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Reasons why Renting might not be good for you…

Sept 15th 2015

Sub-title – “AKA Fergus is back in the news again**…”

Well I guess someone had to give it a shot one day, and it serves as a stark reminder of one of the number one reasons why a person should work hard to own their own property if at all possible. It means you have control, well that and the banks too I suppose. 14-09-2015 headline

Not exactly someone who shies away from a headline is he?

However on the other side of the coin is renting, and our ole friend “900 property Fergus**” has made headlines again in the ole dart this week with the news that Fergus is upping his rents by over 30%!! (And yes, you read that right.)

14-09-2015 up33

In fact he has already started doing it.

Not exactly unafraid of making political like statements, Fergus’s comment when asked why he has to increase rents….

“…he says landlords have no choice in response to budget tax changes that will slash the amount of tax that can be offset against mortgage interest paid. Many landlords are saying they simply will have to charge more rent. It is the distinct shortage of houses that is fueling the rent increases. If the government wish to control rents, it must supply more houses, and quickly.”

…should ring a bell with our friends across the ditch with regard to politicians bantering around taking negative gearing away.14-09-2015 again












Fergus loves headlines obviously. 14-09-2015 Offshore

And when the time is right, hes not afraid of a bit of controversy too. Fergus is looking to fast track his new strategy too… (as The Guardian reports…)

He will now be seeking similar rent increases across his property empire.

“I will not be asking them to leave but will serve them with a Section 13 Notice to increase the rent so that they have the opportunity to move to another landlord should they wish. That is if they can find a house of the same quality and a price they can afford. By the time they have paid out fees etc, some will take the view there is not much in it.”

Is he worried about it? Here’s his answer….

“He said a red-hot lettings market in Kent means he can fill houses within hours.”

Almost sounds like somewhere else doesn’t it? Michael Byrne over at the Irish Examiner sounded this piece of caution recently too…14-09-2015 global





…and writes an interesting piece, with a bit of background on the Celtic Tiger thrown in.

Perhaps its not much to be worried about, but I guess the same could have been said for Australias “Management Rights” industry once upon a time. Now players like Mantra are really taking a share.

Interesting times we live in….

** see previous post here on the “unique” man – especially if you want something to bring a smile to your face

August 2015 Nelson Home Sales Results – REINZ Data

Aug15 chart Was a busier month was August 2015. This screenshot above is from data I compile monthly for my database* clients.

June saw Nelson City start with 398 homes for sale, yet by tonight, Sunday 13th Sept, that number sits at just 279. I believe they call it Supply and Demand folks.

Therefore its no surprise to see REINZ report this past week that … “Nelson/Marlborough recorded the largest percentage increase in median price compared to July with 3%, followed by Otago with 2% and Wellington, also with 2%”

Today I was in attendance at an the first open home of a new Stoke listing, and that by far, had the largest turnout of open home visitors I’ve seen all year. (Video above was of about 10minutes of the open, as I’d missed the busy first 10minutes because I was showing a buyer around the home)

  • – send me an email and add “Subscribe to Data” in the header if you’d like to get this sort of thing on the local market.

Free Sunshine Data for any NZ Property…..

May 9th, 2014

Yes you read that right!

free info

Anyone with internet access can now obtain weather, temperature and sunshine data for any address in New Zealand.


But as they say….wait … there’s more.

as well as the sunrise and sunset times throughout the year you can see the average minimum and maximum temperatures, average rainfall, and average wind speed.

How do I access this?free info II

Just head on over to Quotable Values sub-site right here and type your desired address in. Then, just like the graphic above, make sure you click the “FREE LOCAL INFO” tab.


SOURCE – Blog Article here – over at

GIS Tech to the rescue of home buyers….again

April 29th, 2014

Many times when a buyer moves to a new town, they are challenged with picking the best location.

That experience is doubly difficult if youngsters are involved, then it needs to take into account bus routes, distance to schools, distance to after school sports and activities, etc, etc.


I’ve talked before about Walkscore and how relevant their info is.


In fact I see NZ real estate companies are now incorporating this info in their data set, and publishing it along with other details of a property.

And although they do a good job, from the the “if its not broke, don’t fix it” stage left pops up a new comer … Isoscope.


And their view takes a slightly more visual approach all around. You’ll note there is also a time line there to tell the program what time you would like to set off on a journey of discovery, and presumably….background data will depict traffic situations around that time and offer up yet another way to view data.

Both are worth a look if you are looking to visit a new place, or even look to buy a property there.


Walkscore –

Isoscope –