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September 2012 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

Oct 9th 2012

Yesterday, REINZ released the official sales figures for the month of September 2012.

The above chart does suggest some balance coming back to the pricing steps between 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 bedrooms.

This month REINZ, that’s the Real Estate Institute of NZ, report that;

Sales up 8 per cent year on year

National median house price just below record median

National days to sell has fallen by 13 days since February (46 days to 33 days)

New record median house price for Auckland and Nelson/Marlborough regions

Bearing the brunt of this is mainly because of the lack of a high volume of new listings, leading the REINZ CEO to say;

“The traditional rush of spring listings has not eventuated this year and the market is tightening as buyers face a limited choice of offerings,”

Nelson did get a mention too….

For the month of September, Nelson/Marlborough recorded the highest lift in prices for the month with an increase of 7.0%,

and……below you can see how reasonably stable the prices of homes have been locally over recent years in the Nelson City zone.




July 2012 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

August 13, 2012

Gently does it …..was probably the best way to explain any changes in Nelson city over the sales period of July 2012.

As noted in the REINZ monthly report covering said period, Nelson/Marlborough ended up with a tally of $301,000 Vs $311,000 for the same period (July 2011) last year.

Contrasting that median figure, Nelson City shifted in that “gently does it fashion” to be off just $400 on its June 2012 result, moving its median down from $350,500 to $350,100 …. a pointer to trend watchers.

Quite surprisingly though, for spreadsheet watchers, the city moved from a median of $319,000 in July 2011 to one of $350,100 last month.

Factoring into this was 10% fewer houses selling over those 4 weeks though. (60 vs 66 last yr)

The figures show that, in a sort of anecdotal way, there sure has been, on the horizon at least, a recognition of what the term “urgency” means in relation to a real estate sales transaction….something we haven’t seen, at least in more than a minor way, for at least 5 years now.

In summing up the REINZ local representative reported

Sales volume compared to July 2011 was almost 7% higher with notable increases in Richmond and Marlborough/Kaikoura. However, compared to June sales volume eased by over 5% with sales down over a quarter in Nelson City and down 17% in Richmond, although sales were higher in Motueka and Marlborough/Kaikoura.
The number of days to sell improved by a noticeable 17 days compared to June, from 55 days to 38 days, giving Nelson/Marlborough the second shortest number of days to sell in July.

All in all, a steady month, but caution could be in the wind………..

The number of days to sell improved by a noticeable 17 days compared to June, from 55 days to 38 days, giving Nelson/Marlborough the second shortest number of days to sell in July. Compared to July 2011 the number of days to sell also improved by nine days, from 47 days to 38 days.

It shows, perhaps some light at the end of the tunnel…..

There could be a change afoot if this trend continues.

The NZ Property Report over at realestate.co.nz has this …..and many other associated extras this month, making compulsory reading for any potential “Top of the South” future buyers.

If you’re going to spend a 6 figure sum to buy a property locally, these factors are important.…. and the July 2012 details on Nelson make good reading, especially statistics wise.

Overall thought, on the whole……. a steady, and for want of a better term…..a building (consolidating) month.

DATA ~ www.reinz.co.nz

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Still more Weekly info on the region

July 16th 2012

In our region we have one main daily newspaper, The Nelson Mail, published each afternoon, usually available in Newsagents and dairies around noon.

We also happen to have The Leader which is published weekly as well.

just the facts, the Good News facts....

And rounding out the selection, we have the two weekly “good news only” papers……..The Nelson Weekly and The Waimea Weekly.

Two Editions back,  the Nelson / Waimea Weekies announced they had just undergone a revamp of their website, so I thought I should ensure that you are aware of same.

Head on over there, or rather click here to be taken there now.

Where does the Sun set Wintertime in Nelson?

June 2012

Well here you go, no need to wonder anymore….

Mid Winters sunset...

these photos were taken yesterday evening, and although not technically the shortest day of the year, as its a day later…..it will give you an idea of where the sun sets in the “middle of winter” in New Zealands sunshine capital, Nelson. Have added a couple more photos over at Nelsonians Life too, right here.