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NASAs “Rock Star” ISS Commander Hatfield gives NZ an XMAS present…

Dec 23rd, 2013

Well that’s how it felt to us here down-under in NZ.

Watch this and see for yourself. Take special note of the comments at around 5:40 into this video.

And just to remind you who Chris is ….heres his near on 20m viewed David Bowie Space Oddity cover performed on the International Space Station. Hes also the guy who took over 45,000 photos while he was up there…. on Nikon gear.

Time to turn up the volume!

Ok ok…so you only have dialup and can’t bear to wait for the answer…so here goes;

Interviewer: “I’m just indulging for a moment here…because I know when you’ve been in space…it must be very difficult to decide where to go on holiday …..but I was so thrilled…ah…to read that the place you want to go …MOST ON EARTH is….. ”

Cmmdr Hatfield: “the wine country of the South Island….in the North end (Island?) of NZ. It just looks so beautiful…….”

Commander Hatfield I concur! NZ does that to people.

And why was the interviewer so thrilled?

Well you’ll need to watch the video to find out the answer to that.

Heres what reported;

New Zealand, Hadfield said in an interview with BBC World News, represented the last landmass that the astronauts viewed before travelling east over the Pacific Ocean. “It’s so beautiful … after you’ve crossed New Zealand you have the long passage across the Pacific so it’s your real last sight of land for what’s going to be – gosh, it takes almost a half an hour to cross the Pacific – so looking at New Zealand, it’s just beautiful,” Hadfield told presenter Lucy Hockings

So just another reason to visit Middle Earth?


November 2013 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

Dec 12th, 2013

Pricing in general still appears to be on an upward slope.

2013 chart of past 5 yrs sales

And for the region comment, over to the REINZ local representative…

The median price across the region rose by $34,050 (+10.5%) compared to November 2012 with prices rising by 10% or more in Nelson and Richmond. Compared to October the median price fell by $5,950 (-1.6%) with prices falling in Motueka and Marlborough/Kaikoura, but risingin Richmond and Nelson City.
Sales volume compared to October fell 6.4% with a more than 30% fall in Nelson. Compared to November 2012 sales volumes fell almost18%, with sales falling 18% in Nelson and by almost 30% in Marlborough/Kaikoura. Only Richmond saw an increase in sales compared toNovember 2012.
The number of days to sell eased by six days compared to October, from 28 days in October to 34 days in November. Compared to November2012 the number of days to sell improved by two days. Over the past 10 years the average number of days to sell in November across theregion has been 39 days.

Nelson cities November 2013 chart followes…

Nov 13 chart

Home ownership continues to fall

December 4, 2013

Statistics NZ have just released some quick highlights of their data gained from New Zealands 2013 Census.

go here;

Here is the nitty gritty re housing;

Home ownership continues to fall

  • In 2013, 64.8 percent of households owned their home or held it in a family trust, down from 66.9 percent in 2006.
  • The percentage of households who owned their home dropped to 49.9 percent in 2013 from 54.5 percent in 2006.
  • Of those households who owned their home, 56.4 percent had a mortgage, and 43.6 percent did not have a mortgage.
  • There were 215,283 households (14.8 percent) that reported holding their home in a family trust.
  • Over a third of households (35.2 percent) did not own their home. This was an increase from 33.1 percent in 2006. Most households who did not own their home were renting (453,135 households).The rest of this category was made up of households who were not paying rent, and a small number of households who did not indicate whether they were paying rent.

one interesting stat is that of home ownership, and the continuation of that supply / demand equation.

2013 census housing

The stats indicate that more don’t own their home than did at the last census.

SOURCE – Statistics NZ via