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New Zealand is, well actually has been now for a while…

……the perfect test case.

This I recall from my IT days chatting with project folk from the major companies, even when it was something that wasn’t the most popular thing, NZ was, they recanted, just a perfect “test case” situation. Another likened it in these words…..as a “control” experience for his company.


Well, from what I was told…it went like this……….

1] english speaking country

2] accustomed to most / easily adjustable, even taking local customs into account, to Australia / Canada / USA / UK, and hence scalable …..

3] the ability to “test market” anything for a pittance of what it would cost to do “the same” in one of the countries named in no. 2 above

4] plenty of other “not at first glance” obvious reasons…..

….and that precisely brings me to this…….

CREDIT – http://www.webpronews.com

many media sites are reporting tonight, like the ole days of IT, that Google Maps will deliver “live traffic” updates to 3 countries, us, Hong Kong, and Norway.

So good on you Google – well done…can’t wait to try this out.

And while I’m at it on the subject of driving in New Zealand – can I recommend all Kiwis check out the most excellent site here…..


It just makes this new road rule change (thats due in about a week) so so so easy to comprehend and more importantly, understand.

GRAPHIC CREDIT – http://www.webpronews.com/google-maps-traffic-data-added-for-norway-new-zealand-hong-kong-2012-03



Weekly News in Nelson Bays Region….PART II

Feb 28 2012

As I mentioned last week there’s ways, other than just reading here or my twitter feed,  that you can keep up to date with happenings in the Nelson bays region of New Zealand.

First up its the paper that heralds itself on “only good news reporting”, perhaps a first in newspaper publishing?

The Nelson Weekly (click link below for latest edition)

The Nelson Weekly is delivered free to householder letterboxes each week.

Not forgetting our southern cousins, next up for free public consumption is the Waimea Weekly,

The Waimea Weekly – click below for latest edition

actually a paper that was started before the Nelson Weekly….The Waimea Weekly was the original in the region that proudly proclaiming itself to be all about “good news.”

Enjoy your reading.

Nelsonians – Rugby fanatics take note

June 27th, 2011

If you are going to post a comment in the media…….let alone write a syndicated article ……..watch what you say/write.

When I saw this, above “comment”, in the weekend, I got to thinking.

Then……..I just got plain annoyed? Why….well because the brevity that this “flippant” comment seemed to be passed off on….well it wasn’t justified, not in any single way.

Nelsonians, in case you weren’t already aware, well….we absolutely love our rugby.

Don’t forget NELSON was the spot in NEW ZEALAND where the 1st ever game of rugby was played, after CJ himself brought the ball from half a world away [in the days of steamships folks – he was a committed individual] from the mother country.

While I’m at it, can I also remind you readers that the Nelson Rugby Club was the FIRST RUGBY CLUB IN NEW ZEALAND.

Those couple of small incidental facts aside I have a point that I would like to make.


AUCKLAND – Eden Park seems to be (projected) about 60k

WELLINGTON – Caketin – see chart

CHCH – lets not go there at present (see chart)

DUNEDIN – yes a move is on the cards but recent history shows a crowd of….is possible (but see chart)


Here’s the CHART.

kind of self explanatory actually......

The blue bars are based on attendances, then considered against the population of each town, something that seems to have alluded Mr Hinton…

Can we definitely not be passed on so mildly …in a way that sounds like “locals” weren’t interested / involved in the events happening.

No dis-respect, but what can I say –  to Mr Hinton’s

….a disappointingly small crowd..


NOTE just in case you’re interested Aucklanders……the chart above does already reflect factor in a “projected” FULL CAPACITY scenario crowd at your new stadium.




Agents: your next Smartphone is….

Feb 11th, 2010

Would you like some Android with that……..

What a difference a year makes in the technology stakes department.

After exploding out of the gate in 2009, Android devices continue their astounding marketshare rampup.

Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System in 2010
(Thousands of Units)

Actually, if you check out the above graph, you can see that even application developers have no choice, on a purely business basis, to also join that march.

Gartner (Feb 2011) report;

In the smartphone operating system (OS) market, ”Android grew 888.8 percent in 2010 and moved to the No. 2 position. Android sales in the fourth quarter of 2010 continued to be driven by broad availability of many high-end products from HTC (Desire range, Incredible and EVO), Samsung (Galaxy S) and Motorola (Droid X, Droid 2).

Maybe iPhone 5 will change that, but something tells me, maybe ……

Question – Westpac & realestate.co.nz, ANZ, National Bank, NZPost, Kiwibank, etal plus others like FixmyStreet. ….. isn’t it about time for an Android version of your apps?

