Air New Zealand on new initiatives…

April 1st

Being at the bottom of the world seems to have its benefits.

Launch customer for the 787-9, our own “best airline in the world”, has shown Boeing an extra big vote of confidence this past week, confirming an order with the Seattle airframer for a further two of the composite carbon fibre beauties. (about here I am wondering  what colour they’ll be painted)

Hot on the heels of the World First “Skybed”, Air New Zealand this morning, NZ time, April 1st, launched yet another world first, in announcing after exhaustive studies, the public were to be offered “StraightUp” airfares. fares - but you better be real quick...

Seems that it was just “tooooo popular” because now you can’t book them,

apparently the public response……”it was incredible” according to Captain (new recruit still awaiting NZ residency) Flash Gordon.

Upper graphic depicts normal fare – as compared to “deluxe” pictured here just above…

According to a reporter on the scene at the very casual and un-announced press conference this morning, a statement was voiced very quickly by an english based scribe, who was heard to say….

thats just typical of you Kiwis’s…always attempting to “one-up” those of us from the “home country.”

…. then, his mobile phone rang …after about 10 seconds he was heard loudly to voice “Richard Branson is really going to do that!!”

It seems Virgin Airlines have also tried to take Air New Zealands thunder on this auspicious day, with the launch of Virgin Volcanic.

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