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Now theres a novel thought…?

October 9th, 2014

In light of the serious ongoing discussions in the Australian Real Estate market over office charges, comes – well especially after the multi-billion dollar US Real Estate Portal merger… this below  statement.


There are plenty of voices over their who have a point of view on it too

Far from the worry some are mentioning is the fact that any such large spend will expect a payback….and everyone is bandying around 2014’s new catchword “disruptive” as a way of describing something that could be a game changer. Admittedly we here in NZ are more like Australia and the UK in our buyer / seller relationships, and this is quite different than the MLS centric situation the US finds itself in.


Well moving forward ….

Heres the article,

Makes you feel great to be a Kiwi … and having such forward thinking folk in our own industry, because years ago the NZ real estate industry already started down this path….

And it looks like its started.


… feels like a touch of “seen this before…..”

Excitement down at the Port last night

August 10th, 2011

For the last few weeks I’d noticed some newly constructed / assembled expensive infrastructure adjacent the ferry departure point…

….nearby where the Sealord Rescue unit is based on Wakefield Quay.

At first glance, it appeared to be the sort of structure that wouldn’t give you much change out a few hundred thousand big ones.

And sure….it got me thinking, what is this all about?

Now Fush & Chups is something I have about once every 5~ 6 mths, and tonight….well…. time was up….I informed my wife that was exactly what I felt like. So after searching on the Samsung Galaxy this evening (“no I don’t have them on fastdial!”) I gave the Fisho’s down at the Quay a call, and booked up a takeaway meal for 20 minutes hence.

Arriving down there after the sun had just gone down, (’twas tempted to send a pic into Jim) it always looks good…..but when I got there…..something else caught my eye.

Unusual visitor to the Quay I thought.......

In the waning evening dusk light, I could make out quite a few extra people, and that much activity down here on a Tuesday night certainly isn’t usual, not withstanding a large ship coming in to dock. No…this Vanguard Rescue boat certainly stood out. It had me doing maths too……printed on its side it said “60- persons.”

Looking around further….no it certainly didn’t appear that any container or logging ship had lost its rescue lifeboat unit either.

Well by now my curiosity was well and truly ………seriously pipped. (Wasn’t helped by the fact that 5 other humans were running around, trying to get “best angles” to take photos) including at least one of those aforementioned folk’s in respective “dayglo’s”…

Although those folks flying on the jet above to Chch didn't realise it....I think this was an important moment for Nelson

So cue the obligatory video……

…and other photos taken tonight…..

…and await the Nelson Mail to report back in the coming days what this is all about.

Sure I could have asked around….but hey, I had a meal of F & C’s waiting….and I could smell it!

But to me….it sure looks like this was going to translate into good news for local folk.

My suspicions are that NMIT have another course, or an extension to a current one planned. One that requires just a bit more “in depth” training.

Then again, with the blessing of the fleet just around the corner…maybe this could be a “timing “issue.

Ok…but whats the real estate relevance of all this stuff?

Well….actually it comes down to people really.

If you aren’t aware of this, then it probably because just you haven’t read any of my previous blogposts here, where I’ve attempted to try and show outsiders a perspective to the three local, and crucial industries that are said to drive Nelson…….the three “F’s”…..Fruit, Fishing and Forestry.

And employment.

Those with jobs, ones with future prospects, those ones are always keen to “lay down some roots” and in that scenario….real estate is at most times, one of the first, at least some where down the chain ….. the de-facto winner.

UPDATE – AUGUST 11th 2011

As predicted the Nelson Mail has helped me out, and updated the story, turns out it is part of an official NMIT sponsored course, and that Nelsonians will become accustomed to seeing it, (the orange vessel that is) as;

“……..it will soon become a regular sight in Nelson Haven as it is used to train students so that lives will be saved.”

….and just to show that I wasn’t too far off on my costings mentioned above in my blog post….

The boat and davits, made in China and supplied by a Singapore company, have cost the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology about $180,000.

….and regarding the fact that Tuesday night was important down at the port in Nelson….

The boat was lifted on to the davits on Tuesday night. Once its commissioning was completed it would probably be seen in the water about once every three weeks as groups of students went through their training, Captain Walker said.

You can read the full article over here at the Nelson Mail website.

REAA; 11% of NZ Agents didn’t renew

May 11th, 2011

The Real Estate Agents Authority have just released their latest update.

One of the charts contained within the May 2011 Newsletter to all licensees is this one here;


It depicts the fact that 11% of New Zealands Real Estate Agents relinquished their “ticket” this period, and did not renew it.

The Authorities Newsletter highlights this in saying;

1,532 licences with an expiry date of 31 March 2011 have not been renewed. These licensees were sent reminder emails and their employers were also contacted.

Aiding those in need, the REAA compassionately assisted 800 Christchurch licensees in renewing their annual licence, by allowing those licence holders to defer payment of the respective fees and levies until 30 September 2011.

Social Media – The Dark Side

December 16th, 2010

Who can forget Yoda’s immortal words in Star Wars Episode II : Attack of the Clones;

Hmmm. The Dark Side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is”

If you haven’t been hibernating for the last few years, then you’d be aware that after each round of interviews, many employers seek out a PC, and go “googling” or “facebooking” your name, or combinations. Increasing in frequency alongside this is the old detective trick of “looking up“ any writings on/from work associates at previous (or even current) employment locations.

