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Still more Weekly info on the region

July 16th 2012

In our region we have one main daily newspaper, The Nelson Mail, published each afternoon, usually available in Newsagents and dairies around noon.

We also happen to have The Leader which is published weekly as well.

just the facts, the Good News facts....

And rounding out the selection, we have the two weekly “good news only” papers……..The Nelson Weekly and The Waimea Weekly.

Two Editions back,  the Nelson / Waimea Weekies announced they had just undergone a revamp of their website, so I thought I should ensure that you are aware of same.

Head on over there, or rather click here to be taken there now.

Where does the Sun set Wintertime in Nelson?

June 2012

Well here you go, no need to wonder anymore….

Mid Winters sunset...

these photos were taken yesterday evening, and although not technically the shortest day of the year, as its a day later…..it will give you an idea of where the sun sets in the “middle of winter” in New Zealands sunshine capital, Nelson. Have added a couple more photos over at Nelsonians Life too, right here.


As if you needed another reason….?

May 2nd, 2012

Woe be-tide me if I did not bring you this update.

A Record for sunny Stoke.

It is Stoke’s day in the sun with the announcement that April 2012 was the suburb’s sunniest on record…..while the wider region basked in temperatures almost a degree above average.

I’d have plenty of local feed back that would suggest I was not being the Stoke area specialist, if I did not bring this factoid to your attention, now…wouldn’t I?
But notice in the above article online, the highlighted link.?
I’ll help you out here and now and show you that LINK.
CREDIT – www.stuff.co.nz/nelsonmail

Could Nelson be on track for a World Record?

April 18th, 2012

Perhaps, if the past weeks events unfold at the speed at which they have, the answer is quite probably, yes.

Like a bolt out of the blue, and according to the TV interview with John Campbell this 616kg monster is what John McKay has achieved after only 18 months…what does the future hold?

Well for a start, Johns daughter Anika made the podium too, her efforts earning her 2nd place in the same competition.

To see whats “in the local water” and watch the video interview, head on over to Nelsonians Life.

One of NZs most popular family destinations is…

Monday 9th April 2012

The NZ Property Report covering March 2012 was interesting reading last week. One thing it did highlight was that Queenstown / Central Otago Lakes still has NZ’s highest seasonally adjusted asking price for a residential property.

They were closely followed by…..no guesses here….. Auckland.

However sitting back, in so called bronze place was another town in NZ, with way less than even 10% of the population of Auckland, and that part of  NZ was, my home.

Yes, the Nelson region it was.

March 2012 - NZ Asking Prices (CREDIT - www.realestate.co.nz)

As the chart above depicts, it sure does re-enforce the popularity of the region, and yet again confirms why this issue of Nelson region property pricing dominates local “headlines”, as depicted here in the media earlier this year?

Just to reassure, can there be other reasons?

Well possibly….

1] Are we a growing region?

2] With all this up/down motion, is there any stability in Nelson home prices?

3] Population wise, not being a capital city or so, what about the future for house prices in Nelson?

4] David, could there be any other reason to explain why Nelson is so popular?

5] Our main beach, Tahunanui Beach, is one of NZs most popular.

6] On the whole, Nelsonian residents live closer to the sea, than any other place in New Zealand!

You can view the complete NZ Property Report for the whole country online – HERE.