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Jetstars News is Nelsons Fabulous News….

31st August 2015

This is what shoppers are seeing on the street today. The News is out.
A Win for Nelson...












With Jetstars announcement of entry to the Nelson skies, along with the much celebrated other towns starting with an “N” (or not according to a few today)…..
31-08-2015 Jetstar








Nelson Real Estate has been given a real boost in the arm. Everyones hopes that we will finally get “decently priced” airfares, will mean even more people will (“can now afford to..”) see the advantages of FIFO situations. While the family live a lifestyle in the Nelson region, a central bread winner can easily afford to work in Auckland, Wellington or even Christchurch (once the inevitable competition kicks in...) yet fly home in the weekends / when they have their time off.

Nelsonians have long tolerated trips to main centres being more costly than an advertised international airfares to Australia, Fiji or afield.

With the entry recently of OriginAir, now Jetstar and Kiwi Regional Airlines still to come before the end of the year, times have never looked brighter for New Zealands 4th busiest airport.1

The only really puzzling thing for me is the lack of any Nelson <-> Christchurch flight sectors, as my (& friends I chatted to today) experience all the time, the first “Grabaseat” AirNZ tickets to sell out and therefore never be available when you log on yourself to check are those on this sector! Maybe someone out there in the airline industry can enlighten me as to why, eg; landing fees at Christchurch, etc?

New Year, New Air New Zealand Safety Video, with a Bear……

I’ve spoken before about the fabulous job Air New Zealand does with their “Bare Essentials of Safety” safety videos, you know… ones like this one and the ones included in this post here….

Well its 2013 now and time for a new one, starring none other than Bear Grylls. Well worth a watch before you board.

And just in case you can’t find one of the earlier versions…here you go above.

2011 Nelson Webcams Update

Feb 3rd 2011

Courtesy of Takeabreak, Nelson has a selection of various publicly browser accessible Webcams scattered around the town.
I was reminded of that whilst viewing the amount of live TCYasi footage on Ustream via the different webcams and iPhones over the last few days. To that end, I noticed its been at least 14 months since I updated you with the Nelson webcam details.

Who knows, if you’re looking to buy a home / or an investment property in Nelson, then this way you can get to check out the yearly seasons beforehand.

Above one looks out at the entrance to “The Cut” where 99.9% of all ships come & go to gain entry/exit to Port Nelson (Open Day coming up don’t forget) , The Haven and the marina.

From high on Princes Drive, this webcam looks out over Nelson Airport, the adjacent Nelson Golf Club, and over Blind Channel towards Rabbit Island centre of shot.

One of New Zealands favourite holiday / honeymoon spots, Kaiteriteri.

The Richmond area was in the later half of last decade nominated as one of New Zealand’s fastest growing suburbs/towns. Sponsored by the Tasman District Council this webcam offers up views of Richmond, the Waimea Plains and the estuarine Waimea Inlet to the right of shot.

Our “world famous in NZ” local beach, Tahunanui Beach is where thousands of Kiwis come to spend their summer holidays. There’s a couple here, this one looks over the beach, with the “Back Beach” off to the left, and the next one below…..

Takes a closer look at the area where the Kite Surfing crowds regularly congregate, and a perfect way for someone to check out the available winds before heading down to the beach.

In addition to these, the Tasman District Council also sponsor another 3 webcams. (4 in total)

These are located at ;

1] pointing south (upstream) on the scenic Motueka River at Woodstock.
2] this cam is pointing south looking over Lake Rotoiti towards the Mount Robert Range in the Nelson Lakes National Park.
3] Located on the hills above Richmond, this camera is pointing roughly west across Richmond and the Waimea Plains towards the Mount Arthur Range. (this is the one also mentioned above)
4] Over the Takaka Hill in Golden Bay, this cam is at the southern end of Golden Bay, at Port Tarakohe, looks south west along Pohara Beach.

look for this on the lefthand sidebar to get swift access to the web-cams

look for this on the lefthand sidebar to get swift access to the web-cams

If you are after quick access to the top mentioned cams, then I have just updated the webcam links on my left hand sidebar.

UPDATE 9:29pm

– not 100% but I think the links above are “kinda live” …..so if the pics you see are black then that’s whats happening in front of that particular web-cam right now…its dark because………well……its night-time…..??

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Calling all Plane Spotters ~ what is this?

December 21st, 2010

Yes, even I’ll be the first to admit,  over the last year or so we have definitely had our fair share of private jets arriving in little ole Nelson town.

nsn apt

Actually there is a reason for that, because according to the airports website;

Nelson Airport has restricted International Airport status. This was obtained in 2006 in particular to facilitate small private jets.

