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Now theres a novel thought…?

October 9th, 2014

In light of the serious ongoing discussions in the Australian Real Estate market over office charges, comes – well especially after the multi-billion dollar US Real Estate Portal merger… this below  statement.


There are plenty of voices over their who have a point of view on it too

Far from the worry some are mentioning is the fact that any such large spend will expect a payback….and everyone is bandying around 2014’s new catchword “disruptive” as a way of describing something that could be a game changer. Admittedly we here in NZ are more like Australia and the UK in our buyer / seller relationships, and this is quite different than the MLS centric situation the US finds itself in.


Well moving forward ….

Heres the article,

Makes you feel great to be a Kiwi … and having such forward thinking folk in our own industry, because years ago the NZ real estate industry already started down this path….

And it looks like its started.


… feels like a touch of “seen this before…..”

March 2013 Nelson Sales data released this afternoon…

April 11th, 2013

This afternoon March 2013 Sales figures have come out. According to the Real Estate Institute of NZs local representative, as far as the Nelson market was concerned;

The median price across the region rose by $13,500 (+4.1%) compared to March 2012, with prices in Richmond and Motueka rising the fastest. Compared to February the median price increased by $9,500 (+2.8%) with prices falling in Motueka but stable in Richmond.
Sales volume compared to February was 22% higher with notable increases in Richmond and Motueka. Compared to March 2012 sales volumes increased by almost 10% with sales in Richmond up 76% and up 15.4% in Nelson City.
The number of days to sell remained steady at 40 days compared to February and eased by five days compared to March 2012. Over the past 10 years the median number of days to sell in February across the region has been 38 days.
REINZ Chief Executive, Helen O’Sullivan commented that “the Nelson market continues to suffer from a shortage of listings with buyer demand outstripping the supply of listings. Despite that first home buyers are active in the market along with some investors looking to buy while interest rates remain low.”
The median price trend continues to improve, although the volume and days to sell trends remain sideways. The overall trend for the region has now eased to sideways.

I’ll report fully in the next few days, its getting busy again.

REFs Choice Jan 28th 2013

….any differences here

….when compared to this below……

quite obvious really isn’t, and no its got nothing to do with the age of the kitchen or appliances.

Don’t forget the point of photographs for a property listing on the internet is not just to depict what is there, BUT more importantly to showcase the property / get a buyer excited about it /convince a browser/buyer to make the effort to either phone or visit said property.

Looking at the photos above what would be your first thoughts?

Ringing in my ears, I hear someome saying “First impresssions………”

Is Nelson Unique in New Zealand?

December 4th, 2012

Check out this chart that I have “borrowed” from the NZ Property Investors Association national magazine…

IMAGE – Courtesy NZ Property Investors Magazine

…and then tell me what you think? (Like all my pics, click on it it for higher res image – its easier to read for “boomers” like me.)

The stats come from Statistics NZ, but thanks to the NZ Property Investors Mag I don’t have to go there and compile them tonight.

Like usual though….if you wanna know more, or more importantly, want to know how to interept these stats in the context of our Dec 2012 Nelson real estate market.. …you know who to call.

2012 Nelson Rateable Valuations out….

November 15th 2012

Any day now you’ll be receiving a letter in the mail telling you about the updated 2012 CV (Capital Value) of your Nelson City property.

If you are curious right now though…. (re all images  below – if you can’t see them clearly, then just click on them to see full size versions)


..head on over to the Nelson City Councils “rates search” section and type in your address at the screen that looks like the one above.

If the councils search engine decides that it can’t 100% work out your address, it often times springs up a multiple choice like this one above.

Just select your address…..and you’ll be put through to the “rates screen” where you can see the CV components and rates for the applicable property.

You’ll also notice on this screen that the info under “Valuations” shows the Valuation Date as 1/09/09, the last time it was completed. On the first line below the big Rates word, you’ll notice the words I have highlighted above …. (Next Year – 2013 / 14) – click on this hyperlink and all will be revealed.

…and indeed you’ll also note that the Valuation Date is now updated to 1/09/12. Typing in a few sample properties today has returned pretty much what council mentioned earlier, increases in the magnitude of approx. 5% in properties CVs.