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August 2012 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

SEPT 12th 2012 ( NEW FORMAT )

A bit late in reporting this month….but there are genuine reasons folks.

Given that, I have decided from here on in, there will be a change to the format of this monthly report that I have been providing to you, for years, on the Nelson Property Market.

Nelson Property Update August 2012

Henceforth this little ditty here is gonna be about charts, not a lot of comment from me. I’m quite busy helping folk buy & sell in Nelson as it is, so best I let others who have a lot more spare time than me…..comment on the local Nelson market.

This month REINZ, that’s the Real Estate Institute of NZ, report that;

For the month of August, Nelson/Marlborough recorded the highest lift in prices for the month with an increase of 9.6%, followed by Taranaki with 7.3%, and Southland with 5.9%.

That’s it.

NZs most comprehensive real estate website for property buyers and sellers, www.realestate.co.nz published the NZ Property Report covering the month of August 2012 recently, and in a breakdown this is what it said about Nelson.

Obviously the above chart is about Property Asking Prices across the whole country, and Nelson I’ve highlighted in green for your edification.

Next up is the chart covering the amount/percentage (“volume”) of new properties coming onto the market….

For my 2 cents worth as I have harped on here about many times before…a tad of stability isn’t exactly a bad thing in these times.

And because its been a busy day there’s just time for one more chart tonight….

…and this one tells you…in a sort of approximate way….how long “on average” it would take to sell your local property….were you to take it to the market in this specified time frame.

If you want to know more, then I suspect you know what to do….email me, or pick up the phone I guess.

If not….turn the page.

Mortgage Rates favouring First Time Buyers..

June 15th 2012

Nice to be able to write a headline like the above one, because its not always been the case, especially so in the Nelson region.

Coincide that with a seemingly more competitive lending environment, along with the ability to use some of your Kiwi-saver savings,  and the continuation of Welcome Home loans,  the decision by Dr Bollard this week to maintain New Zealands 2.5% official cash rate should be welcomed by anyone looking to buy their first home and lock in a reasonably priced mortgage. And dare I say it, good prospects for capital growth in New Zealands sunshine capital.

And just perhaps if a Nelson region property is on your desired list you should read the article (The Nelson Mail June 13th 2012) whose headline I have placed above.

‘‘Now is a good time for two reasons. No 1 because interest rates are so low and No 2 because the upward leg of the house price cycle is only just restarting – meaning in two years’ time, even if interest rates are at the same level, I expect house prices to be higher. Therefore, it’s better to be a first-time home buyer now than it is down the track.’’

The above quote from the article summarises a couple of favourable reasons to consider the move, even a glimpse at recent Paymark figures, indicates Nelsonians are feeling better about themselves.

However to put it plainly, those whom desire to enter the first rung of the property ladder, could do worse than ponder this Business Day article written by Martin Hawes a few weeks back.

Property Sellers, be aware of this….

At least three local companies are offering “you pay for your feature advertising in the weekly press/paper” and then, …..”when  the property sells” we’ll refund you what you spent.

And, what – after a typical 3 mth agency, if the property doesn’t sell, and the property owner has spent $2 ~ 3,000??

.....truly folks, would you REALLY want your photo amongst this lot?

Really good advice to you Mr/Mrs Seller. here….is BEFORE you list your property……visit your local property press / media weekly advertising medium and ask yourself this question………

Prefice the situation depicted above! ……as in, would I really like my property to be one featured on this sample 2012 Nelson page????

Ask yourself….

How did half the properties on that page get themselves into that situation, because I am sure there are at the very least, 4 (well from this Feb 2012 page at least)  pretty unhappy campers (all with their very own personal stories) who were told an appraised selling price of $x…but now…for some reason 4 out of 8 of them are experiencing something they don’t want to.

Well you have decided to go to market at $XXX, but now…hmm looks like the table is turning. Make sure you don’t get caught like this is all I’m saying?

And around about now……. such a normal property owner would more than likely be thinking, even seriously considering……….hmmm, this hasn’t worked out so far has it…….just like any normal human would think…….I think I want a change……what to do next?

Change agencies, surely that’ll give the product a very practical & important refresh, a new platform, new attention, different focus / audience /  positioning and perhaps in to the bargain….a newly enthused team of agents, etc…..BUT WAIT……there is just this simple matter of thousands of dollars already spent….”and if we change agencies”….well, we won’t get a cent back….will we??

