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November 2013 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

Dec 12th, 2013

Pricing in general still appears to be on an upward slope.

2013 chart of past 5 yrs sales

And for the region comment, over to the REINZ local representative…

The median price across the region rose by $34,050 (+10.5%) compared to November 2012 with prices rising by 10% or more in Nelson and Richmond. Compared to October the median price fell by $5,950 (-1.6%) with prices falling in Motueka and Marlborough/Kaikoura, but risingin Richmond and Nelson City.
Sales volume compared to October fell 6.4% with a more than 30% fall in Nelson. Compared to November 2012 sales volumes fell almost18%, with sales falling 18% in Nelson and by almost 30% in Marlborough/Kaikoura. Only Richmond saw an increase in sales compared toNovember 2012.
The number of days to sell eased by six days compared to October, from 28 days in October to 34 days in November. Compared to November2012 the number of days to sell improved by two days. Over the past 10 years the average number of days to sell in November across theregion has been 39 days.

Nelson cities November 2013 chart followes…

Nov 13 chart