Property Sellers, be aware of this….

At least three local companies are offering “you pay for your feature advertising in the weekly press/paper” and then, …..”when  the property sells” we’ll refund you what you spent.

And, what – after a typical 3 mth agency, if the property doesn’t sell, and the property owner has spent $2 ~ 3,000??

.....truly folks, would you REALLY want your photo amongst this lot?

Really good advice to you Mr/Mrs Seller. here….is BEFORE you list your property……visit your local property press / media weekly advertising medium and ask yourself this question………

Prefice the situation depicted above! ……as in, would I really like my property to be one featured on this sample 2012 Nelson page????

Ask yourself….

How did half the properties on that page get themselves into that situation, because I am sure there are at the very least, 4 (well from this Feb 2012 page at least)  pretty unhappy campers (all with their very own personal stories) who were told an appraised selling price of $x…but now…for some reason 4 out of 8 of them are experiencing something they don’t want to.

Well you have decided to go to market at $XXX, but now…hmm looks like the table is turning. Make sure you don’t get caught like this is all I’m saying?

And around about now……. such a normal property owner would more than likely be thinking, even seriously considering……….hmmm, this hasn’t worked out so far has it…….just like any normal human would think…….I think I want a change……what to do next?

Change agencies, surely that’ll give the product a very practical & important refresh, a new platform, new attention, different focus / audience /  positioning and perhaps in to the bargain….a newly enthused team of agents, etc…..BUT WAIT……there is just this simple matter of thousands of dollars already spent….”and if we change agencies”….well, we won’t get a cent back….will we??

Well what you have just stated is exactly the intention of someone trying to get you into a “contract period” by this method. Think about it?

I could go on for paragraphs about this, but I won’t because like last time………there is the chance that it would be deemed “unprofessional”……and just like last time…….the local paper will pick up on it….and yes, again, just like last time…….I’ll be in a mighty lot of trouble with real estate company directors!

No, please sellers, think thrice before you commence an agency contract based on this type of strategy.

Our company “DaySheet”, the daily “bible” sheet distributed to company offices/sales people shows that yesterday, Summit in the Nelson region (whom I am an independent contractor for) had 10 properties go unconditional on the one day (yesterday 27th March 2012) …… add into that my 2 unconditionals from today, and we have at the very least, 12 SOLDs in 48 hours.

(Perhaps, in our companies case, it could be suggested this type of result amply demonstrates the “power of the team” ….but that sounds kind of simplistic without trying to make it sound that way…..and that’s just my own personal opinion showing through anyway)

Surely a seller should do one thing up front, invest more time in selecting an agent / co to assist with aiding them to get the best premium possible for their, in most cases, most expensively prized asset that they possess …….than (well I’ve seen this in real time) they would typical invest in buying a microwave or big screen LED TV?

And that folks …… that is all I ask.



Serendipity strikes tonight – here I am reading the local paper online at 10:30pm ….and look here.