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Get ready for The Block – Kiwi Style

June 19th 2012

Renovation Fever (“Reno Fever” in Aussie talk) is about to hit the small screen, very soon. (15 days, 2 hrs, 47 mins, and 56 seconds away actually according to the counter on their site here)

Hot on the heels of a very successful 4 + year run across the ditch, where, on many occasions, it made it to being Aussies most watched program status….

a recent article in The North Shore Times points to the purchase of a 4 adjacent property lot in Takapuna, where it looks more than likely the program will be based.

Although Anneke Bodde, the publicist for the TV3 show, is saying at this stage that they won’t confirm the filming location…….there are other signs according to the newspaper report……

Four dilapidated brick houses on Anzac St have been marked with numbers and have had television crews swarming all week.

Pretty soon 4 couples will embark on the home renovation of their life.

Apparently it would appear that us Kiwis, well, we are one country of 4.4m DIYer’s, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the whole country takes these couples and the program to heart.

Who could forget Mark & Duncan from series 3?

Renovation aficionados will recognize these 2 larger than life Aussie characters from the OZ version of the reality TV lifestyle program, “The Block.” As you can see from the above clip, even taking the time out to offer pointers on other DIY projects.

That laugh….

Now who could forget “that laugh.”

Well, watch TV3 from July 4, and you’ll definitely see why……

….and also experience the reasons why this series was such a hit over The ditch.

For the first time in NZ, we will be able to watch the weekly trials and tribulations of our own Kiwi contestants going for it, on home turf.