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Searching for Stoke – Nelson properties

March 12th, 2012

If you are not a local and are using the web to search for a property in Stoke, Nelson then you need to read this.

The good news is that this lesson it won’t take long at all.

First up,

...heres the search bar.......

if you select Nelson & Bays, then Nelson for the town…….

check all of these highlighted ones....

you’ll get a dropdown  list like I’ve depicted above..

...and these too...

just make sure you search the highlighted suburbs, now,

the site makes it quite easy actually...

… ensure you cover all the areas of Stoke. is there to help your search too

The NZ Realtors group to which Summit Real Estate belong also have a site you can use, and need to search just the four suburbs high-lighted above to conclude your search.

Trade-me also offers up a selection of suburbs again adding a few more to the mix, but obviously on account

some repeats here from above ... just check them all out

of some having zero listings, most people aren’t aware of them, you just need to check them all.

In case you are wondering where all these suburbs names are, hopefully this takeout of the Summit map will help.


Nelson stability depicted in latest NZ Property Report

March 2, 2011

The NZ Property Report covering the period Feb 2012 was released by website yesterday.

Pundits were quick to note the increase in the Nelson asking price, but where does that stack up, especially when taken in comparison to the national perspective?

I hope this chart helps, it sheds light on that “stability” theory I’ve been talking about here, no….not so much in a month to month type comparison, but more of a 3 / 6 / 12 month average type of view.

The blue line represents the NZ National total inventory figure, which has moved from nearly 53,000 units down to “a tad over” 47,000 units meanwhile Nelson, the red line above, is on 985, exactly the same figure it had back in Nov 2010.

Yes there was a bit of a roller coaster ride in between, however on a moving average type basis its a bit more level.