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Worlds Biggest “FOR SALE” sign, in Nelson?

Sept 26th 2013

Well, you tell me….


…..compared to a normal For Sale sign… (can you see it yet? Hint; centre of photo) …


…this one does certainly look “kind of big.”


Feeling assured the instigator wanted to appear “higher up”, thought I better go ahead and do the double check, Google Earth, but the only photo there…….


….other than the normal aerial perspective above….

view from Atmore

…is a fantastic panorama shot by a chap by the name of David Leggott. 🙂

If its not sold soon. then perhaps it may show up in the next Google Earth update?

UPDATE 6:33pm – just spoke to the owner on the phone, definitely very interested in a sale….if you’re interested give me, David Leggott that is, a call/txt/email.

New Year, New Air New Zealand Safety Video, with a Bear……

I’ve spoken before about the fabulous job Air New Zealand does with their “Bare Essentials of Safety” safety videos, you know… ones like this one and the ones included in this post here….

Well its 2013 now and time for a new one, starring none other than Bear Grylls. Well worth a watch before you board.

And just in case you can’t find one of the earlier versions…here you go above.

Coming soon – from Nelson to the World

May 24th. 2012

Last August I reported, here, that filming was about to start on Kiwi Flyer, a film based on a local event here,

…..the famous annual trolley derby, and photographing much local scenery around Nelson.

Well am happy to say the official preview trailer is out, and you can watch it above. Nelson to the world….