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Rescue and Choppers go together, like…

Dec 28th, 2011

UPDATED 29th December 2011 ( see end of article )

….well….they really just go together. Flying 300 missions annually is testament to that.

Nelson’s proximity to multiple National Parks is more than likely unmatched in the whole of New Zealand.

Goodness knows how all those injured trampers, lost individuals and other unfortunate casualties would have fared 40 years ago, but as luck would have it, technology comes to the rescue in modern times. Its obvious that we have a need for a locally based rescue helicopter service.

Its brought home every year, especially around the holiday break.

The major foundation for a successful outcome is………The Golden Hour…..and for the topography of our region, helicopters are probably the best type of machine to deliver that capability.

PHOTO - Lowes Corporation Hawkes Bay Helicopter Rescue Trust

As I have mentioned plenty here before, one of Nelsons major attractions is its lifestyle, and our surroundings certainly reinforce that. One of Nelsons geographical features is that it is encompassed by National Parks. Now in National Parks people go out wandering, but it turns out that not everyone is totally prepared for what can be dished up to them…..

Take this little suburbia based example from last week as a sample, …..and these visitors haven’t even ventured more than 5 ~ 10km from the centre of Nelson yet?

At this time of year in the Nelson / Tasman region thoughts wander to rest & relaxation, and that’s not just the locals!

Just in case you aren’t aware, recently a very important decision was made by New Zealands civil aviation authorities that mandated changes, as the NZ Herald reported …;

The regulations require rescue helicopters to have twin engines if they are to fly over hospitals. This affects six rescue helicopters based in Tauranga, Hamilton, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Palmerston North and Nelson.

Just as interesting, this ruling was to apply to the whole country, as the “Stuff.co.nz” website reported;

In Wellington, operators from Palmerston North, Hastings, New Plymouth and Nelson would be unable to land on the hospital’s rooftop pad, with Wellington-based Westpac rescue helicopter the only service that flies a twin-engine craft in the area. Wellington Hospital gets between 50 and 80 flights a week.

That meant that even if the Nelson based Summit Rescue chopper had to make a dash to Wellington, it now had “time constraints” regarding landing zones, that could impact on that “Golden Hour.”


Christchurchs Rescue chopper

Looks like the situation is now fixed.

This is how Christchurch based Garden City Helicopters hints at it ;

Also recently added is a twin engine BK117 – B2 rescue helicopter which has also gone to Nelson for EMS work.

After hearing the different sounding engines for the last week (I’m guessing where I live must be in some sort of flight path) it was quite obviously different, and the Kawasaki/Eurocopter chopper certainly looks nothing like the Squirrel. The specs on the new chopper are impressive indeed.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’d expect an official type of Press Release from the Rescue Chopper base in Nelson soon.

Meanwhile all visitors to our region can be rest assured that should something untoward happen, they are in the best hands that technology can currently deliver.



I’d been wondering about this, but Garden City Air Centre have now explained the new aircraft parked up at Nelson Airport, also in a related role.

This is the third recent addition to the Garden City fleet, with a King Air C90 fixed-wing aircraft added earlier this year. This aircraft will mainly be used as an air ambulance based out of the company’s Nelson operation, but which is also available for private charter.

Also good news for local residents.

UPDATED 29th December 2011

Page 3 of todays Nelson Mail, our local paper carries the following story…

Looks like Nelson Airport now has 2 Rescue Choppers based there....

…head on over to the article here for the full read. The “even better” news is the Squirrel will also stay on, so the greater Nelson / Tasman region will have 2 rescue choppers now.

Also in the paper was mention of just how busy they can be at this time of year, 3 rescues yesterday.

Chief Pilot Tim Douglas-Clifford told the paper;

..the day’s work…..was a good example of how important the newly operational BK117 helicopter was, in being able to carry two patients and save valuable time and resources.

Nice to hear some good news. Heres the news from the Summit Rescue Choppers Facebook page.

Photography brings emotion to your Property Listing

June 3rd, 2011

Previously I’ve been at pains to point out the absolute certainty that great photography adds the biggest element to a property listing, here on realestate.co or other listing sites that showcase photographic evidence of the listing alongside.

