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Nelson Update Roundup

March 31st, 2011

Things relevant to Nelsonians.

TelecomNZs ADSL2 + Roll out

September 2011 looks like the date all of Stoke will should be “wired” for ADSL2+.

Telecom's Broadband Service Availability Tool

Well, that’s what this chart here over at Telecom NZs Wholesale webpage indicates.

Do Nelsonians, Kiwis in general, really hunger for faster broadband though?

Couple stats here from NZ Statistics do point the way forward;

60% of broadband customers had a data cap of 5GB or more in June 2010

The number of broadband subscribers increased 15%, to 1.3 million, between June 2009 and June 2010

To see for yourself when Telecoms new Ethernet network carrying ADSL2+/VDSL2/GPON is coming past your front door, click on the image above, or visit here if you are interested in another part of New Zealand.

Freeview HD

When Freeview launched their HD service back in 2008, Nelson / Tasman didn’t feature on the radar as somewhere the HD service was available.

Local residents had to be happy with the existing non-HD feed or in time, at a premium, pay to get SkyHD.

Chris Keall over at NBR reports that;

…… because Sky TV has bought out all remaining bandwidth on the Optus D1 satellite covering New Zealand, Freeview can only expand its high-definition (HD) service though through more expensive terrestrial towers.

Jonathon Colemans announcement this week should put an end to this discrepancy….with this timely comment;

‘’The network will be operating in time for the Rugby World Cup, so people will be able to enjoy the action like never before.”

At the birthplace of Rugby in NZ, in this auspicious RWC year, I hope for locals sake that they do indeed met that obligation and deadline.

Lets wait, watch and then…hopefully, see.

Until then though …. to see what you need to receive these new signals head on over to NZ Govt “Lets Go Digital” website to “swot” up.

Real Estate news roundup

Local Nelson valuation firm Duke & Cooke produce a weekly newsletter update,

They explain it such;

Each week we bring together a precis of media articles related to the Nelson regional property market with a reference to the source material.  This information is gathered from external news sources only, from articles already published in the local media.

If its just a brief snapshot of the local Nelson Real Estate market that you’re after, Tasman District included too, then this could help.

To read the latest one, its available here.

Fanatical UK Rugby Cyclists pass half way on RWC2011 pilgrimage

March 7th, 2011

Having just emerged from 3 months cyber blackout of China, a couple of young pommie rugby fanatics have just passed the halfway mark of their epic 28000km journey cycling half way around the world from Twickenham to Eden Park in NZ,  for the RWC2011 Final.

In doing so, Tom Hudson & Jodie Burton are raising money for two children’s charities along the way – one UK based and the other international.

Since leaving London on 1 May 2010, they have been on the road 10 months and have already passed the halfway mark arriving in Ha Noi on 2 March 2011.

Tom & Jodie

On Monday, 7 March, they leave Hanoi to cycle 5000km down through Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia to Singapore.

Taking a ferry across to Jakarta they will cycle across Indonesia to East Timor before getting to Darwin late May.

Then they will cycle 1000km east across Australia’s north then 3500km south down east coast through Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra to Melbourne.


Next, after flying across the Tasman Sea to Dunedin, they will cycle 1200km north through RWC NZ’s ‘Stadium of 4m”, timing their ride to attend as many local rugby clubs and RWC games on the way plus attending the 20 September Re-Enactment of the first 1870 rugby game in Nelson, the 24-26 September Charles Monro Reunion and Re-Opening of the NZ Rugby Museum (ED: some new thing called “smartlinks” is attempting to hijack this link – its the NZ Rugby Museum I am talking about in Palmy) weekend in Palmerston North, before they leisurely cycle up the North Island to arrive in Auckland, to deliver their official Gilbert RWC2011 rugby ball and a ‘World in Union’ Scroll to Eden Park for the RWC Final on 23 October 2011.

Google Map detailing progress (CLICK TO VIEW)

All the way from London they are touching as many rugby communities, organisations, players and fans in each of the 28 countries (16 so far) they cycle through collecting rugby memorabilia and signatures of key rugby people for their World in Union Scroll, to be gifted by them to the new NZ Rugby Museum at its re-opening in late September 2011.

