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Searching for Stoke – Nelson properties

March 12th, 2012

If you are not a local and are using the web to search for a property in Stoke, Nelson then you need to read this.

The good news is that this lesson it won’t take long at all.

First up, www.realestate.co.nz

...heres the realestate.co.nz search bar.......

if you select Nelson & Bays, then Nelson for the town…….

check all of these highlighted ones....

you’ll get a dropdown  list like I’ve depicted above..

...and these too...

just make sure you search the highlighted suburbs, now www.summit.co.nz,

the Summit.co.nz site makes it quite easy actually...

…..to ensure you cover all the areas of Stoke.

www.nzrealtors.co.nz is there to help your search too

The NZ Realtors group to which Summit Real Estate belong also have a site you can use, and need to search just the four suburbs high-lighted above to conclude your search.

Trade-me also offers up a selection of suburbs again adding a few more to the mix, but obviously on account

some repeats here from above ... just check them all out

of some having zero listings, most people aren’t aware of them, you just need to check them all.

In case you are wondering where all these suburbs names are, hopefully this takeout of the Summit map will help.


Weekly News in Nelson Bays Region….PART II

Feb 28 2012

As I mentioned last week there’s ways, other than just reading here or my twitter feed,  that you can keep up to date with happenings in the Nelson bays region of New Zealand.

First up its the paper that heralds itself on “only good news reporting”, perhaps a first in newspaper publishing?

The Nelson Weekly (click link below for latest edition)

The Nelson Weekly is delivered free to householder letterboxes each week.

Not forgetting our southern cousins, next up for free public consumption is the Waimea Weekly,

The Waimea Weekly – click below for latest edition

actually a paper that was started before the Nelson Weekly….The Waimea Weekly was the original in the region that proudly proclaiming itself to be all about “good news.”

Enjoy your reading.

Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Nelson….

Feb 01, 2012 (UPDATED 20:35hrs 3rd FEB 2012 – see below)

Queensland Agents, so say the recent reports in the Brisbane Courier Mail by David Koch, are suggesting his story as “half koched”….

Much todo across the ditch in the last week with Australian financial adviser and breakfast TV presenter, David Koch….

…..finding himself at loggerheads with many Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Real Estate Agents.

And yes, there is certainly some relevance this side of the ditch.

We see Kiwis selling up, sometimes their lifetime savings, and making a move across the Tasman. Many times its baby boomers, moving to the sun….hmmm that sounds familiar?

Surprisingly, something that they also do in NZ.

And we all know where they are heading in NZ if its sunshine they want, don’t we?

So what could they possibly be so upset at?

Seems these charts are telling a story…..whose interpretation, Kochies its seems, that they don’t agree with.

Well, here’s the charts….

Gold Coast - Residential

Gold Coast

Sunshine Coast - Residential

Sunshine Coast

Nelson City - Residential

…..oh and a quick little one I knocked up regarding Nelson, over the same period the earlier charts cover.

For the above Nelson chart, blue represents the median $ price, and the grey bars display the units (“count”) sold per period.


Want to make up your own mind up?

One really noticeable item is the volume figures, and its interesting to note that in Nelsons case, we literally finish off where we started off, something that can’t be said for our friends across the ditch.

Head on over to the article itself right here.

Related – previous David Koch article housing related … and back in May 2011.


UPDATE Friday 3rd Feb 2012

Man give those Ozzies an inch and….things appear to really be heating up in different Gold Coast quarters.

How much? 41 responses / comments in 24hrs wise.


Little big plane now has a big big brother

Checking out the “flight-line” at Everett Field this past week, I noticed something unusual.

At first I thought who the heck, in this age of multi colour, would paint an airplane black.

(Real Estate relevance to this seemingly unrelated story – coming up…..)

Then after a couple of seconds it sunk in. ZK-OKQ sounds very much like a New Zealand rego.


Remember these planes above from NZ’s recent Rugby World Cup. (click here to be taken to the site to see the FULL SIZE version of this “perfect timing” photo of each airlines tribute plane in this great shot from Colin Hunter)

After the very choreographed new Allblacks RWC2011 BLACK Airbus 320 (ZK-OAB) introduction some time back, it seems that another three Beech 1900D from Air New Zealand partner, link airline Eagle Air have also been painted to commemorate our winning rugby team.

But the trump card comes this week with the unveiling of the largest commercial airliner to date, that has been painted with over 700 lit ( 700 liters ) of black paint.

And according to past legends of NZ Rugby;

……(it) looked “sensational” and would “really turn heads” at airports around the world.

Expect the usual Air NZ treatment when she arrives, and I for one am hopeing for once, that TV1, 2, 3, 4 or someone decides to pick up the expected continuous live feed.

After all folks, even though Air New Zealand does have over 100 aircraft, including already 12 B777’s this is a $200 million dollar investment in New Zealand. And lets not forget Boeings latest incantation, the B777-300 (the cuddle class things) Air NZ has 4, and at an average  age of less than 12 mths they are some the newest planes in the longhaul world. We need these big fellows to economically cover the sort of distances than NZ, being at the bottom of the world downunder demands.