IMAGE CREDIT - Razvan Caliman

IMAGE CREDIT - Razvan Caliman

Places like Trademe, Linked In, Plaxo, etc actively encourage interviewers to “develop an appetite” for such workmate / schoolmate linkings. Oftentimes its as simple as checking out whom a potential job candidate follows on Twitter or Facebook.

I’ve read comments on some sites like “a workmate is saying so and so” or “he/shes a real wally, a looser” or such.

If either the writer or the intended whom the writer is scribing about, are applying for a job through an interview process, then these comments plus any type of “associated” photo’s are quite illuminating indeed.

In fact from an interviewers point of view, I think the phrase is “time saving.” I’ve heard of one interviewer even glancing over which Facebook Groups a person publicly belongs too.

So along with all the fun of sharing exciting overseas trips, your best friends wedding, and last years family Xmas gathering……..you really should think twice about those “other” photos.

Don’t forget comments either.


Check out the box on the right hand side of this page if you are unsure what I’m talking about. (not my page and content varies considerably – some R18)

Maybe the poster thought it was amusing at the time……but dauntingly, thanks to the wonders of the internet, (eg: “mirror sites” in the news this week) those comments will be there to haunt you for a while longer now.

If you need a prime example then you need do no more than google “Candidate’s racy Facebook photos showed ‘lack of judgment’: B.C. NDP leader “ (NSFW)

The Real Estate Angle

I guess by now you are wondering what the heck this has to do with real estate.

Turns out…….lots.

If, after visiting 3 – 4 property managers to find a place to rent / let, then patiently waiting some days for an answer…..and finding out you missed out, yet again……perhaps those photos and that “colourful” language you used on what you thought was a private page just, may not have been such a good idea after all.

Landlords and Property Managers looking to find out a “little bit more” about any potential person who they are going to entrust with their 2 year old 3 bedroom $450,000 brick home…..well you too could do yourself a big favour by employing exactly the same methodology. All landlords would like to have a long term tenant who keeps the grounds tidy, looks after the inside of the home, treats the floor coverings like they would their own, etc.

From the look of some of the photos posted on sites like Facebook…..then it’s not surprising that upon seeing these, a potential future landlord may just have “second thoughts.”

Ringing in my ears is something I was told many years ago which still rings true to this day…..could almost be an interviewers mantra…..

watch what a person does not what they say

Sort of a counter intuitive (“reverse”) meaning of the following phrase “actions speak louder than words” really?

In the end….you don’t want to be disheartened with the whole rental thing…….its your retirement next egg after all…….and the last thing you want to be doing is running an advertisement like this;

….because it got too much and you just want to sell up, and investigate another type of investment.

Could definitely save some “heartache” in the long run.

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New Beer called STOKE launched in Stoke, Nelson

September 14th, 2010

You read that right, NZ now has a new beer named after the suburb where I grew up, live and work in.

Not just that, its brewed by none other than the next generation of the McCashins.

If that name might sound familiar too you, there is a reason.

Practically every Kiwi bloke has heard of, or tasted a beer called “Macs” that was also originally brewed in Stoke, Nelson.

NZ PM of the day Hon. Robert Muldoon with Terry McCashin at the Official Opening ....some time back...(click for more info)

NZ PM of the day Hon. Robert Muldoon with Terry McCashin at the Official Opening ....some time back...(click for more info)

TV3 reports that “We were warned by the then Prime Minister to be careful. He said, ‘do you know, young men, that you’re going up against the two big breweries in the country?’

We knew,” says original Mac’s brewer Jim Pollit.


Terry (McCashin) has been credited as starting the craft beer revolution in New Zealand. When he opened the brewery in 1981, the only other breweries were Lion Nathan and DB. In fact it had been so long since anyone else had applied for a brewing licence, that no one knew where to find the application forms.

....to the world

....to the world

Its made at the exact same spot where ex All Black Terry McCashin started a brewery decades ago, long before Lion Nathan brought out the Macs Ale brand name back in 1999.

if you see this roadside billboard in Main Rd SToke, youre probably just outside the new Stoke bottling plant

if you see this roadside billboard in Main Rd, Stoke, you're probably just outside the new Stoke bottling plant (click to enlarge)

A unique feature of this beer is that the water that goes into making it, is 14,000 years old!

Although only delivered Friday…………..the Nelson Mail with the below headline,

Nelson Mail - Monday 13th September 2010

Nelson Mail - Monday 13th September 2010

reported in Monday nights paper, that a selected local supermarket ……

…….had sold out of Stoke Dark and was also getting low on the amber and gold varieties.

Good news also, the McCashins told the local paper that at trade tastings “people were coming back for seconds and thirds…….”

According to the report, orders have been received from Australian and Canada, but Mrs McCashin told the reporter ….

“we want to fulfil the orders in New Zealand first.”

TV3 News also reported Monday night that;

Dean McCashin, (Terrys son) though, is reluctant to reveal what’s in the new creations.

“Just family recipes,” he says.

PHOTO CREDIT: McCashins Brewery

PHOTO CREDIT: McCashin's Brewery

Going by the photo attached to their latest Press Release, I’d say it would also appear that a previous work colleague of mine, brewer Sam Wilson, might just have something to do with mixing those final ingredients too? 🙂

If you’re curious how its going don’t forget to check out their Facebook page here and see what others think…..

And in case you are asking, “Yes”, yet another advantage of living in Nelson is that local residents can drive down to the shop and buy their summer family reunion picnic needs in keg form.

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