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Tahunanui Beach, Nelson very high and low tides this weekend

Saturday, April 7th 2012

Around about this time of year each year, very close to the full moon,

the place in New Zealand with the highest tides, also sees some of NZ’s lowest tides.


There is no better place to see and experience that for yourself than down at our “world famous in NZ” beach, Tahunanui. one of New Zealands favourite family beaches,

and not far away from NZ’s and the Southern Hemispheres largest motor camp, the Tahuna Beach holiday camp. Whether it was kids building sandcastles,

or young girlfriends getting some snaps for their future modelling portfolios, everyone was smiling.

Yesterday afternoon, my lovely wife & I decide to go for a stroll.

However whence one noted no parking for 100’s of metres, it turned out I wasn’t the only one that was thinking this way on a glorious, typically sunny Nelson afternoon.

No, it turned out to be us, and about 5 ~ 600 others had exactly the same idea, Good Fridays version of an “Indian Summer” ……

….had everyone out enjoying it. With such a low tide, I just had to see how far you could walk out….

and if you check my Panoramio page here, you’ll see exactly what I mean, a fair distance to put it midly.

So don’t forget, today around 4pm and tomorrow Sunday about 4:45pm, there are very low tides late each afternoon, head on down and experience it for yourself. Even saw some folk swimming, must be from Invercargill I reckon? 🙂

Many more NELSON PHOTOs over at my www.Pan0ramio.com page

Guess who made National NZ TV News tonight….?

Oct 28th, 2011

Ok…. you haven’t got it quite right…..just yet, have you?

Nelson Sunset Thursday Night (via TV One News)

I’ll give you another chance….spot the name about to be spelled out in the blue box at top left of screen….

….and now finally completed in same said blue box……yup my photo did make it to tonights tv news.

So…no, as I mentioned last night on Nelson Real Estate, I wasn’t joking….even Uncle Jim noticed it…..and as I said then….at the jest of repeating myself……it t’was the most excellent sunset of the year I thought. (remembering as I said last night……”sunbeams wise”)

I checked all the direct link Nelson region webcams that I have avail to my use on this here Nelson Real Estate site, and it seems they are all orientated to pick up sunsets from May to Sept of each year in Nelson…but by October the sun is setting well and truly a bit further south and none of them seem to be able to pick it up, so be it.

There are times in life when you realise you are just really lucky to live where you do….oh….and last night was one of those.


NZ Sunshine Stakes update – 20-10-11

Oct 27th, 2011

In Nelson even when the sun goes away…..

…..it tries to put on a show!

so bright...

Tonights sunset just a few moments ago was one of the best, especially of the “sunbeams variety”, this year.

NZ's Sunshine Race continues.......

Anyway back to the topic, here’s the latest update on who’s leading the sunshine stakes for New Zealand so far in 2011.

This weeks theme was Sunsets…

For this past week….those same sunsets that all Nelsonians never tire of……

Enjoying the bike ride home.....

…..well those sunsets in Nelson hogged the News weather spot …

…twice out of the last 6 nights.

Last night the weather person mentioned some of those clouds over the last few nights were verging on the lenticular variety

but either way we really have been treated the last few evenings.

Sort of makes up, not quite but perhaps near enough……

for the very brisk starts (thanks Antarctica) we’ve had some mornings this week.

Photography brings emotion to your Property Listing

June 3rd, 2011

Previously I’ve been at pains to point out the absolute certainty that great photography adds the biggest element to a property listing, here on realestate.co or other listing sites that showcase photographic evidence of the listing alongside.

Tell me that photos like the one above don’t already do something for you….

Just serene....

Well if not, then perhaps you must be a daytime oriented person …. tell me then that this photo here doesn’t do something for you?

Misty Mountains beckon.....

And then they topped it off with a couple that looked like paintings.

The great news is that you could live here, although sorry to say on this occasion its not in the Top of The South, no this time we’re visiting Taupo Bay Road, Taupo Bay in Northland.

I notice in one of the photos attached to the listing there is a chopper taking off, so it looks like overall it was a pretty full-on photo shoot…..but what results, you can really “feel” it.

Well done to the listing agent.