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Turns out…Visual is my thing…

Yes folks …. it seems that is more in flavour with my way of living…and kind of thinking outside the square, it really does make sense.

So although I’ll be tryin” to keep you up to date here with stats…if its about the lifestyle that my home town represents….then I really suggest to you to go here for a “more diary like” commentary…

….on what your and your families new life could be like in the most “realistically livable” family oriented that NZ offers.

Hey….don’t just take my word for it….the latest media reports state we are in fact the fastest growing place in NZ after Auckland….now I sit here and wonder….why is that ? 🙂

Well…actually re that sitting here and wondering … if you happened to ask me…well I & 40,000+ Nelsonians can emphatically tell you why that is the case.

September 2013 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

And here it is..


….if you need help call / text me. (they say $357,000 and by my reckoning the figure is I reckon is $358,500…but because so many properties this month were advertised “without a price” I’m 100% happy to agree with them)

The 5+ bedroom was… well I think the word “healthy” springs to mind, especially with such a short “days to sell” figure.