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Coming soon – from Nelson to the World

May 24th. 2012

Last August I reported, here, that filming was about to start on Kiwi Flyer, a film based on a local event here,

…..the famous annual trolley derby, and photographing much local scenery around Nelson.

Well am happy to say the official preview trailer is out, and you can watch it above. Nelson to the world….


Almost Real Estate TV – the future…

May 2012

Looking at this great periodic TV type video spot from the Gary Peer Real Estate organisation over in Melbourne….

the above is from Episode 27....

…one can’t but grasp how far the industry has come in terms of its embracing all forms of media.

Tis also great to see a touch of humour and reality, along with the reality in a timeframe wise sense, added too.

Public Transport in Nelson * UPDATED *

May 8th 2012

Back in Feb/Mar 2012, the new NBUS service was introduced to Nelson.

The NBus operation is operated by SBL Group on behalf of Nelson City Council.

This new initiative saw a fleet of brand new 13.5-metre-long 50-seater low floor wheelchair friendly buses introduced to Nelsonians, and travelers alike, and quickly gained good support.

New services were introduced and along with increased frequency during busy times, the hours of operation also were extended.

Here’s a brief video on the new service;

The video also talks about the new “hail & ride” service ( offered on selected local neighbourhood routes ) serviced by smaller buses, and also about the much anticipated user operated “bike carriers” that are mounted on the front of the new units.

More details here;


Zones & Fares (with downloadable map)

Interactive Map showing actual route bus-stop locations

Englishmen / Woman coming to New Zealand

May 2012

Aka “Englishmen in New York Nelson.”

A question I am constantly asking myself is this one……….

…..why do “Poms” seem to not consider “future selling” money when they build a home in Nelson?

So, whether a UK resident moves to NZ or New York, their thought patterns should, to all intents and purposes just about remain the same, the only real difference being the physical distance.

If you want to move the family “lock, stock & barrels” out to the antipodes, then here’s two really important tips that will result in you “netting thousands” instead of losing them. (trust me on this, I’ve seen and experienced the heartfelt collateral damage side of this over the last decade…….at the very least, on about 11 ~ 12 occasions)

Ok this is from a UK TV Program...but let me tell you I have seen it Nelson


Do Not build a home with associated utility pipework on the outside…….yes yes I know it goes for ok back home……and again yes, yes, yes …I know you need it / have to have it, where else to put it, etc, etc….. but out here in New Zealand….well, we tend to have a bit more room/space around us……and frankly this ole habit just really needs a real good “Dan Carter” kick right out into the paddock.

Let me tell you right here & now…..what a Kiwi buyer thinks when they see this…….“cheap…cheap…cheap” – now, surely, that is not the first impression you want any prospective buyer of your property to have?

Extra rooms aren't always an advantage....


The fact that you want 3/4/5/14 reception rooms may very well appeal tremendously to you…..but from an antipodean perspective…let me tell you – its almost a “death knell.”

Out here, well……..we want/desire/live for “open plan” living, surely you might have noticed that when visiting the brand new showhome exhibitions……heck, space is what its all about way down here near the great Southern Ocean.

I hope you’ll view this for what it is – just a couple of hints from someone whose seen both sides of the story.

As if you needed another reason….?

May 2nd, 2012

Woe be-tide me if I did not bring you this update.

A Record for sunny Stoke.

It is Stoke’s day in the sun with the announcement that April 2012 was the suburb’s sunniest on record…..while the wider region basked in temperatures almost a degree above average.

I’d have plenty of local feed back that would suggest I was not being the Stoke area specialist, if I did not bring this factoid to your attention, now…wouldn’t I?
But notice in the above article online, the highlighted link.?
I’ll help you out here and now and show you that LINK.