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Amazing storm last night…

Jan 7th 2013

Rainbow + Lightning from Sunday Night

Sure reminded me of living in Brisbane back in the early eighties. Wow.

From tonights TV1 News

And double wow….although this was a screenshot from tonights TV news.

If you’re at all interested…..plenty more photos over here at nelsonians life.

Dreamed of living in Monaco…

Jan 2nd, 2013

If you happened to live in Nelson’s seaside suburb of Monaco, then this sort of…

….activity is right on your back doorstep.

As a consequence the pricing of properties in this “enclave” is right up there, in terms of Nelson property values.

Just sometimes though…..the thoroughly typical Nelson sunshine can be replaced by other things, like…

….dark skies.

Plenty more photos over at Nelsonians Life….just type “MONACO” (less the quote symbols)  in the search box there here.

Further info – MONACO, STOKE, NELSON

Is Nelson Unique in New Zealand?

December 4th, 2012

Check out this chart that I have “borrowed” from the NZ Property Investors Association national magazine…

IMAGE – Courtesy NZ Property Investors Magazine

…and then tell me what you think? (Like all my pics, click on it it for higher res image – its easier to read for “boomers” like me.)

The stats come from Statistics NZ, but thanks to the NZ Property Investors Mag I don’t have to go there and compile them tonight.

Like usual though….if you wanna know more, or more importantly, want to know how to interept these stats in the context of our Dec 2012 Nelson real estate market.. …you know who to call.

About last night ….. and a friendly reminder

July 4th 2012

While you were sleeping….last night….we had a decent “house bump.” (that’s the new name that grandchildren understand apparently)

Magnitude: 7.0, Depth: 230 km, 60 km south of Opunake, NZST: Tue, Jul 3 2012 10:36 pm

Family in Wellington texted me to say they were ok, although thoughts were with them at the time that this was “the one.” Nelson shook a bit more last night than was the case with the Christchurch bumps. Didn’t get any texts from family members in Christchurch…..but hey ….. they have already been through plenty of this sort of thing anyway.

the #eqnz hashtag on Twitter......

Twitter came alive well and truly under the #eqnz hashtag, and although plenty were written in the usual Kiwi style, the event definitely served us up a reminder.


1] wear practical bedclothes, or at the very least some (not the best time to be caught naked)

2] have a pair of sensible shoes near the bed

3] ensure you also have close by a “recently tested & working”  torch and battery powered radio (preferable under the shelf on your bedside drawer)

4] a friendly reminder again to ensure that “get thru” pack is up to date and you have an ample supply of fresh batteries.

Having been less than 10kms from the epic centre of the Newcastle eq some decades back, still thought last nights bump was still felt quite strongly locally.

According to the above Geonet drums it would appear that most of central NZ got a feeling of what its been like living in Christchurch.

Note to the “powers that be”, please fix Geonet so that in times of need, this type of message isn’t all I see?