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REFs Choice Jan 28th 2013

….any differences here

….when compared to this below……

quite obvious really isn’t, and no its got nothing to do with the age of the kitchen or appliances.

Don’t forget the point of photographs for a property listing on the internet is not just to depict what is there, BUT more importantly to showcase the property / get a buyer excited about it /convince a browser/buyer to make the effort to either phone or visit said property.

Looking at the photos above what would be your first thoughts?

Ringing in my ears, I hear someome saying “First impresssions………”

The Refs back…and hes not happy…

…. he’s blowing that whistle “very vigorously indeed.”

...think I would've at least cleaned that window in the back room ....

After glancing your eyes over these few photographs…

maybe the bed could of been made 🙂

…used to accompany a new to the market listing for sale, listed just last week,

...could have at the very least, have moved the coathanger...?

….tell me, do you really feel like the listing agent….

moving the new bright white organic growing facility middle bottom right of photo could have been an improvement....

…has used all their energy, along with all possible resources available to them…

you would have thought that the photographer would've closed that drawer near the rubbish bin....

…to canvass the widest possible assortment of purchasers out there?


Refs Choice Feb 2012

Who’s fault is this?

Who’s is responsible?

The lighting looks ok?

The angle looks right, and it seemed to have worked ok at the time of day the photos were taken?

how long would it have taken to remove the mess on that table bottom right of photo?

But I have to question the preparation undertaken before the photos were taken?


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REFs Choice – July 19th Edition


This is what happens when a Real Estate Agent tries to


wear two hats, that of a Real Estate Agent and that of a professional “Home Stager.”

Very interesting take on window dressing is all I can say.

And another……

See I went to this course on “Home Staging” and…


they taught you how to “stage” a house for sale.

Glad I went……

And this agent……

It really does look like he didn’t attend the training course on Home Staging that day….


Really how hard would it have been to move the chairs.

Then again if the agent didn’t have the time to do that then its no wonder……

1. the desk/file trays left of the computer are a mess

2. items haven’t been removed off the bed

3.the rubbish bin removed to take the picture.

REFs Choice – July 16th Edition

This time I was in even more of a hurry…..


1. Still getting used to the wide angle thing here. (HINT – place your camera mid way between the ceiling and the floor and that way you will minimise as much as possible the vertical lines going stray like has happened in the above photo. Importantly keep the camera horizontal, don’t point it up or down))

2. Truly how long would it have taken the agent to remove the large plastic rubbish bag centre left of shot.

3. It would have taken all of 10 seconds to remove the dish drying tray, what looks like a cutting board, and a bowl from the kitchen benchtop to “open up” the scene more.

4. And while you were at it, remove the following before taking the photo, the green upside down bowl on the benchtop, the shoes out the door, need I go on……….


Drat knew I forgot something…..


…forgot to take the photos as I was in too much of a rush to get the listing form signed.

No worries just take a snap while I’m conducting the Open Home! (Open Home Book / flyers “staged” on the table for “effect?)


Can anyone tell me?

Outside bedroom.


Is this a “sleepout’?

Why the heck are the mattress’s still there?