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Worlds Biggest “FOR SALE” sign, in Nelson?

Sept 26th 2013

Well, you tell me….


…..compared to a normal For Sale sign… (can you see it yet? Hint; centre of photo) …


…this one does certainly look “kind of big.”


Feeling assured the instigator wanted to appear “higher up”, thought I better go ahead and do the double check, Google Earth, but the only photo there…….


….other than the normal aerial perspective above….

view from Atmore

…is a fantastic panorama shot by a chap by the name of David Leggott. 🙂

If its not sold soon. then perhaps it may show up in the next Google Earth update?

UPDATE 6:33pm – just spoke to the owner on the phone, definitely very interested in a sale….if you’re interested give me, David Leggott that is, a call/txt/email.

August 2013 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

Sept 16th 2013

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand has just released the Sold figures for the month that was August 2013.

Highlights of the month reported were;

  • 6,548 houses sold in August 2013, up 8.5% on August 2012
  • New median high price in Nelson/Marlborough; Canterbury/Westland back at its median high
  • National Stratified House Price Index has reached a new record high; Auckland House Price Index also hit new high and is up 17.9% over August 2012
  • 1,416 houses sold by auction, representing 21.6% of all sales in August.
  • Market continues to experience significant shortages of listings

REINZ report that Nelson regions data shows;

The median price across the region rose by $36,500 (+11.1%) compared to August 2012 to reach a new all time high. Prices rose more than 20% in Nelson, although eased elsewhere across the region. Compared to July the median price increased by $21,500 (+6.2%) with prices rising in Nelson and Richmond but easing elsewhere.
Sales volume compared to August 2012 was 1% higher with a 50% increase in Richmond, but a 40% fall in Motueka. Compared to July sales volumes fell 5.1% with falls in Nelson City, Motueka and Marlborough/Kaikoura.
The number of days to sell improved by one day compared to July, from 42 days in July to 41 days in August. Compared to August 2012 the number of days to sell improved by five days. Over the past 10 years the average number of days to sell in August across the region has been 44 days.
REINZ Chief Executive, Helen O’Sullivan also noted that “the market remains active with first home buyers moving quickly. Investors have a noticeable presence in the market also meaning that overall activity has been good. Listings remain tight, limiting buyer choice, however, the market could be categorized as something of a sellers market at present.”
I should mention that although the REINZ CEO states plenty of activity in the first home buyer territory, I can tell you there was equally plenty of activity in the $450 – 600k price range too, a region not usually known for showing the kind of “days to sell” the chart above dictates. Just noticed that the Days to Sell didn’t print for the 5+ category, it was 32 days.

July 2013 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

Aug 12th 2013

REINZ released the sales figures for homes sold in July 2013 in NZ today, and at the same time, obviously that included Nelson City.

They say the local median is NZD$345,500 and by my calc’s I reckon $345,000, but hey….what’s $500 between friends?

Nelson Jul 13 stats

The chart tells you whats happening…and I can tell you from an “on the ground perspective” ….. all of a sudden, it seems to have got “real busy.” But that won’t matter if you aren’t in the market anyway. So if you are …just call.

May 2013 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

June 12th, 2013

The Real Estate Institute of NZ (REINZ) has just released this morning consolidated sales figures for properties sold NZ wide in May 2013.

Nelson City saw its median price creep up to $362,000. (REINZ – $362,250)

It was another busy month too, with 96 dwellings changes hands.

Sections sales were a steady 8 units.

The Auckland market still seems to be powering ahead of the rest of the country as the chart from QV NZ depicts. QV NZ report that Nelson City is up 3.9% in prices over the last 12 months, but only 2.9% overall since the 2007 market peak.

Locally the inventory levels in Nelson City seem to be definitely mirroring what is happen across other parts of the country….

SOURCE: www.realestate.co.nz (NZ Property Report May 2013)

…..and that is, as in Nelsons case above at 23 weeks, reducing. Be aware the above factoid takes into account the Tasman region too, so really is being a bit unfair on Nelson City in that aspect. And the Institutes CEO puts it like this

REINZ Chief Executive, Helen O’Sullivan noted that “both investors and first home buyers are active in the market, and vendors remain well informed about the market. However, the region is seeing an increasing shortage of listings for properties in the $250,000 – $400,000 bracket, the most active part of the market.”
Exactly how it feels out there on the street.

April 2013 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

May 13th, 2013

The Real Estate Institute of NZ (REINZ) has just released consolidated sales figures for properties sold NZ wide in April 2013.

Although the Nelson/Marlborough region saw a drop in median price to $339, 000 from last months $350,000, part of that could have been attributed to the large amount of new listings coming to market, offering buyers much more choice than usual.

As I mentioned, anecdotally wise,  in last months review…

“local conveyancers report (ed) this week that March was busy, and 2 mentioned it still seemed to be the same for the start of April.”

So it was with Nelson recording 105 property sales in April, matching March 2013s number exactly.

In the Institutes regional commentary;

Sales volume compared to April 2012 was 34% higher with an almost doubling of sales in Nelson City and strong increases in Richmond and Motueka. Compared to March sales volumes fell by 14% with sales flat in Nelson City, but falling elsewhere across the region.

The number of days to sell improved by five days compared to March, from 40 days in March to 35 days in April. Compared to April 2012 the number of days to sell improved by eight days. Over the past 10 years the median number of days to sell in April across the region has been 40 days.

In comparision to the above informations, DOM (Days on Market) for Nelson City dropped 2 days as an average from 32 to 30 days.

However the standout takeout from this months charts is that Nelson sold twice as much (105 Vs 55) properties in April 2013 as it did in April 2012.

By itself its an interesting figure, and not too much to worry about….more worrying for home buyers is the headline of Tony Alexanders latest 13th May 2013 BNZ-REINZ Residential Market Survey

Lots of buyers, fewer vendors.
Many in Real Estate have seen this before.

And that friends, that was the month that was, April 2013.