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Fly Fishing with a difference..

What if you are an avid trout fisherman, but also enjoy the thrill of racing through the outdoor wilderness on your MTB. How about combining the two…..

Mountain Bike Fly Fishing – Nelson

….just another thing to do when you either holiday or live here surrounded by National Parks, rivers, mountains, etc.


Nelson Lakes National Park – whats to do

Owen River Lodge

Fish ~ Can you have too much of a good thing?


30,000km bicycle trek to New Zealand…but then…

Sept 26th, 2010

Something happened recently that really brought this Social Media stuff into context.

Regular readers of my blog here will remember these names …..Tom and Jodi ….who have travelled for nearly 30,000kms from the old dart just to be here….just to arrive in 2011, just in time for the Rugby World Cup.

just keep on going....

 30,000kms is commitment!

On my mobile phone last week, from Picton, whilst Tom was in a rush because they had just a few minutes to board the ferry to Wellington, he mentioned that they sure are happy to finally be here…but they did have some hiccups.

Turns out after all their efforts …one of their major goals was eluding them…

Let alone some other diversions…..

To finalise their multi-country quest….they needed….well to be frank… they really required just one more very important signature on their nicely collected (I’d say “hard earned”) scroll….and lastly it was the one & only …..Richies signature….. calls/emails to his Dunedin agent …no good.

Try as they might, and with numerous involvements…they just weren’t getting through.

A friend suggested they try to ask for help on Facebook….and certainly no doubt they were aided by coverage on stuff.co.nz too.

What happened next was in their own words “remarkable.”

In double-quick time fashion, they were contacted….by….

Well you tell me if you happen to recognise the chap next to them, in the above photo signing their scroll?

And to his credit…

They should be in Palmerston North this week for the official opening of the NZ Rugby Museum. Today in fact, new Governor-General Jerry Mateparae will conduct one of his first official events, when he unveils a bronze statue of CJ (Charles) Monro, who brought the game to Nelson from England in 1870.


Tom & Jodis official site – http://www.cyclingtotherugbyworldcup.com/

NZ RugbyMuseum – http://www.rugbymuseum.co.nz/

NZ RugbyMuseum Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Zealand-Rugby-Museum/162354267150761




Movies, Walk Nelson and Sunshine

August 8th, 2011

Kiwi Flyer soon to start shooting

A great service to the local community is the weekly infopaper, “Live Nelson” that our Nelson City Council produce.

If you’re currently not residing  locally then you may not have heard the news that Nelson is about to star in its own “hometown story” NZ produced movie, with production slated to commence August 19th 2011.

The movie “Kiwi Flyer” and story is based around our famous annual Nelson Trolley Derby held down Collingwood St.

Its been confirmed that Australian actor Vince Martin, the Beaurepaires man, will play the villain. You might only remember him from the tire co.’s TV adds, but he’s also been in Sons and Daughters, Home and Away, and alongside Tom Hanks in Cast Away, as pilot Al. The movie will be produced by Tim Sanders (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Whale Rider, Perfect Creature).

Street Date Time
Nelson streets closed for Kiwi Flyer movie shoot
NILE STREET EAST, from Trafalgar Square East to Sussex Street, Monday 22 August 2011 7:30 am until 6:15 pm
SUSSEX STREET, from Nile Street East to Selwyn Place Monday 22 August 2011 7:30 am until 6:15 pm
BROUGHAM STREET, from Rutherford Street to Trafalgar Street Saturday 20 August 2011 7:30 am until 6:15 pm
MARSDEN VALLEY ROAD, from Sanctuary Drive to the quarry Saturday27August 2011 7:30 am until 6:15 pm


The Nelson City Council has also advised local residents of streets closed for the filming….more info on that over here.

The movie follows the story of 12-year-old “Ben”, who obviously wants to win the annual trolley derby race, but courtesy of some Australian intervention (read “baddies”) he has some challenges to get past to achieve his dream.

Above is a video of a scene that I’ll sure will never ever be repeated again. In 2010, just prior the new multi-million dollar Ruby ByPass being officially opened to car traffic, a great event was held when Trolley’s were allowed on the scene for a day of fun. The Nelson Mail reported on the events here.

Walk Nelson

And now for some further good news! Walk Nelson & Bike Nelson are now being offered from the Nelson City Council.

Don’t forget,with NCCs target of working toward a future of sustainable transport, you can also visit this council webpage here and download your very own “shared pathways” printable map.

Sunshine at Stake

Lastly it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get a chance to mention something about the sunshine would it?

Seven months gone, five to go, and the sunshine capital of New Zealand for 2011 will be revealed.

