Typical Stoke 70s HomeAbout the Suburb:

You’ll often hear locals talk about the “Nayland Zone”. What they are generally referring to is the favoured school zone that’s centred on this suburb.

Nayland is also home to the areas Aquatic centre, and to historic Broadgreen House. It borders on the Railway Reserve so there are plenty of options to walk or cycle in the area. The laneway to Richmond travels around the coastline and is a very popular jaunt on summer mornings. From the southern boundaries of the suburb access can be gained to the walkway which leads on to a further loop around past the nearby Nelson airport.

There was a growth spurt in this area around the seventies and that’s where many of the homes date from. In fact one style of home does almost typify what we call a Stoke home, the split level style with the basement 2 car garage (one of the first styles to encompass the idea that a single garage might not be enough for the average home).


Nayland is served by a selection of local shops on Nayland Road, not far from the schools complex. There is a local dairy open 7 days, plus a fish & chip shop and hairdresser here. The main Stoke Shops with 2 modern supermarkets is approx. 700 – 800m away.


Home to Nayland College, Broadgreen Intermediate, Nayland Primary and Birchwood Primary, you could say Nayland is the schooling centre of the wider Stoke area.

Its also home to the Birchwood Free Kindergarten in Suffolk Rd, and the Nayland Free Kindergarten on Nayland Road right next door to Broadgreen Intermediate.


Nelsons largest “Gym”, City Fitness in Quarantine Rd borders Nayland on its northern boundaries with Annesbrook.

Nayland is also home to the Nayland Park Complex on Nayland Rd right across the road from Broadgreen Intermediate School, and adjacent to Nayland College. This pool is open during Summer Months only.

And there is simply no substitute for the wonders of the Samuel’s Rose Garden at Broadgreen House, established in 1968 it contains 560 named varieties and over 3000 plants. The Annual Broadgreen Rose Day held here in early summer each year celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2008.


The area is well serviced by bus. The local bus company operates the Stoke Western Loop service 4 times a day, into the area. Otherwise a short walk takes you up to the main Stoke shops from where you can catch the more frequent scheduled services to Nelson, Tahunanui or Richmond.

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Eating Out:

New Zealander’s love their fish & chips and you can get yours locally on Nayland Rd. Just a few minutes walk away you can find the Honest Lawyer pub and the Orangerie, in the new Grand Mecure Monaco Resort.

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