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December 2012 Nelson Property Home Sales “Prelim” Update

Jan 10th, 2013

Whew….that’s another year of figures over!

and that’s folks is…how 2012 finishes.

And that is how 2012 finished up folks. More in the following days, but a heads up if you are an interested party….a buyer/potential buyer of Nelson property who has been following my monthly updates for the last 4 years (over 880 articles posted) , you may think you’ve spotted a developing trend…..in fact an accelerating one if 2012 is anything to take favour from.

Strange? No, and not really if you’ve been reading here regular like…..you’d completely understand why.

Must take out one thing so far thou…..check out the days to sell for 2 bedroom units….amazing! Who says the days of investment property are over? Unfortunately that probably is short term as I suspect its got just a tad to do with interest rates, and after press comments this week….it looks like someone wants to put the “brakes” on this activity.

One could suggest that Nelson offers folks a totally proven investment strategy in the lower end, even if you are only just looking at a totally manageable basic 2 bedroom investment…..but then I’d be offering an opinion….and I committed to you a few months back I’d be holding back in the future from doing so….so therefore I won’t be.