Worlds Biggest “FOR SALE” sign, in Nelson?

Sept 26th 2013

Well, you tell me….


…..compared to a normal For Sale sign… (can you see it yet? Hint; centre of photo) …


…this one does certainly look “kind of big.”


Feeling assured the instigator wanted to appear “higher up”, thought I better go ahead and do the double check, Google Earth, but the only photo there…….


….other than the normal aerial perspective above….

view from Atmore

…is a fantastic panorama shot by a chap by the name of David Leggott. 🙂

If its not sold soon. then perhaps it may show up in the next Google Earth update?

UPDATE 6:33pm – just spoke to the owner on the phone, definitely very interested in a sale….if you’re interested give me, David Leggott that is, a call/txt/email.