Tell me that photos like the one above don’t already do something for you….

Just serene....

Well if not, then perhaps you must be a daytime oriented person …. tell me then that this photo here doesn’t do something for you?

Misty Mountains beckon.....

And then they topped it off with a couple that looked like paintings.

The great news is that you could live here, although sorry to say on this occasion its not in the Top of The South, no this time we’re visiting Taupo Bay Road, Taupo Bay in Northland.

I notice in one of the photos attached to the listing there is a chopper taking off, so it looks like overall it was a pretty full-on photo shoot…..but what results, you can really “feel” it.

Well done to the listing agent.

20 Summits for 20 Years launches

May 5th, 2011

Around New Zealand, plus here in Nelson, May is the month we celebrate the special thing that is the ubiquitous “Rescue Helicopter.”

In our local case, Summit have sponsored the local Summit Rescue Helicopter Service for some years now.

This time, though, its different.

To celebrate this and the helicopter services of 20 years of community care and help, a special type of fundraiser has been organized.

Entitled the “20 Summits for 20 Years.”  its aim is to involve even more locals than last year.

And the relevance of what the event is about shouldn’t be easy to pass up on all the hikers, mountain bikers, trampers, climbers, etc that live locally.

Local and NZ Multi sport champion & 2010 Adventure Racing World Championships Runners up Team Captain, Nathan Fa’avae is the Summit Rescue Helicopter Service Ambassador, and he explains;

Together with the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust, we’ve created the 20 Summit Challenge, to celebrate the Trust’s 20 years of operation. This is designed for everyone. Whether people are regular or professional hikers, families keen for a good walk in the outdoors, sports clubs wanting a way to get fit, or businesses wanting to take their team out together, this is a chance for locals to acknowledge the incredible work the Summit Rescue Helicopter has done in our region for 20 years, and to help raise funds for this valuable community service.

I’m challenging you to complete all 20 Summits by the end of 2011.

Imagine above from Nelson City Council (Click to go to their site directly)

And just in case you needed to be reminded that we are surrounded here by National Parks, the list of 20 Events covers;

Centre of NZ, Grampians, Mt Arthur Fringed Hill, Richmond Lookout, Wither Hills, Marsden Valley, Parachute Rocks, Mt Duppa, Cable Bay, Sharlands Hills, Ben Nevis, Mt Robert, Third House, Gordon’s Pyramid, Abel Tasman, Fringed Hill, Tantragee, Mt Lodestone and Dunn Mountain

Again in case you weren’t familiar with some of these spots, including aforementioned “peaks” hopefully some of these links will assist.

Fabulous Nelson Photographic Panoramas

Them there hills – fabulous Nelson Panorama

Nelson Webcams Update

Spread out over (“….you need recuperation time?”) the next four months to give everyone an ideal opportunity to work around other events in their lives, its really a great effort by all involved…..and overall the money raised is going to such a good cause, one that any local will tell you so.

Last year over $70,000 was raised locally, both by collectors like myself on the day and other local events, so the bar has been set to be well and truly raised in 2011.

Nice to see that our branch in Stoke contributed the most per capita, and collected the highest per staff member.

In 2011 too, like 2010 I’ll be looking out for you on the streets of Stoke later in the month with my collectors bucket!

Along with major sponsor Summit Real Estate, and supporting sponsors,

the overall programme wants all local residents to feel invited to help fundraise by walking, hiking or biking together through our beautiful region, perhaps to see something on your own back door step that you’d just never had the time for.

This time, now there’s an excuse, and a good one.

Step up to the plate, take the challenge, and to all those that finish all 20 events in 2011, as the website here explains, you’ll get one of these fantastic shirts too.

To keep up to date with the various events progress, you can log on to the Facebook page  here too.

Did you know you can actually track the Summit Rescue chopper live? Head on over here to see for yourself.

Although I only found out about this today courtesy of the flyer in my inbox, it seems the Nelson Mail beat me to the punch in getting the word out. (a case of “May the 4th be with you“)

Site – http://www.20summits.co.nz

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What do the Tribu, Kokomo and Suri have in common?

