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NZ Car Logbook Dilemma Solved

July 2012

Real Estate Agents are no different than other independent contractors or self employed persons in New Zealand, who spend a good percentage of their working day “on the road” so to speak.

To calculate a “working Vs a private usage” situation for the vehicle used, IRD request that a log book must be kept, covering & detailing a continuous period of three (3) months. And it needs to be updated every 3 years.

This logbook is really no more different than what I suspect truck drivers complete every working day, it needs to state your start, your finish, your kilometers and the purpose, as in whether each trip is for private purposes, or solely business related.

Erwin Wernsen is a chap who, between projects, decided to write an app, in this case an Android app that works brilliantly on the Samsung S3 I can attest.

His little app will save the real estate agents of New Zealand heaps and heaps of time, and yet into the bargain, provide an even more detailed and accurate “log book.”

As any new Smartphone user already knows these devices today come standard with the ubiquitous GPS. To ensure you don’t lose any points on your license, most everyone I know has a Bluetooth handsfree carkit in said business related vehicle as well.

Great, that’s the only two ingredients required for this little app, the cunningly named “Auto Mileage Log” to do its business and log your journeys.

Time to throw away that paper based book!

The one other item required is an internet connected PC so that you can review, analyse and download your “logbook” reports.

And in the words of the developer himself, here’s the neat little trick that makes this app a standout winner in my books………

But while I was developing the app I got the idea to use the bluetooth connection as a signal to start and end the trip logging. This way the logging would be fully automatic and I would not need to remember to start and stop the registration. At that time that was a unique feature so I decided to publish the app on the market. I guess more people liked this feature since I had quite a few downloads right away. Some of the users also provided me with good feedback…..

So you don’t even have to remember to turn anything on! Just remember that you have started the app, and that you have the GPS and Bluetooth activated on your phone, oh and obviously that its connected “paired” to your handsfree carkit.

You can even review your maps right on your Smartphone just to check you got all the details correct

Another exciting feature is that when setting up the preferences you select what time of the day, I think mine is set for 23:00hrs, that the phone will upload your “logbook” data automagically to the dedicated website. Yes, yes…… upfront you do need to register on the site, and use a special PIN that the site generates for you, but it works a treat. You can also download the report in .CSV.

Oh, and did I mention at this stage the app is FREE.

I suspect that not just Real Estate Agents would benefit from this app/website combo, and would be interested to know of other industries in NZ where something like this would be handy.

Thanks Erwin for a great app, I’m thinking this won’t be the last one you write.

PS: When you review the details online you can adjust the report so that, for example. you may require to change Business to Private.

Also this works better with a car only Bluetooth unit, not one of those wireless ones people clip to their ears. If you have one of those, then this app will track you everywhere you go….?

Almost Real Estate TV – the future…

May 2012

Looking at this great periodic TV type video spot from the Gary Peer Real Estate organisation over in Melbourne….

the above is from Episode 27....

…one can’t but grasp how far the industry has come in terms of its embracing all forms of media.

Tis also great to see a touch of humour and reality, along with the reality in a timeframe wise sense, added too.

The Refs back…and hes not happy…

…. he’s blowing that whistle “very vigorously indeed.”

...think I would've at least cleaned that window in the back room ....

After glancing your eyes over these few photographs…

maybe the bed could of been made 🙂

…used to accompany a new to the market listing for sale, listed just last week,

...could have at the very least, have moved the coathanger...?

….tell me, do you really feel like the listing agent….

moving the new bright white organic growing facility middle bottom right of photo could have been an improvement....

…has used all their energy, along with all possible resources available to them…

you would have thought that the photographer would've closed that drawer near the rubbish bin....

…to canvass the widest possible assortment of purchasers out there?


A new species, the “Phablet”

Feb 2012

This month I think its becoming pretty apparent that the Samsung Note, and friends need a name.

Phablet” seems a mighty fine one, although a Google search shows up just 105,000 results when you plug that name in, its definitely going to grow, dare I say grow very fast!

For folks with dimensioned challenged fingers (hmm … like those of someone I know?) a phone, be it the iPhone, or a Samsung Galaxy 1 or 2 are just starting to approach what I would term “comfortable when it comes to typing an email / texting on them.

So someone in NZ who uses a gb of data at the min. in their day to day life per month….well I’d love to here from them. Better yet….I’d certainly love to here from anyone who is currently using one of these “monster phones.”

For Real Estate consultants an item like the Samsung Note could be a “godsend” enabling absolute mobility.

Perhaps I’m out of town for a few days, but with the click of a few buttons on my Android device I can instantly see….

what my add that is booked (in full colour resolution) for this weeks publication, on the cover of Fridays “Summit Weekly”, will present to the general public when they collect it, or the insert in the Nelson Mail, then let me tell you……….. that’s what I classify as a real helper.

Quiz Night…in the late afternoon though…

Feb 6th, 2012

Real Estate, especially for the media, is all about perspective….colour me not all that impressed with the most recent Demographia report released last week though?

So here is a bit of perspective.

Ok its definitely just realestate related, but be interested to know how many of you get these answers right?

1. What single USA city has seen 364,000 foreclosures since 2008?

2. Which American metropolis has seen its home prices drop 54% in the last 3 years.

3. In the 12 months to October 2011 this town with a population of just over 100,000, demolished 775 abandoned homes, what’s its name?

4. Commute times to work in this US town averaged 31 minutes, where is it?

5. You can buy a median priced property in this beautiful sunny spring break mecca at only USD$183,000, but that figure is off 50% since 2006, where am I talking about?

6. Yes, yes I know you’re complaining about your rates, $3,234 for a year seems a tad high. However based on your property value of $136,000, that figure seems to be stratospheric! Where is this lucky town?

And…just perhaps some Branch Managers might see something here they can throw around at the next weekly sales meeting when Mr “woe is me” Agent comes up with the “but its tough out there” line?

Try selling property in one of these markets!

1 IMAIM (*47% of homeowners are currently sitting on “underwater mortgages”)






Answers are spelt in reverse.

CREDIT – msn.realestate.com