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2012 Nelson Rateable Valuations out….

November 15th 2012

Any day now you’ll be receiving a letter in the mail telling you about the updated 2012 CV (Capital Value) of your Nelson City property.

If you are curious right now though…. (re all images  below – if you can’t see them clearly, then just click on them to see full size versions)


..head on over to the Nelson City Councils “rates search” section and type in your address at the screen that looks like the one above.

If the councils search engine decides that it can’t 100% work out your address, it often times springs up a multiple choice like this one above.

Just select your address…..and you’ll be put through to the “rates screen” where you can see the CV components and rates for the applicable property.

You’ll also notice on this screen that the info under “Valuations” shows the Valuation Date as 1/09/09, the last time it was completed. On the first line below the big Rates word, you’ll notice the words I have highlighted above …. (Next Year – 2013 / 14) – click on this hyperlink and all will be revealed.

…and indeed you’ll also note that the Valuation Date is now updated to 1/09/12. Typing in a few sample properties today has returned pretty much what council mentioned earlier, increases in the magnitude of approx. 5% in properties CVs.

October 2012 Nelson City Property Home Sales Report

Nov 12th 2012

The Institute caught me out this past week, usually figures are released on a “triple D” (aka a double digit day) but alas on the 9th of the month they released Oct 2012 sales results. Perhaps because of whats happening in the market, on the coal face I wonder? So here I was driving down to Christchurch last Friday morning to see the grandkids for a dual birthday…..and just as we passed through Culverden my smartphone beeped…OCT results out!

Anyways….. the REINZ headline for Oct results said….

Spring Real Estate Market Roars Into Life in October

…and that as Tony Alexanders most recent survey shows…..told it just like it was. Albeit a month late, but Spring as far as the Real Estate market was concerned, had definitely arrived here in NZ…. I sold two homes last week alone….one a silent listing on the market (well…the Summit agents internal one that is) for just two weeks…..and it sold for 30% above its CV.

Bit of a hiccup in the chart re the higher figures…too busy tonight to fix it…so I’ll just tell you what it was. Re that 5 bedroom market there were only two properties sold and the median price was $832,000 (ouch!) and remarkably, Days to Sell was just 11 days – very robust indeed…..but again that result was only based on 2 sales.

Anecdotally there certainly seems to be a “busyness” entering the market.

If a property is correctly priced for the local market serious activity follows. Have a feeling that Nov 2012 results will be quite healthy.

If you want to know more – to help out with your move to our region next week or next year just give me a call!