Ooophs nearly forgot ~ the real estate relevance.

There are two really important demographics that an airline like Air NZ should correctly target. No. 1 are those from abroad for whom, but not always, after visiting Godsown….want to live here….and then there are returning Kiwis, for whom and lets not forget this small but significant point, the “ease of regular travel back home” is high on their list of desires.

On top of this there will be the aging ex-pat boomers who long for home (not forgetting NZ has the 2nd most highest ex-pat population in the World, behind Ireland)

And in case you are still wondering, as NZ’s sunshine capital, Nelson has more than just a little bit to benefit from this traffic.

Air New Zealand RELATED UPDATE 21-12-2011

Air New Zealand has just been granted type design ­approval for 330min extended operations (ETOPs) for its Boeing 777-300ER twinjets. This is also important because it could potentially mean even shorter trips on these planes over their longest ocean legs.





Australia the new Smartphone ruler

Sept 9th, 2011

Most, if not all IT show visitors, IT forecasters, IT sellers -> -> and filtering all the way down the supply chain to your local electronics store/supplier… ….seem to believe the world starts in America, well just after Japan / Far East Asia that is. Thus for them, it follows that if the product was this successful in USA / the uptake was this percentage, then do the maths and the NZ or Australian market will take / sell this many units.

Here to tell you, this just might not be correct!

Here in NZ, realestate.co.nz has successfully impacted on Kiwi’s technology uptake with the launch of its Smartphone iPhone GIS property browsing app. (hopefully soon to be joined by an Android version)….and has been pleasantly surprised at its surprisingly fast take-up.

But what if we here down-under led the world in utilisaltion of this type of technology?

Could it just be that same antipodean spirit that still has us Kiwi’s renown in Sydney, London, New York as ambitious, “long hours working” industrious employees?

Sir Steven Tindall, Warehouse founder and KEA, issued a point last year …

New Zealand has the most globally dispersed population in the OECD with a staggering 25% of our highly skilled population living off shore.

As has been broadcast for ages, the fact “that we are so far from anywhere” gives us somewhere to “hang our hat” when looking for reasons. Hey…we also don’t have to look far to see plenty of examples, like ones I’ve previously documented on this blog already!

Everyone has friends and family offshore and likes to keep in contact.

And its by no means, a new trend…..John Mulgan wrote Man Alone, a NZ classic, where he put it this way in the book Report on Experience ♣ (1947) of New Zealanders’ propensity for travel, and their need to return;

‘They come from the most beautiful country in the world, but it is a small country and very remote. After a while this isolation oppresses them and they go abroad. They roam the world looking not for adventure but for satisfaction. They run service cars in Iraq, goldmines in Nevada, or newspapers in Fleet Street. They are a queer, lost, eccentric, pervading people who will seldom admit to the deep desire that is in all of them to go home and live quietly in New Zealand again.’ (pp. 3-4)

So maybe all of this goes partly to explain the breaking news delivered in last Saturday week, Daily Telegraph…

…..under the headline “Smart Aussie call on Phones.”

That puts us well ahead of the US and the UK, where smartphone users make up only about 30 per cent of all mobile phone users.

Research from retail analyst firm GfK highlights just how quickly Australians are dropping their standard phones for new feature-packed models.

Sales of smartphones only outstripped regular phones for the first time during the first three months of the year. But, during the following three-month period to June this year, for every regular phone sold there were two smartphones sold.

This news means that by following the so called “worldwide” (read heavily USA based) stats /sales histories of mobile related apps / phones / plans / trends, many in Australia & New Zealand aren’t getting the full picture, and are potentially stymieing their channel or their business……let alone the opportunity that this rapid local uptake presents for new developer business. Anyone remember Derek and Geoff Handley’s multi-million dollar Hyperfactory sale last year??

My point.

With real estate being one of the more regularly used apps locally, we here down-under must continue to ensure we  are world leaders here. (because our usage is)  So, don’t just look at what has happened in the US or the UK, or even Tokyo. No design here needs to maintain a cutting edge, to be some of the best realestate app software in the world, do it down-under (local users are obviously demanding it!) and then take that to the world.

My secondary point.

This untapped ex-pat population aids both Australia & NZ in terms of our own organic real estate market, assisting to buffer each country in harder “real estate” times. These softer times, eg; GFC….are times when Kiwis and Aussies think of returning home too…..and this surely has an effect on things. I would hazard a guess that a greater percentage of these returning ex-pats “buy into” the local real estate scene more so than “normal migrants”…certainly faster anyway.

Last outside view – looking in point.

NZ pollies better get it right with the current future predictions for UFB rollout, 4-5G, ex CDMA bandwidth auction, and further…..because it will matter in coming years….especially down-under. And if their predictions / potential trends based on overseas experience…..then really there is only one country they should look to – Australia.  And why….if you want to see how liberated the average Aussie smartphone user feels….just check out their rates.


NZ ex-pats, second highest percentage in the world

The World, 4 degrees warmer…..

SOURCE – “Smart Aussie call on Phones” The Daily Telegraph Sydney Saturday 27th August 2011