand on new initiatives…

April 1st

Being at the bottom of the world seems to have its benefits.

Launch customer for the 787-9, our own “best airline in the world”, has shown Boeing an extra big vote of confidence this past week, confirming an order with the Seattle airframer for a further two of the composite carbon fibre beauties. (about here I am wondering  what colour they’ll be painted)

Hot on the heels of the World First “Skybed”, Air New Zealand this morning, NZ time, April 1st, launched yet another world first, in announcing after exhaustive studies, the public were to be offered “StraightUp” airfares.

...cheap fares - but you better be real quick...

Seems that it was just “tooooo popular” because now you can’t book them,

apparently the public response……”it was incredible” according to Captain (new recruit still awaiting NZ residency) Flash Gordon.

Upper graphic depicts normal fare – as compared to “deluxe” pictured here just above…

According to a reporter on the scene at the very casual and un-announced press conference this morning, a statement was voiced very quickly by an english based scribe, who was heard to say….

thats just typical of you Kiwis’s…always attempting to “one-up” those of us from the “home country.”

…. then, his mobile phone rang …after about 10 seconds he was heard loudly to voice “Richard Branson is really going to do that!!”

It seems Virgin Airlines have also tried to take Air New Zealands thunder on this auspicious day, with the launch of Virgin Volcanic.

New Zealand is, well actually has been now for a while…

……the perfect test case.

This I recall from my IT days chatting with project folk from the major companies, even when it was something that wasn’t the most popular thing, NZ was, they recanted, just a perfect “test case” situation. Another likened it in these words…..as a “control” experience for his company.


Well, from what I was told…it went like this……….

1] english speaking country

2] accustomed to most / easily adjustable, even taking local customs into account, to Australia / Canada / USA / UK, and hence scalable …..

3] the ability to “test market” anything for a pittance of what it would cost to do “the same” in one of the countries named in no. 2 above

4] plenty of other “not at first glance” obvious reasons…..

….and that precisely brings me to this…….

CREDIT – http://www.webpronews.com

many media sites are reporting tonight, like the ole days of IT, that Google Maps will deliver “live traffic” updates to 3 countries, us, Hong Kong, and Norway.

So good on you Google – well done…can’t wait to try this out.

And while I’m at it on the subject of driving in New Zealand – can I recommend all Kiwis check out the most excellent site here…..


It just makes this new road rule change (thats due in about a week) so so so easy to comprehend and more importantly, understand.

GRAPHIC CREDIT – http://www.webpronews.com/google-maps-traffic-data-added-for-norway-new-zealand-hong-kong-2012-03



Searching for Stoke – Nelson properties

March 12th, 2012

If you are not a local and are using the web to search for a property in Stoke, Nelson then you need to read this.

The good news is that this lesson it won’t take long at all.

First up, www.realestate.co.nz

...heres the realestate.co.nz search bar.......

if you select Nelson & Bays, then Nelson for the town…….

check all of these highlighted ones....

you’ll get a dropdown  list like I’ve depicted above..

...and these too...

just make sure you search the highlighted suburbs, now www.summit.co.nz,

the Summit.co.nz site makes it quite easy actually...

…..to ensure you cover all the areas of Stoke.

www.nzrealtors.co.nz is there to help your search too

The NZ Realtors group to which Summit Real Estate belong also have a site you can use, and need to search just the four suburbs high-lighted above to conclude your search.

Trade-me also offers up a selection of suburbs again adding a few more to the mix, but obviously on account

some repeats here from above ... just check them all out

of some having zero listings, most people aren’t aware of them, you just need to check them all.

In case you are wondering where all these suburbs names are, hopefully this takeout of the Summit map will help.