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New Year, New Air New Zealand Safety Video, with a Bear……

I’ve spoken before about the fabulous job Air New Zealand does with their “Bare Essentials of Safety” safety videos, you know… ones like this one and the ones included in this post here….

Well its 2013 now and time for a new one, starring none other than Bear Grylls. Well worth a watch before you board.

And just in case you can’t find one of the earlier versions…here you go above.

REFs Choice Jan 28th 2013

….any differences here

….when compared to this below……

quite obvious really isn’t, and no its got nothing to do with the age of the kitchen or appliances.

Don’t forget the point of photographs for a property listing on the internet is not just to depict what is there, BUT more importantly to showcase the property / get a buyer excited about it /convince a browser/buyer to make the effort to either phone or visit said property.

Looking at the photos above what would be your first thoughts?

Ringing in my ears, I hear someome saying “First impresssions………”

Amazing storm last night…

Jan 7th 2013

Rainbow + Lightning from Sunday Night

Sure reminded me of living in Brisbane back in the early eighties. Wow.

From tonights TV1 News

And double wow….although this was a screenshot from tonights TV news.

If you’re at all interested…..plenty more photos over here at nelsonians life.

Dreamed of living in Monaco…

Jan 2nd, 2013

If you happened to live in Nelson’s seaside suburb of Monaco, then this sort of…

….activity is right on your back doorstep.

As a consequence the pricing of properties in this “enclave” is right up there, in terms of Nelson property values.

Just sometimes though…..the thoroughly typical Nelson sunshine can be replaced by other things, like…

….dark skies.

Plenty more photos over at Nelsonians Life….just type “MONACO” (less the quote symbols)  in the search box there here.

Further info – MONACO, STOKE, NELSON