Nelson East

Nelson East is one of the most established suburbs in Nelson. Both the Matai River and the Brook course through here.

When locals talk about the centre of town, they are referring to the steps of Nelson’s Christ Church Cathedral. Generally speaking, wherever you are in Nelson East, you are usually less than 1km from the cathedral steps. The main exceptions would be if the property was either up The Brook or Maitai Valley, suburbs loosely grouped under the general Nelson East heading.

The area is mainly flat, though there are some pockets of elevated properties on the south eastern side, where the foothills begin.

Nelson East Shopping:

You’re just minutes from the city, which has a varied and mixed shopping scene. Here you’ll find new entrants like Fashion Island, alongside traditional shops which have been in Nelson for decades. There’s no shortage of supermarkets, clothing shops, bookstores, shoe shops, etc in the town. After walking around for an hour or two, there are plenty of places to sit down and enjoy a cuppa.


‘The Bus’ is the main form of public transport serving Nelson East.

On its route through the area, ‘The Bus’ travels via Collingwood, Grove, Milton, Troy, Hardy St East & Nile streets on its journey to Nelson.

Transport Link:

Nelson Public Bus Timetable

Eating Out:

Locally there is a small selection of neighbourhood grocery stores and dairies, plus the usual takeaway food outlets.

However, just a 2 minute drive away in Nelson you’re spoilt for choice with a wonderful array of restaurants sure to please all tastes. There are nearly 40 restaurants in Nelson: Indian, Turkish, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Greek, Mexican, Brewery Cafes, specialist seafood, pizzerias, local & regional fare, hotel dining and plenty of cafes.

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