Jan 2nd, 2011

If your first guess was “tribal names” off an episode of Survivor, then sorry……but you’re wrong.

They are in fact names of superyachts and a superyacht shadow support or escort vessel………a what?

Yup, apparently there is such a thing?

Maybe its just that they “don’t build them like they used to” as it seems there’s only so much space on your typical superyacht these days. Although she looks at first to be of an older design, she was only “built in 2007” (although that could have been a conversion from what looks like an Offshore Supply Vessel commonly used in the Offshore Oil industry).

MV Suri has been positioned (see map graphic below) down at the Marlborough Sounds (her small rental of USD$225k a week helping to offset the remoteness of the location I’m sure)

Eurocopter Squirrel preparing

Eurocopter Squirrel preparing

When dropping my mother down at the airport this morning I noticed that Suri’s chopper was still parked down there.

You too can have one on standby at your next port of call for…..give or take a few cents…..NZD$290,000 per week.

So what do you need the extra space for?

According to Charterworld.com, a ship like Suri has these “extras” onboard for starters;

Eurocopter Helicopter
4-person Hover craft
35′ Stancraft mahogany speedster
28′ aluminum landing craft dune buggy
37′ Intrepid
Numerous jet skis, rowing shells, sailboats, kayaks, dive gear, ski equipment

Now I understand. Bit like any new build home really, the main superyacht may have the formal lounge, but………..where to lounge around with family in a “more casual” atmosphere…….ah-ha…… the shadow support vessel of course.

Superyacht’s in Nelson

MY Kokomo arrived the other day, into Nelson Haven on a typically Nelson sunny day.

Click to enlarge (Kokomo at top left, Siru in waiting at top right)

Click to enlarge (Kokomo at top left, Siru in waiting at top right)

Kokomo has now left Port Nelson, and has motored over (well don’t know actually she may have sailed?) to New Zealands smallest National Park, Abel Tasman. One suspects she will be on her way to join Suri soon.

MV Tribu at Port Nelson

MV Tribu at Port Nelson (DATA/PHOTO CREDIT - marinetraffic.com)

However just to make it interesting the Italian built 50m MY Tribu is also at Port Nelson ( Italys Rugby team will be playing two matches here in Nelson for this years 2011 RWC) having just recently completed a refit in Auckland. She was built in 2007 according to information here…….and according to Charterworld, Tribu is available to charter for NZD$318,492 per week.

Maybe its her that is headed down the Marlborough Sounds to join Suri…..then again as 37south.co.nz reports;

Tribu is scheduled to relaunch on the 20th of December 2010, to continue her owners’ cruise of the South Island before heading to Tasmania and Australia’s east coast.

…….maybe not.

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Nelsonians putting back into the local region

July 31, 2010

A few days ago the CEO of realestate.co.nz wrote a piece on his blog that drew attention to the fact that many companies in Real Estate do indeed make a real effort to put something back into the community.

2010 Summit Rescue Helicopter Appeal Day Overall Results

2010 Summit Rescue Helicopter Appeal Day Overall Results

With that in mind, I’m proud to say that the team at Summit in Stoke, of which I’m a member, received this thank you from the Summit Rescue Helicopter.

As an office our team in Stoke raised the most – thanks to the generosity of local residents. Even though it was cold, it was certainly worth being out collecting on the day, many folks had stories, and earlier in the day while I was standing outside the local New World collecting, a young lady came up with a healthy donation, and said yes my Mum was rescued that past weekend.

Even at Summit you don’t have to look far to see the lives it touches, at least 3 Summit agents or partners have had unscheduled trips in the Rescue Chopper over the last few years.

Each branch, each & every real estate salesperson and each management team support the Rescue Chopper with funding. I am lead to believe the amount approaches a six figure sum each year, and Summit have just this year, re-affirmed their commitment again to the Rescue Helicopter organisation.

Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel

Eurocopter AS350 Squirrel

If you are curious where the chopper is now or from whence its last mission was, click on the picture above and you’ll be taken to a “live-GPS-view” from the chopper itself.