Its Monday, its May, it Must be winter…

May 6th, 2013

Well, in a nutshell ….. soon.

NZ’s Consumer has always been there to really help Kiwis out in deciding what to spend their hard earned money on…. and it continues….

But I digress. Kiwis are very fortunate that we have a national organisation like Consumer (like Choice in OZ, Consumer Reports in the States, et al…)

And why?

Well, one of the side benefits is that even if you don’t subscribe to their most excellent magazine and service, the folks there are still generous enough to provide heart warming reports for free.

And talk about timely?

Here is a question I have heard about a dozen times over the last year. (probably nearly the same for every year before that too!)

Whats best/most economical  – leaving the heatpump ** on 24hrs a day / 7 days a week … or only when you need it?

Well those gracious folks in Wellington provide the answers right here, just in time for that cooler weather.

Thanks Consumer!

* heatpump is the generic term in NZ given to what in OZ is called an air conditioner/ split system type.

**Eagle eyed readers will note the Consumer Report is from April 2012….but even with advances in Tech over the last year….by my reckoning its still 90% correct.