Well what you have just stated is exactly the intention of someone trying to get you into a “contract period” by this method. Think about it?

I could go on for paragraphs about this, but I won’t because like last time………there is the chance that it would be deemed “unprofessional”……and just like last time…….the local paper will pick up on it….and yes, again, just like last time…….I’ll be in a mighty lot of trouble with real estate company directors!

No, please sellers, think thrice before you commence an agency contract based on this type of strategy.

Our company “DaySheet”, the daily “bible” sheet distributed to company offices/sales people shows that yesterday, Summit in the Nelson region (whom I am an independent contractor for) had 10 properties go unconditional on the one day (yesterday 27th March 2012) …… add into that my 2 unconditionals from today, and we have at the very least, 12 SOLDs in 48 hours.

(Perhaps, in our companies case, it could be suggested this type of result amply demonstrates the “power of the team” ….but that sounds kind of simplistic without trying to make it sound that way…..and that’s just my own personal opinion showing through anyway)

Surely a seller should do one thing up front, invest more time in selecting an agent / co to assist with aiding them to get the best premium possible for their, in most cases, most expensively prized asset that they possess …….than (well I’ve seen this in real time) they would typical invest in buying a microwave or big screen LED TV?

And that folks …… that is all I ask.



Serendipity strikes tonight – here I am reading the local paper online at 10:30pm ….and look here.

Power! …….Real Power to the People

Jan 14th, 2011

Remember this……

What Time is it Mr......? ........its Hammer Time

What Time is it Mr......? ........its Hammer Time (click to see what I mean)

…I’m sure many of you do.

With the advent of the Internet and Youtube, everyone of any age gets to see it too.

And its all about POWER.

You too should be concerned about power….not just because of constantly changing (ooophs I think its termed “fluctuating”) prices.


......many big numbers here.......

......many big numbers here.......

Because back then POWER was important.

You know what …..POWER is important today….and just to prove that to you…..read on ……

...much mulla to be expended....but thats our mulla too dont forget....

...much mulla to be expended....but thats our mulla too don't forget....

According to New Zealands main source (no pun intended) there’s billions to be spent on NZ’s electricity infrastructure….and its happening right now.

But why does that matter…….?

Well it matters……if you are buying a property outside of a metro centre then you most definitely need to be aware of whats going down!

Mainly on account of the fact that it might just affect that lifestyle property you are about to buy………. and have decided…………after conversations about preparing an “unconditional cash offer” on the property………because you will be seen by the properties owners….the vendors ….in the “best light”…..TO….maybe bypass a LIM or chk of the Council files.


surprisingly enough........its called The Grid

You might not have to worry about that…..and you can proceed with your offer….BUT ONLY after you have checked out this site.

1960s is so last.........hmmm........long time.....

1960's is so last.........hmmm........long time.....

And when you consider ….mentions like …”since 1960…” then unless you are planning to live in your new location for an equivalent 50 years or so…..maybe you too, should take notice of what this is all about.


Although I have made comments above to the effect that I may have suggested in any way that you could bypass “an experts” opinion…..that was just my educated guess….coming from my own background. Were you to make a property decision…..one that could involve much money….perhaps thousands of your savings/investments/previous home equity/et al….please ensure that you involve a professional to bring their educational and professional opinion to the “table.”


Article’s Original Source – www.REINZ.co.nz




Site offering QV free rating valuation reports

November 26th, 2010

Unfortunately for once, buyers of Nelson real estate, or Tasman or Marlborough miss out! In fact the whole “Top of the South” isn’t included.

However if your home, or the one you are looking to buy does reside in one of these territorial authority zones listed below, you’re in luck and can get a free QV report now.

...for a limited time.....

...for a limited time.....

Fortunately there is a reasonably long list of participating councils, and they are;

• Far North District
• Waimate District
• Upper Hutt City
• Gore District
• Hastings District
• Manawatu District
• Whakatane District
• Dunedin City
• Otorohunga District
• Buller District
• Porirua City
• Hurunui District
• Opotiki District
• New Plymouth District
• Central Otago District
• Wanganui District
• Hutt City

If you’d like to find out more here’s the terms and conditions page over at the site, and how to get started.

According to the dates on this webpage it would appear that this promo runs for the period September 2010 ~ January 2011.

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