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March 2012 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

April 16th, 2012

Earlier today, the Real Estate Institute of NZ ( REINZ ),  officially released to the media their sales figures covering NZ for the month of March 2012.

In covering Nelson, the Institutes local spokesperson said that

The median price for the region increased by $500 compared to February 2012 and by $1,500 compared to March 2011. Nelson recorded the strongest overall price trend, followed by Richmond.

…..yet shared a balanced opinion by following up with

Sales volume in March eased back 2.4% after a very strong increase in February, although Motueka recorded a 23% increase in sales compared to February and a more than doubling of sales compared to March 2011. Nelson City and Richmond eased back, due to the strong uplift in February.

Overall….just like usual – steady as she goes. Like February, the number of transactions can certainly be described as healthy.


REINZ Reported Sales Results – March 2012 NELSON REGION BREAKDOWN

……..like always on my blog….click above chart to enlarge

This past month, March 2012, in particular undoubtedly showed …..the unquestionable fact that Nelson, and to a large degree, Stoke….is most definitely “family central.”


Witness the incredible number of average family oriented properties being transacted in New Zealands favourite suburb, in the sunshine capital of NZ.

One thing of note was that DOM – Days on Market – aka Days to Sell figure….it was quite low in that critical 2/3 bedroom metric….hovering just under that 4 weeks datum?

If you haven’t heard me previously talk about the “steady as she goes” statement, then perhaps that’s just an admission you don’t come around here often. iOtherwise,  my obviously “one eyed Nelsonian” view…..would by now, after over 750 article posts here, be commonplace.

Actually - historical data is all we've got when you come to think of it.......

That said, its still important, crucially important for me actually, to back those numbers up.

And nothing enlivens that to me than figures & charts, so about now…..the obligatory chart above.

This one above illustrates precisely what I have been saying, Nelson….. property prices are stable, they aren’t the cheapest in NZ for sure, but they are in that “middle of the road” zone, and crucially….they are STABLE.


Tahunanui Beach, Nelson very high and low tides this weekend

Saturday, April 7th 2012

Around about this time of year each year, very close to the full moon,

the place in New Zealand with the highest tides, also sees some of NZ’s lowest tides.


There is no better place to see and experience that for yourself than down at our “world famous in NZ” beach, Tahunanui. one of New Zealands favourite family beaches,

and not far away from NZ’s and the Southern Hemispheres largest motor camp, the Tahuna Beach holiday camp. Whether it was kids building sandcastles,

or young girlfriends getting some snaps for their future modelling portfolios, everyone was smiling.

Yesterday afternoon, my lovely wife & I decide to go for a stroll.

However whence one noted no parking for 100’s of metres, it turned out I wasn’t the only one that was thinking this way on a glorious, typically sunny Nelson afternoon.

No, it turned out to be us, and about 5 ~ 600 others had exactly the same idea, Good Fridays version of an “Indian Summer” ……

….had everyone out enjoying it. With such a low tide, I just had to see how far you could walk out….

and if you check my Panoramio page here, you’ll see exactly what I mean, a fair distance to put it midly.

So don’t forget, today around 4pm and tomorrow Sunday about 4:45pm, there are very low tides late each afternoon, head on down and experience it for yourself. Even saw some folk swimming, must be from Invercargill I reckon? 🙂

Many more NELSON PHOTOs over at my www.Pan0ramio.com page

Searching for Stoke – Nelson properties

March 12th, 2012

If you are not a local and are using the web to search for a property in Stoke, Nelson then you need to read this.

The good news is that this lesson it won’t take long at all.

First up, www.realestate.co.nz

...heres the realestate.co.nz search bar.......

if you select Nelson & Bays, then Nelson for the town…….

check all of these highlighted ones....

you’ll get a dropdown  list like I’ve depicted above..

...and these too...

just make sure you search the highlighted suburbs, now www.summit.co.nz,

the Summit.co.nz site makes it quite easy actually...

…..to ensure you cover all the areas of Stoke.

www.nzrealtors.co.nz is there to help your search too

The NZ Realtors group to which Summit Real Estate belong also have a site you can use, and need to search just the four suburbs high-lighted above to conclude your search.

Trade-me also offers up a selection of suburbs again adding a few more to the mix, but obviously on account

some repeats here from above ... just check them all out

of some having zero listings, most people aren’t aware of them, you just need to check them all.

In case you are wondering where all these suburbs names are, hopefully this takeout of the Summit map will help.


Weekly News in Nelson Bays Region….PART II

Feb 28 2012

As I mentioned last week there’s ways, other than just reading here or my twitter feed,  that you can keep up to date with happenings in the Nelson bays region of New Zealand.

First up its the paper that heralds itself on “only good news reporting”, perhaps a first in newspaper publishing?

The Nelson Weekly (click link below for latest edition)

The Nelson Weekly is delivered free to householder letterboxes each week.

Not forgetting our southern cousins, next up for free public consumption is the Waimea Weekly,

The Waimea Weekly – click below for latest edition

actually a paper that was started before the Nelson Weekly….The Waimea Weekly was the original in the region that proudly proclaiming itself to be all about “good news.”

Enjoy your reading.

Weekly News in Nelson Bays Region….

Feb 23rd, 2012

Sometimes just reading a Newspaper in the age old format is easier than trying to do exactly the same online.

Every week in Nelson, Richmond and Motueka a free paper is produced and distributed to householder letterboxes.

If you want to Keep up to date with happenings, be they News, social or just public type issues, then you could do worse than catch up with these newspaper replicates online.

The Nelson Leader, published each Thursday

The Richmond (& Waimea) Leader, also published each Thursday

The Motueka Golden Bay News, again, published each Thursday.