However some of what I have seen this year ….well I suggest to you would not be classified as “small” private jets.



Take this above October arrival for example.

mystery visitors to Nelson

mystery visitors to Nelson ( click to enlarge )

With anon passengers…..

However the reason why I am calling plane spotters to help out tonight..



…is because of this very large private jet….that arrived at Nelson Airport tonight.

Looks bigger than many I have seen here before – any one have a clue???

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Apparently it is the Goodmans new unit. MRC Aviation blog state;

Global Express XRS VH-OCV made a brief visit to Queenstown 21Dec when it arrived from Sydney and departed a short time later for Nelson and then back to Sydney marking the aircraft’s first visit to Nelson.  The owners, Goodmans, are from the Nelson region and their previous aircraft of the same markings, a Learjet 60 and Challenger 604 were both frequent visitors to the South Island city.

Details here.

Discover BIG AIR Adventure in the Nelson Bays

September 5th, 2010

If you’re charged by exciting experiences in the Big Air, then…. for some unique opportunities, a visit to the Nelson Bays area might be worth including in your future plans.

For all those folk hunting for a home for sale in Nelson or the surrounding Tasman areas, here are yet more great things to do locally….with a tad of adventure throw in.

Or you could put it another way, just like A League and All Whites midfielder Jeremy Brockie, who after his return to Nelson last week from the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, described what he liked about our region to The Nelson Leader thus;

“…. its relaxed and chilled out. And the suns always shining. I love the place.”

the local tidal range is one of the highest in NZ

the local tidal range is one of the highest in NZ

It could even be debated that we have the most amount of big air in NZ.


Well by the calculation of taking away the stratosphere to sea level air volume and somehow counting it. As we have the highest/widest range of tides 4m odd, then it could be argued that we do in fact have more available air, if only at low tide…..4 more vertical metres of it… 🙂

Ok, so what Big Air choices are there?

BMX Track at Tahunanui Beach

BMX Track at Tahunanui Beach

You can start small, for example there is some little big air to be had down at the Tahuna BMX track

Skim Boarding Competition at Tahunanui Beach Nelson

Skim Boarding Competition at Tahunanui Beach Nelson

also down at the beach at Tahunanui you can try your hand or feet rather at Skim Boarding

The Boulder Bank protects The Nelson Haven, making it a safe spot for Wind devotees

The Boulder Bank protects The Nelson Haven, making it a safe spot for Wind devotees

then we start to speed up with Wind Surfing and Kite Boarding / Surfing.

Inside the Boulder Bank

Inside the Boulder Bank

Nelsons two favourite spots are the one above, photographed inside our famous “Boulder Bank” where sports junkies are protected from the open sea

Western End of Tahunanui Beach

Western End of Tahunanui Beach

and at the far end of Tahunanui Beach,

Wind Devotees just loving it....

Wind Devotees just loving it....

adjacent Blind Channel…..although as you see in the below graphic the channel itself is a prohibited area.

Maps at the location clearly outline where to go or not

Maps at the location clearly outline where to go or not

The designated zone at the western end of our equally famous Tahunanui Beach is very popular because of its “just minutes” access from practically any part of Nelson / Stoke.

....schools in...

....schools in...

No problems if you haven’t done this before there are many companies locally that will show you how to do it right.

Time to get a bit more speed up…..

see http://www.trademe.co.nz/Sports/Other/auction-315163588.htm

see http://www.trademe.co.nz/Sports/Other/auction-315163588.htm

Land Yachts / Sand Yachts along with a newer trend / updated design to these land based yachts has arrived in the form of the Blokart. Here above is an example of one doing a really bad job of trying to fit into the garage, perhaps that’s why its Golden Bay owner is selling it on Trademe.

In the process…… introducing the term Blokarting to the sporting world.

This nimble machine was invented right here in NZ, at Papamoa, near Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty.

In fact, by all accounts, it looks like its more popular overseas than here in NZ where it started life.

PHOTO SOURCE - http://kitebuggy.co.nz

PHOTO SOURCE - http://kitebuggy.co.nz

A while back you could usually spot these sporty land yacht devices on the mudflats /sand estuary areas at the head of the Haven, the Wakapuaka Sand Flats, however with the advent of other business and local government use, many are now seen towards the western end of Rabbit Island on the long uninterrupted stretches of sand there. Neale Park is another favourite too, wind here is no doubt good because this is the site of Nelsons Annual Kite Festival.

Here’s a photo story of a locals direct experience of Rabbit Island.

