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October 9th, 2014

In light of the serious ongoing discussions in the Australian Real Estate market over office charges, comes – well especially after the multi-billion dollar US Real Estate Portal merger… this below  statement.


There are plenty of voices over their who have a point of view on it too

Far from the worry some are mentioning is the fact that any such large spend will expect a payback….and everyone is bandying around 2014’s new catchword “disruptive” as a way of describing something that could be a game changer. Admittedly we here in NZ are more like Australia and the UK in our buyer / seller relationships, and this is quite different than the MLS centric situation the US finds itself in.


Well moving forward ….

Heres the article,

Makes you feel great to be a Kiwi … and having such forward thinking folk in our own industry, because years ago the NZ real estate industry already started down this path….

And it looks like its started.


… feels like a touch of “seen this before…..”

Reserve Bank of New Zealand makes a serious statement…

….and you know what….for once they don’t seem to be happy about the level of the NZD, in its current incantation!

Oh wow seriously guys…..

Anyway if you’re interested the statement is here

26-09-2014 NZRB stmt

and just in case you are wondering what Google are sayin’ (as at 9pm anyway) about this event which was “all over” the NZ media today….

26-09-2014 NZD say what

…actually am slightly stunned by there (“Googles that is”) lack of news about it….maybe the world really is changing and its looking like I can imagine what it feels like to live in China?

Nelsons Mayor hosted a great meeting in Stoke the other day…


…at the church, had to leave early on behalf of for a funeral of a school mate (sad at this stage of my life – mid 50s).


I think NCC are on the right track but am concerned about the amount of individual input that did not really relate to our fantastic suburbs future. I feel the Mayor and others did the best they could. On account of some saying they couldn’t get there on time, there is planned another meeting Monday night, same place Barnabas Church, Main Rd Stoke at 7:30pm.

Seriously – if you love where you live – be there!

I say our fantastic suburb, WHY you ask?

Well glad you did because there is some traction there. Stoke was voted…BEST place in NZ…. a cool place to be not so long ago!

And if you ask my opinion? Well to be frank……I concur. And to my ole school mate Trev….