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Is Pinterest of value to a Real Estate agent?

August 20th, 2013

I tend to believe the use of this product in real estate is of more benefit to out of town buyers than locals.

If someone is unfamiliar with an area, 10-15 listing photos are required to capture just enough of the home and grounds alone, there isn’t really any space to detail / illustrate with photos the area the home is in.

I have just finished a folder on Pinterest for Nelsons little seaside secret suburb, Monaco.

Google Maps Monaco-Nelson

This here above, is the general layout re Google Maps.

pinterest monaco  (Small)

And if you are interested to find out more about Stokes little seaside secret suburb, Monaco…..just click here.

Quick, you’ve only got a few hours to take a photo….

June 23rd 2013

(aka Most Important Week for RE Photography in NZ?)

Yes it is because its the week that includes the shortest day, last Friday here down-under in New Zealand.

Why that is important is because it is also the time when the sun is at its most northerly, and lowest of the whole year.

And why is that important you ask;

for that day in the future when you want to move / sell and can display 100% accurately to any potential buyer … the photos of your property / residence depicting where and when the sun exactly hits the home on these cooler mornings / days.

If you’re not sure what I mean, rather than repeat myself again…check out these past posts on the subject.

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Ironically enough if you are in the Northern hemisphere, then its just as relavant for the opposite reason!

REFs Choice Jan 28th 2013

….any differences here

….when compared to this below……

quite obvious really isn’t, and no its got nothing to do with the age of the kitchen or appliances.

Don’t forget the point of photographs for a property listing on the internet is not just to depict what is there, BUT more importantly to showcase the property / get a buyer excited about it /convince a browser/buyer to make the effort to either phone or visit said property.

Looking at the photos above what would be your first thoughts?

Ringing in my ears, I hear someome saying “First impresssions………”

Amazing storm last night…

Jan 7th 2013

Rainbow + Lightning from Sunday Night

Sure reminded me of living in Brisbane back in the early eighties. Wow.

From tonights TV1 News

And double wow….although this was a screenshot from tonights TV news.

If you’re at all interested…..plenty more photos over here at nelsonians life.