Now to add some elevation to the mix……

Hang-Gliding / Para-Gliding

Regular readers here will already know about this as I have written about it a few times before.

Just a fabulos setting....

Just such a fabulous natural setting....

The main reason is that courtesy of some very high hills behind Stoke, the Barnicoat Range photographed above.

With the aid of the general topography of the Nelson region, and because of it, we are blessed with some of what I believe is New Zealands best hang gliding / para gliding launch spots – reached from the top of Marsden Valley. (Note: there isn’t any vehicular access here as the track gates are usually locked, although obviously the local Para Gliding club has a key and access)

Certainly some of the most accessible anyway, being just a short distance from town, and then an additional short 4 wheel drive trip to the hilltop.

I believe that these two fantastic photos from Paul Nankivell actually do the spot more justice.

what a vista!

what a vista!

Firstly the view out towards Nelson and the Boulder Bank from a flier whose has just launched off the top of Barnicoat, and secondly……

(PHOTO CREDIT - Paul Nankivell )

the just fantastic view off the launch pad site looking out in a north westerly direction. Directly below is the peninsula of Monaco, and upper photo is the Eastern end of Rabbit Island with Blind Channel separating them. This second shot clearly indicates the altitude too.


In the old days as a kid growing up in Nelson back in the 1970’s it was a common summer event to see Parachutists gliding above, eventually landing down at the Nelson Airport. However as what is want to happen these days, Nelson Airport just got too busy and they stopped the local club from using it as a landing place. Now the only spot is over in Motueka, a leisurely 30 minute drive from Richmond. (in fact some places like Skydive offer free pickups anywhere in Nelson/Tasman)

Skydive seem to be the biggest.

5-09-2010 4-50-37 p.m.

According to that stats on this page at dropzone.com, who say they have the most comprehensive database of skydiving locations worldwide,  Skydives Abel Tasman / Motueka Airport based parachuting operation is ranked 5th in the whole wide world.

“Skywire” – the Fasssssst Flying Fox (up to 100 km/h)

The Worlds longest flying fox adventure - in Nelson!

The World's longest flying fox adventure - in Nelson!

Just for something a little different but still getting you out into the AIR, perhaps you should try it when next in Nelson.

Their website states….. “You soar like a bird for over 3km, up to 150m above beautiful native forest.”

Helicopter rides & lessons – you know what these are so I don’t need to explain.

Or you can just go for the biggest big air of them all…….

Stunt Plane

5-09-2010 5-03-23 p.m.

When you see this sort of claim……you know something special is round the corner ….

Described by the operators “…………possibly STILL New Zealand’s best kept secret”.

And after reading a comment like that above I think you can see why?

Thats right - you can fly it .......

Check out the video here…..

And this is not just any little Stunt Plane – this is a “ridgy didge” genuine open cockpit Pitts Special.

After taking the geographical, topographical and all “other”graphical things into account, they all do indeed point to our region as the one part of NZ blessed with “perfect” weather. So there definitely is accuracy in the following statement from their website;

Motueka is at the Northern tip of the South Island of New Zealand and therefore has some of the best weather and flying conditions in New Zealand. No wonder it’s become a Mecca for sport Aviation enthusiasts from around the world.

Fassster still….

To top it off when you see something like this popping its nose around a corner…….

coming soon....I hope

coming soon....I hope

and you hear / see the cute little blue thing screaming across the skies, you can’t but hope that CAA and everyone else will soon let this little beauty take up flying passengers.

Aero Vodochody L-39C Albatros

Aero Vodochody L-39C Albatros

Although if what the chap at the recent Air New Zealand new $14m Hangar day hinted at  –  is anything to go by, you might just have to save up for a flight on something like this.

According to a first hand pilots report here, “while at climb power settings and low altitude, the IA-25 turbofan burns about 330 gallons per hour (GPH), but this rapidly decreases to less than 140 GPH in cruise at 18,000 feet.” (Just in case you’re curious, In Kiwi numbers thats 1249 litres p/hr down to about 530 litres per hour.)

That’s what I think the chap why trying to hint at – because of a fuel burn rate like that it won’t be the cheapest aerial flight you’ve ever been on. Owner Mr Caudwell, said its top speed was 750kmh.

Overall I guess this potential future jet trip can’t really be classified in the true spirit of BIG AIR  ……… because you will be enclosed in a cockpit,

5-09-2010 1-25-33 p.m.

……and therefore not really being about to experience the big air rush it could provide, in other words feeling the BIG AIR in your face……….then again at 700kph unenclosed might be a tad unsafe I suggest.

So you can clearly see there is quite some AIR activities in our region, pretty good place for a work conference if you ask me too.


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