Having cycled 28000km from Twickenham to Eden Park, via the South Island and Nelson, they then very much hope to enjoy standing, jumping, shouting, anything but sitting to watch England beat Namibia in the RWC Final on 23 October 2011.

However, in the event that either NZ or Australia win the RWC2011, they will then seek ‘rugby asylum’ in the winning country and stay on until RWC2015 in London, when they may well lead RWC2015 tour groups back to London…but definitely not on bikes but perhaps on a solar-powered plane or fast yacht!

Related links;

The Journey Starts….(NZ Tourism article)

Brits show true grit on World Cup ride (NZ Herald article Feb 2011)

Rugby World Cup?.. On your bike! (IRB – International Rugby Board news article)

Rugby Times news article

further media coverage is detailed here

Follow Tom and Jodie’s ride on: www.cyclingtotherugbyworldcup.com
Contact them by email : jodieandtom@googlemail.com or Twitter or Facebook via links on their website above.

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late March, and they have reached Laos – and her’es Tom & Jodies latest filed report direct from their website.

World First Rugby World Cup 2011 Fixture opens in Nelson

August 29th, 2010

And it’s all because of Bill. In case you were not aware that’s the nickname of the Webb Ellis Trophy – the Cup I’m looking at below.

The same one that all those qualifying rugby teams from around the globe will be playing for next year in New Zealand at the Rugby World Cup 2011, with 2 official matches right here at our newly upgraded Trafalgar Park, in Nelson.

Bill & I yesterday contemplating his move to NZ in 2011

Nelsons upgraded Trafalgar Park was opened officially yesterday morning, jointly by Nelson Mayor Kerry Marshall…..

World First in Nelson

World First in Nelson

……….and local Nelson Member of Parliament, Dr Nick Smith.

Official Trafalgar Park Upgrade unveiling - Saturday August 28th 2010

Official Trafalgar Park Upgrade unveiling - Saturday August 28th 2010

New Zealands RWC 2011 supremo, Martin Sneddon was also there, and mentioned “fond” memories of playing on the field back in the mid 1980’s, when as the skies got darker, cars were quickly assembled on the embankments, with all then turning on their headlights to assist with the completion of the game.

Martin Sneddon sharing a fond memory of Trafalgar Park.....

Martin Sneddon sharing a fond memory of Trafalgar Park.....

Whats World First?

Trafalgar Parks turf has been growing nicely thank you to the $7.4m upgrade, for the last 6 months on top of what is a world first for a Rugby playing field. Glass! Yes a bed of Glass.

Comparing the two sands - spot the Heinekens?

Underneath that green stuff is a base of crushed glass, no not as those science boffins know that silica is, I’m talking about real crushed glass.

Good drainage is the key

Good drainage is the key

The chap from Opus joked that if you look at it finely enough you can make out the Heineken, Speights Old Dark and Tui bottles from their obvious respective colours.

Opus were the main project managers, working alongside many other local architects and suppliers. In fact this point was made loud and clear by Mayor Marshall who indicated the council had a massive preference to source the work locally wherever possible.

on a very non-Nelson type of weather day....

on a very non-Nelson type of weather day....

2,800,000kg of the stuff

While thanking the government for their $1.5m contribution, Mayor Kerry Marshall, mentioned sustainability as the cornerstone of the new Trafalgar Park upgrade where 2,800,000 kg of recycled glass was used to make the playing field, thats 7% of the total amount of glass accumulated in one year in the South Island.

He also mentioned the Cricket Pitch that was a feature in the middle of the old Trafalgar Park, had also been recycled.

Fittingly, 40 m2 of that dirt, including its foundation Waikari clay, (“best stuff to use for a cricket pitch” – according to Mayor Marshall) has been transferred up to Nelson Boys College, the birthplace of Rugby in NZ.

Related photos about this here.

NZs Oldest Rugby Club

NZ's Oldest Rugby Club

I suggest fittingly considering their links to the establishment of the game of rugby in New Zealand.
One of the understated features of the new glass sand, is that in each of the coming 30 years (that’s how long the Mayor said it should last) any top-ups required to maintain the grounds “as new” can be completed with almost scientific precision. The reason why is that the original composition is documented so clearly its almost like a recipe out of a cooking book, so apparently relatively easy to top up / replace, and match the exact same grading of the sand particles.

