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REFs Choice July 8th

1. When it absolutely has to be there overnight, who do you call?

It was dark when I got there……..Hmmm?

2. Watching you

Quite eery really......

Quite eery really......

lets hope prospective buyers aren’t superstitious?

3. Quick – what was that…..

Hope photographer got a Model Release signed.....

Hope photographer got a Model Release signed.....

oh just a Real Estate Agent with a camera…..

4. Beds made….

5. This time we are selling the size of the…..

…unsure about this one……..?

In light of some uninvited guest paying visits to homes on the market unannounced and at times when the owners aren’t always home, then this type of photo could be deemed inappropriate.

6. A bedroom scene

Will go so far as to say it doesn’t show it, in its best light I think.

7. Feature of this room is…

…patented new style Window Opener, roof mounted too.

8. And our friend is at it again…the manager said you have to take a certain number of photographs for the internet listing

Photo 1 – from this angle

now I’ll move a bit for the next Photo 2

and a slightly different angle on this one, Photo 3

Whew – that’ll do it.

REFs Choice July 6th

…and the manager wants at least six photos for the Internet listing.

Lets get the camera out...

Lets get the camera out...

Lets go then…..

2nd photo - just 4 to go now.....

2nd photo - just 4 to go now.....


just 3 to go now.......

just 3 to go now.......

….three down….

nearly done now...

nearly done now...

now for a different angle…….

just one to go now.....

just one to go now.....

just one more to go………..whew!



…..that oughta cover it.

REFs Choice – Weekend Edition

Photos that invite?


……actually not too sure about this one qualifying though.

Copy did say “Swimming Pool….”


You would have thought that at least the agent would have asked around, perhaps even the owners may have had a photo with it looking better than this?

The alternative – just don’t show it.

As we all know swimming pools are viewed by buyers like corner sections – they really do polarize folk.

Reminds me of a saying I was told once about owning a boat. In the lifecycle of boat ownership there are two happiest times – and I’m sure you can guess what they are?

Refs Choice – July 2nd

REF’s Choice – July 2nd Edition

Photography that could be improved ….. without too much effort!

I know they said “add a bit of colour” but really 10 seconds of tidying up here could have made a much more inviting photo.

Ditch the rug – yes I know you liked it but you aren’t selling “your home” remember you are selling a buyer their “new home” and this fails on 2 counts;

1. with such a domineering pattern a buyers personal thoughts /feelings are being overwhelmed by this inclusion

2. with the rug out of the photo the room will appear more spacious than it presently looks.

Maybe I don’t need to say anything about this – you can work it out yourself.

And lastly……..don’t forget most times you are striving for that lived in look. And no, putting the chairs there does not make the room look bigger…….

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