A Flood Proof House – is it really possible?

April 20th, 2012

I have talked about waterfront homes previously, about 3 years ago……..its still one of my posts that has regularly attracted the most Top 10 interest and hits…….

Sea Views - there for the taking matey....

First spotted, I immediately thought who is knicking off with a Kiwi icon, one of NZs first buildings from Kerikeri…..but no, at a 2nd glance, this did look different.

Certainly looks like the act of moving from one location to another could be just a tad easier this way though, certainly when compared with what goes for “the norm” in a typical terrestrial based abode relocation?

But alas, like all good things….there is another tale to tell about these photos. It seems this “floating home” was part of an exhibition, albeit a river based one stretching many many kms.

This photographer bloke, Christophe Dedieu, has previously taken photos of some interesting things. And me, being a photography passionate person, his efforts didn’t escape me.

In Nelson, you typically just can’t take pics like this, this, this & this beauty?

Although “The World” ** did visit Nelson once!

If you like photography of a maritime nature, click here to go to his landing page for many other maritime type photos he has taken.  And the floating home above, turns out there is a story to go with it……see bottom of this page, although I haven’t investigated further the sad story comment #2 alludes to.

CREDIT PHOTOGRAPHER  –  Christophe Dedieu

** October 2006