DISCLOSURE – I do not own an iPhone, I happen to be in the Samsung Galaxy space.

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9 Really Useful Android Apps for Mobile Real Estate Agents

Jan 29th, 2011

After holding on to my Palm Treo 650 for over 5 years (actually I’ve gone through 4 of them, 1 unfortunately met its end between the car & the car door – not a pretty sight) I’ve finally taken the plunge.

Every year I’d upgrade to the latest fan-dangled unit, and although I’d try over 1-2 weeks to get the “hang of it”, each one just didn’t seem to offer what seemed to be the Treo’s ease of use and functionality. So I’d get rid of the new upgrade and find / source another T650. However Telecom are going to shutter the CDMA network soon so this time I was under a bit more pressure to upgrade to XT.

So with the arrival of the Galaxy I thought I’d give it a good go this time around. Lo and behold I was surprised….its a delight to use and so far I’m loving it. I still long for the ease of use of the Treo when it comes to texting or inputting characters, but most other things work well.

In light of my experience, & perhaps the shuttering of the old network it set me wondering whether there might be some other baby boomers out there going through a similar experience.

With this in mind, I thought it pertinent to cobble together the most helpful apps  I’m using and let you know about them…so that if you were to upgrade to an Android phone you too, could hopefully see & experience some tangible benefits. Here we go….

Sun Board

Great little app that displays via an overlay over a Google Map, where the sun rises and sets, where it is now….winter & summer sunshine rise and set angles……and

according the many apps sites from where you can download it…..

It can be used to
– plan photo shoots
– plan trips and holidays
– position flowers and plants on the sunny side
– choose a real estate
– calibrate orientation and inclination of solar panels
– estimate exposure to sunlight

Click on Image above for further details.


As the English say in the UK “where is the South….”

So it is down under, all home buyers are always asking “where is north?”


If you are a bit geographically challenged then this is a quick & simple program that does just what you think it will do.

For Nelson we’re fortunate in that most locations are hemmed in, and you can practically always get a idea of a landmark somewhere, but appreciate it some really built up areas it might not be so easy. Could imagine that for an inner city apartment dweller, this would be quite a neat aid when viewing downtown apartments.

Spirit Level

Obvious one by its name……

for when you are asked “that doesn’t look right does it, is it level?”

Maps Ruler

Keeping in mind it’s as the “crow flies”, but you can change that and enter your own “track”…this tidy little app will do your measurements all for you.

And it definitely comes in handy every day.


Your intro to reading and sending tweets + photos from your phone.

Great App - use it every day

Great App – Click for further details

As well as this app Tweetcaster that I use, there’s also an official Twitter app and plenty of others too.

NZ Road Info

Unfortunately it doesn’t cover the whole of New Zealand at this stage, just traffic cam images from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Tauranga.

Click for more info

Click for more info

Still, if you live in one of these places and don’t prefer to purposely sit in the car for an unnecessary extended period, this site might just be worth a look.

Android Date Wheel

Helps if you are “chronologically impaired”….in a calendar type of way I mean.

Very handy when you are working out unconditional and possession dates for a buyer or seller.


28-01-2011 TideApp

So that you can ensure you co-incide your viewing inspection appointment with the High Tide. Not pretty because its not a graphical representation mainly just a list of numbers, but it does the job. Also assist with finding the right time of day to get fabulous listing photos of your new seaside/estuarine property.

Check it out here.

Dig The Planet

This is for when you get overseas folk asking that same old question every viewing appointment………   “If I I dug a hole here….where would I come out?

click for the download details

click for the download details

Ok, …..so its not really from the “useful” real estate agent section, but it is a fun one you must admit?

And there you have it.

To add to this there are plenty of mortgage assessment / calculators out there, and although not in New Zealand yet, plenty of Android Apps worldwide that allow you to search for property based on your GPS estimated location…..or so called “location aware” apps.

Android……says is now outselling the iPhone

I’m aware that realestate.co.nz has an iPhone app….but with US researchers like Gartner Inc’s comment above…… forecasting increasing Android uptake, it must only be a time factor until we see an equivalent Android one.

I’m sure there equivalents to these apps here in iPhoneland, however I have personally found these to all be really useful and quite relevant in day to day real estate work.

One thing I have come to appreciate on this Galaxy S / I9000 is the brightness of the fancy named Super-OMOLED screen, its brilliant when trying to read the screen outdoors in the especially sunny skies we are accustomed to here in Nelson.

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