A new species, the “Phablet”

Feb 2012

This month I think its becoming pretty apparent that the Samsung Note, and friends need a name.

Phablet” seems a mighty fine one, although a Google search shows up just 105,000 results when you plug that name in, its definitely going to grow, dare I say grow very fast!

For folks with dimensioned challenged fingers (hmm … like those of someone I know?) a phone, be it the iPhone, or a Samsung Galaxy 1 or 2 are just starting to approach what I would term “comfortable when it comes to typing an email / texting on them.

So someone in NZ who uses a gb of data at the min. in their day to day life per month….well I’d love to here from them. Better yet….I’d certainly love to here from anyone who is currently using one of these “monster phones.”

For Real Estate consultants an item like the Samsung Note could be a “godsend” enabling absolute mobility.

Perhaps I’m out of town for a few days, but with the click of a few buttons on my Android device I can instantly see….

what my add that is booked (in full colour resolution) for this weeks publication, on the cover of Fridays “Summit Weekly”, will present to the general public when they collect it, or the insert in the Nelson Mail, then let me tell you……….. that’s what I classify as a real helper.