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March 2012 Nelson Property Home Sales Report

April 16th, 2012

Earlier today, the Real Estate Institute of NZ ( REINZ ),  officially released to the media their sales figures covering NZ for the month of March 2012.

In covering Nelson, the Institutes local spokesperson said that

The median price for the region increased by $500 compared to February 2012 and by $1,500 compared to March 2011. Nelson recorded the strongest overall price trend, followed by Richmond.

…..yet shared a balanced opinion by following up with

Sales volume in March eased back 2.4% after a very strong increase in February, although Motueka recorded a 23% increase in sales compared to February and a more than doubling of sales compared to March 2011. Nelson City and Richmond eased back, due to the strong uplift in February.

Overall….just like usual – steady as she goes. Like February, the number of transactions can certainly be described as healthy.


REINZ Reported Sales Results – March 2012 NELSON REGION BREAKDOWN

……..like always on my blog….click above chart to enlarge

This past month, March 2012, in particular undoubtedly showed …..the unquestionable fact that Nelson, and to a large degree, Stoke….is most definitely “family central.”


Witness the incredible number of average family oriented properties being transacted in New Zealands favourite suburb, in the sunshine capital of NZ.

One thing of note was that DOM – Days on Market – aka Days to Sell figure….it was quite low in that critical 2/3 bedroom metric….hovering just under that 4 weeks datum?

If you haven’t heard me previously talk about the “steady as she goes” statement, then perhaps that’s just an admission you don’t come around here often. iOtherwise,  my obviously “one eyed Nelsonian” view…..would by now, after over 750 article posts here, be commonplace.

Actually - historical data is all we've got when you come to think of it.......

That said, its still important, crucially important for me actually, to back those numbers up.

And nothing enlivens that to me than figures & charts, so about now…..the obligatory chart above.

This one above illustrates precisely what I have been saying, Nelson….. property prices are stable, they aren’t the cheapest in NZ for sure, but they are in that “middle of the road” zone, and crucially….they are STABLE.