Kerry Nick and Bill

Local Member of Parliament, Nick Smith mentioned in his speech that he believed Kiwi’s really hadn’t grasped the enormity of the coming 2011 Rugby World Cup. To highlight this he said it was the 3rd biggest sporting event in the world. To put it in perspective, he added New Zealand will probably not see an Olympic Games, and it was just as unlikely that a FIFA Football World Cup would grace our shores either.

....Game on!

....Game on!

So this World Cup will be, and quite possibly will stand in history, as the largest sporting event ever to take place in New Zealand.

Upcoming Matches at Trafalgar Park 2010

Upcoming Matches at Trafalgar Park 2010

Nelson Bays/Marlboroughs own Mako’s have a few home games here this year.

Lets home they repeat the formula shown last weekend……………

Win or Lose - everyone can now see

Win or Lose - everyone can now see

where they beat last years defending champions, Canterbury, 27 to 25.

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May 14th should be biggest date in the NZ Rugby Calendar

May 14th 2010


Well because it was the date back in 1870 when Charles Monro introduced to NZ  the absolute first game of Rugby, right here in Nelson at the Botanics Reserve! (today its referred to as the Botanical Reserve situated on the corner of Milton St & Hardy St East- the main entry point to the pathway that leads up the hill to the famous “Centre of NZ” spire)

That’s why.

One year away from the Rugby World Cup, and I am struggling to find an announcement somewhere in the New Zealand media of this auspicious date anywhere, let alone a “re-enactment” game?

Ooophs, found it…..where – over in England!

In World Cup preview year I would have thought more importance would have been placed on C J Monro’s part to play in the whole NZ Rugby scheme of things.

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UPDATE: In case you hadn’t noticed a comment just today, from the great grandson of the man himself, I draw your attention to it right here.

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Nelson, in the RWC Preview Year, birthplace of New Zealand Rugby

4th February 2010

On the eve of the Rugby World Cup 2011, well it is if you follow rugby at least in a yearly sense of time-frame,  there finally comes a bit more national, and at the same time, perhaps local……… recognition for this monumentally important event in NZ….and not before time.

The NZ chapter of the Sevens will be played out this weekend in Wellington.  I’ve been lucky enough in my time to see 2 x Hong Kong ones, and 4 x Wellington ones.


My most everlasting memory of both years at HK 7evens, was after the final……when they went just a bit overboard with some sort of “official parade”, well you had to hang around after the final match to witness it…….but hey 98% of the stadium did just that……. involved at least some sort of an official marching band, etc……….and they went the whole 9 yards let me tell you …………..& yes it was the same each of those 2 years………that all the chaps/gals in the corporate boxes had about 90-100 each of those “mini” rugby balls that used to fit perfectly in that best of places, that place – the port of choice……the “poor” Tuba player……….after all he had the largest target.

My other lasting memory from the tournament……other than those 2-3 days of extremely competitive and exciting rugby, plus having to put up with being a row back from, at least on one occasion ….for the whole tournament…..was a government delegation….from a Pacific Island cousin of NZ……and unfortunately for me at that time, that that same Pacific Island country, they just happened to have that guy with the “golden boot’ (*those in the know will know who I mean)

Anyway back to NZ.

Nelson was the first place in New Zealand, yes that’s 100% right, the 1st place in the whole country, to hold an official “Rugby” game.

You can imagine that in the World Cup Preview year we would expect that, coming from such an auspicious background, that we here in Nelson, are only right to believe that we have a special place, a special part in that history.

And now according to the local paper we have a “logo” to show it.

The fact that Nelson started it all, well I’ve written about this fact many many times before, and have been also very fortunate to have had input from a living relative of that great man, CJ Monro,  himself…in fact his great grandson…..Alastair.

However what I am lost on is that there doesn’t appear to be any mention of Alastair or his contribution / approval of the logo.

And for that. I’ll admit I am surprised.

If you are about to document such an incredibly important historical event…….at least from a Kiwi perspective………with such verifiable local content……… at the very least I would have thought it would have been the done thing…..in the circumstances……….to enlighten Alastair that this comment/report/design/logo/etc was about to “come out”, and what were his thoughts. That frankly is just plain human courtesy.

The above logo will be available for anyone to use freely. It will be accessible from the Nelson City Councils website from Monday.