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November 2012 Nelson Property Home Sales Update

Dec 14th 2012

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand recently released the official sales figures for the New Zealand market. Reflecting increased building activity, 14 Nelson sections were sold in November.

One point of note was the 2 bedroom market, the group showing just 19 days on the market. Our steady 3 bedroom market was not too far behind it, with a healthy 28 days which was just short of the 29 days overall median for all property sold in the catchment over the November 2012 period.

Three bedroom family homes really took the lion’s share of Novembers sales, and that is what’s currently being seen at the coal face, a lack of new properties coming to market in this category.

REINZ Chief Executive Helen O’Sullivan pretty much summed it up when she commented that, “the Nelson/Marlborough region remains relatively constrained with a continued shortage of listings and rising demand for properties, although this is not yet being fully reflected in sale prices.”

REINZ Regional Data for November 2012

…like always click on each image for a more readable higher resolution version.

Is Nelson Unique in New Zealand?

December 4th, 2012

Check out this chart that I have “borrowed” from the NZ Property Investors Association national magazine…

IMAGE – Courtesy NZ Property Investors Magazine

…and then tell me what you think? (Like all my pics, click on it it for higher res image – its easier to read for “boomers” like me.)

The stats come from Statistics NZ, but thanks to the NZ Property Investors Mag I don’t have to go there and compile them tonight.

Like usual though….if you wanna know more, or more importantly, want to know how to interept these stats in the context of our Dec 2012 Nelson real estate market.. …you know who to call.