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NASAs “Rock Star” ISS Commander Hatfield gives NZ an XMAS present…

Dec 23rd, 2013

Well that’s how it felt to us here down-under in NZ.

Watch this and see for yourself. Take special note of the comments at around 5:40 into this video.

And just to remind you who Chris is ….heres his near on 20m viewed David Bowie Space Oddity cover performed on the International Space Station. Hes also the guy who took over 45,000 photos while he was up there…. on Nikon gear.

Time to turn up the volume!

Ok ok…so you only have dialup and can’t bear to wait for the answer…so here goes;

Interviewer: “I’m just indulging for a moment here…because I know when you’ve been in space…it must be very difficult to decide where to go on holiday …..but I was so thrilled…ah…to read that the place you want to go …MOST ON EARTH is….. ”

Cmmdr Hatfield: “the wine country of the South Island….in the North end (Island?) of NZ. It just looks so beautiful…….”

Commander Hatfield I concur! NZ does that to people.

And why was the interviewer so thrilled?

Well you’ll need to watch the video to find out the answer to that.

Heres what www.newzealand.com reported;

New Zealand, Hadfield said in an interview with BBC World News, represented the last landmass that the astronauts viewed before travelling east over the Pacific Ocean. “It’s so beautiful … after you’ve crossed New Zealand you have the long passage across the Pacific so it’s your real last sight of land for what’s going to be – gosh, it takes almost a half an hour to cross the Pacific – so looking at New Zealand, it’s just beautiful,” Hadfield told presenter Lucy Hockings

So just another reason to visit Middle Earth?


Quick, you’ve only got a few hours to take a photo….

June 23rd 2013

(aka Most Important Week for RE Photography in NZ?)

Yes it is because its the week that includes the shortest day, last Friday here down-under in New Zealand.

Why that is important is because it is also the time when the sun is at its most northerly, and lowest of the whole year.

And why is that important you ask;

for that day in the future when you want to move / sell and can display 100% accurately to any potential buyer … the photos of your property / residence depicting where and when the sun exactly hits the home on these cooler mornings / days.

If you’re not sure what I mean, rather than repeat myself again…check out these past posts on the subject.

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Ironically enough if you are in the Northern hemisphere, then its just as relavant for the opposite reason!

Why are these Skydivers shaking hands?

August 21, 2011

Turns out there is a very valid reason.

Over this weekend, Motueka in our fair region, hosted the biggest skydiving (“Parachutists to old timers”) annual event in New Zealand.

your eyes have to struggle to see them doing their formations that far up...

In years past, …..ok actually quite a few, Nelson was a spot where skydivers also landed, however the expansion and bustle of the local Nelson Airport (now NZ’s 4th or 5th busiest depending on who you talk to) has now made that, sadly, impossible to continue with.

So it was Motueka to the rescue.

Each year around this time, something like 120 skydivers descend on Mot for the annual  Good Vibes Boogie 2011, hosted by Skydive Abel Tasman.

Even better news this year is that Skydive have a new plane,

Skydives just acquired Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 landing at Motueka Airport

……and a beauty this Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 is too ( rego – ZK-XIT ), just perfect for this type of work.

GoPro Cameras were all the rage....

Saw her in Nelson a week or two ago diving out of the sky at a surreal angle to land at Nelson Airport, where she underwent a new paint job to present herself in Skydives livery.

But back to the story, if you look very closely at the below photograph,

just to the right of top centre (you may have to click on it to enlarge the pic) you’ll notice what looks like a black dot with a streak above it. I’m pretty sure that is our lucky chap shaking hands above, although from my vantage point it didn’t look that big. (well big enough to be a human that is)

....nearly there...

Except as this next shot above amply demonstrates, at the time of this photo he wasn’t too sure how long it was going to take to get down to the ground.

And finally terra firma….with what I would believe to be the fastest heart rate on the day.

Taupo lends a hand...

Matter of fact I was just taking photos, and it was my wife who alerted me the situation, next door where all the competitors were, practically every set of eyes was skyward. ( just in case you are curious – it is not normal to land with two chutes open….especially like this!)

Overall though it was a beautiful weather day, no clouds at all, just beaut cool dense air – perfect for these sports persons, but some had good landings and others, well….I think they were practicing.

Here’s a photo of the landing zone area, those small aircraft in the background….well they’re from NZ’s largest flight training organisation,  NMIT Flight Training school campus, also based at the Motueka Airport.


Great day for Skydiving in Motueka, today

Discover BIG AIR Adventure in the Nelson Bays – Sept 2010

Ok, but where’s the real ADVENTURE start…

Realtors on Android ~ Where is the Sun?

June 8th, 2011

“Which way is North?” is asked just about as often of an Estate Agent as is “Why are they selling?”

With the later, professional courtesy usually preludes further info dissemination on the grounds of it being confidential info..…but in the case of the former…..well read on….

Previously I’ve highlighted many of the great apps available to Android equipped Realtors.

In particular, I originally singled out an app, Sun Board.

In reality it answered the perennial question……posed above.

Home Buyers in Nelson are always asking where is north, but 99% of them ask it because they want to know the answer to one question….”where is the Sun.” [this is relevant only for southern hemisphere property buyers, obvious its the reverse for those north of the equator, they will be desiring to know “which way is south?”]

Today, Sky TV dishes also help to point the way….but I digress.

Which way is North?

It’s the question all real estate buyers should ask, especially those unfamiliar with a location.

Heck, even a local who has lived in the town for a decade can ask it.

Perhaps because they are visiting a part of town they haven’t before, & they find themselves topographically challenged…in a way…. “they’ve lost their bearings.”

So in the best “there’s an app for that” tradition, comes my latest find, Astroid.

The above graphic shows [had to take photo as having hassles with “screen-shotting” this one] an image taken from my phone displaying a Stoke location in Nelson which clearly delineates today’s sunshine rise and set.


Map or Satellite view - you decide

As a matter of fact, that rise and set is just as important as “where the sun is now” in Nelson.

We don’t really have an issue with summer sun. Most places on earth don’t. No, most buyers efforts are concentrated on ascertaining where the sun rises and sets in winter, as it should be.

For Nelson real estate property buyers then, that “winter sunshine factor” most definitely has a direct relationship on property prices.

A case of “make sure you do your homework” or seriously consider engaging a knowledgeable local.

Matter of fact this isn’t just an app for Realtors, its perfect for PFRE photographers or even for buyers in Nelson looking at homes for sale, to use themselves for confirmation.