After all the unseasonal variations thrust upon provincial NZ so far in 2011, certainly the volume of precipitation, it was still good to see the updated figures published in the Nelson City Councils weekly “Live Nelson” paper.


20 Summits for 20 Years launches

May 5th, 2011

Around New Zealand, plus here in Nelson, May is the month we celebrate the special thing that is the ubiquitous “Rescue Helicopter.”

In our local case, Summit have sponsored the local Summit Rescue Helicopter Service for some years now.

This time, though, its different.

To celebrate this and the helicopter services of 20 years of community care and help, a special type of fundraiser has been organized.

Entitled the “20 Summits for 20 Years.”  its aim is to involve even more locals than last year.

And the relevance of what the event is about shouldn’t be easy to pass up on all the hikers, mountain bikers, trampers, climbers, etc that live locally.

Local and NZ Multi sport champion & 2010 Adventure Racing World Championships Runners up Team Captain, Nathan Fa’avae is the Summit Rescue Helicopter Service Ambassador, and he explains;

Together with the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust, we’ve created the 20 Summit Challenge, to celebrate the Trust’s 20 years of operation. This is designed for everyone. Whether people are regular or professional hikers, families keen for a good walk in the outdoors, sports clubs wanting a way to get fit, or businesses wanting to take their team out together, this is a chance for locals to acknowledge the incredible work the Summit Rescue Helicopter has done in our region for 20 years, and to help raise funds for this valuable community service.

I’m challenging you to complete all 20 Summits by the end of 2011.

Imagine above from Nelson City Council (Click to go to their site directly)

And just in case you needed to be reminded that we are surrounded here by National Parks, the list of 20 Events covers;

Centre of NZ, Grampians, Mt Arthur Fringed Hill, Richmond Lookout, Wither Hills, Marsden Valley, Parachute Rocks, Mt Duppa, Cable Bay, Sharlands Hills, Ben Nevis, Mt Robert, Third House, Gordon’s Pyramid, Abel Tasman, Fringed Hill, Tantragee, Mt Lodestone and Dunn Mountain

Again in case you weren’t familiar with some of these spots, including aforementioned “peaks” hopefully some of these links will assist.

Fabulous Nelson Photographic Panoramas

Them there hills – fabulous Nelson Panorama

Nelson Webcams Update

Spread out over (“….you need recuperation time?”) the next four months to give everyone an ideal opportunity to work around other events in their lives, its really a great effort by all involved…..and overall the money raised is going to such a good cause, one that any local will tell you so.

Last year over $70,000 was raised locally, both by collectors like myself on the day and other local events, so the bar has been set to be well and truly raised in 2011.

Nice to see that our branch in Stoke contributed the most per capita, and collected the highest per staff member.

In 2011 too, like 2010 I’ll be looking out for you on the streets of Stoke later in the month with my collectors bucket!

Along with major sponsor Summit Real Estate, and supporting sponsors,

the overall programme wants all local residents to feel invited to help fundraise by walking, hiking or biking together through our beautiful region, perhaps to see something on your own back door step that you’d just never had the time for.

This time, now there’s an excuse, and a good one.

Step up to the plate, take the challenge, and to all those that finish all 20 events in 2011, as the website here explains, you’ll get one of these fantastic shirts too.

To keep up to date with the various events progress, you can log on to the Facebook page  here too.

Did you know you can actually track the Summit Rescue chopper live? Head on over here to see for yourself.

Although I only found out about this today courtesy of the flyer in my inbox, it seems the Nelson Mail beat me to the punch in getting the word out. (a case of “May the 4th be with you“)

Site – http://www.20summits.co.nz

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First for New Zealand in Nelson

April 2nd, 2011

In a first for New Zealand, the local Nelson City Council have commenced work on New Zealands inaugural Residential Shared Zone.

Nelson Live - Issue 299 - 2nd April 2011

Hoping to replicate the success the concept has had overseas, the council are taking a leaf out of the strategy book of places like the United Kingdom, some parts of Europe, the USA, and Australia.

Summarizing notes from the prior Council Meeting, just about 12 months ago, the local newspaper, Nelson Mail in an article “No room for fast traffic”, stated;

Locking St in Nelson could become the city’s first street where walkers and cyclists have priority over cars, in a move designed to set a precedent for other, similar streets.

You’ll recall that on the bicycle / cycling side of things Nelson has featured in the top of the list quite a few times, and this seems just an extenuation of that.

Ok, you ask what the heck is a Residential Shared Zone?

Better let the Nelson City Council tell you, here.

Its effect on real estate values in the street, ……..positive I would suggest?

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