August 2012 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

SEPT 12th 2012 ( NEW FORMAT )

A bit late in reporting this month….but there are genuine reasons folks.

Given that, I have decided from here on in, there will be a change to the format of this monthly report that I have been providing to you, for years, on the Nelson Property Market.

Nelson Property Update August 2012

Henceforth this little ditty here is gonna be about charts, not a lot of comment from me. I’m quite busy helping folk buy & sell in Nelson as it is, so best I let others who have a lot more spare time than me…..comment on the local Nelson market.

This month REINZ, that’s the Real Estate Institute of NZ, report that;

For the month of August, Nelson/Marlborough recorded the highest lift in prices for the month with an increase of 9.6%, followed by Taranaki with 7.3%, and Southland with 5.9%.

That’s it.

NZs most comprehensive real estate website for property buyers and sellers, published the NZ Property Report covering the month of August 2012 recently, and in a breakdown this is what it said about Nelson.

Obviously the above chart is about Property Asking Prices across the whole country, and Nelson I’ve highlighted in green for your edification.

Next up is the chart covering the amount/percentage (“volume”) of new properties coming onto the market….

For my 2 cents worth as I have harped on here about many times before…a tad of stability isn’t exactly a bad thing in these times.

And because its been a busy day there’s just time for one more chart tonight….

…and this one tells you…in a sort of approximate way….how long “on average” it would take to sell your local property….were you to take it to the market in this specified time frame.

If you want to know more, then I suspect you know what to do….email me, or pick up the phone I guess.

If not….turn the page.